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Facebook for Small Business


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A Facebook how-to for any small business owner! Explains how to promote, advertise and analyze.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Facebook for Small Business

  1. 1. Facebook for Small Business
  2. 2. Why care about Facebook?• Over 500 million active users• 3rd most trafficked website in the world• Your customers are on Facebook
  3. 3. Business vs. Personal Pages• People have friends – Limit 5,000 – Two way communication• Businesses have fans – No limit on the number of fans – Limits on types of communication
  4. 4. Groups vs. Pages• Groups : Community of people with a common interest• Pages: Represents a brand or entity for which there are fans
  5. 5. Facebook is a Personal Media• Unless you are a “national brand” people become fans because they are your friends• Be an interesting person first
  6. 6. A Tour of Facebook
  7. 7. Creating a Personal Profile1. Sign up for an account2. Edit your profile3. Join networks4. Connect with friends5. Share information
  8. 8. Privacy Settings
  9. 9. Creating a Page for Business
  10. 10. Promoting Your Page• Start with good content – update daily – Pictures, pictures, pictures (3 at a time) – Video• Share links to Fan page through other media• Make page public
  11. 11. Advertising on Facebook
  12. 12. Analytics