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Content only you can create

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Content only you can create

  1. 1. Content Only YouCan Create
  2. 2. What Is Content Marketing?
  3. 3. Avoid Regurgitated Content
  4. 4. The Meme
  5. 5. What X Can Teach About Y
  6. 6. Form Over Function
  7. 7. Same Old, Same Old
  8. 8. Does Your Post: •Give your clients new information? •Help make better-informed buying decisions? •Reveal who you are?If Not, Don’t Post!
  9. 9. Cookie Creativity
  10. 10. What’s Your Voice?
  11. 11. Who Are You?
  12. 12. Yes, Even Boring Companies Need Unique Content
  13. 13. Be Prepared to Piss People Off
  14. 14. Creating Your Content•Know Who You Are•Know Who Your Customer Is•Know Who You Want Your Customer to Be•Check for Originality•Test•Review•Be Awesome
  15. 15.