Taiga biomes


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Taiga biomes

  1. 1. By Cyrus and William
  2. 2. Cyrus
  3. 3.  Big animals include: bears, elk, moose, wolves, reindeers, and bald eagles Small animals include: mice, porcupines, and wolverines You might see: duck, owls, and wood peckers
  4. 4.  Feathers and fur keep them warm Reindeers can run up to 80km per hour and 5000km every year! Grizzly bears are the heaviest member of the bear family and can weigh more than 450kg and can grow up to 2.5 meters tall! Bald Eagles can fly up to speeds of 70 kph
  5. 5.  Moose: moose and caribou look pretty alike and can weigh as much as 720kg! Wolverines: they have powerful jaws, sharp claws and can take a moose down!
  6. 6.  The taiga biome is the world’s largest biome and takes up 27% of the earth’s surface! All taigas are located in the Northern Hemisphere Scientists believe that water was left behind by moving glaciers At night you can see Northern lights
  7. 7. William
  8. 8.  Pine Tree: Have needles that have wax on it to keep water in Grow pine cones Fir Trees: Grow pine cones Can grow up to 200 years old Found in North America 40 to 80 feet tall
  9. 9.  Winter can last 6 month below freezing Rainfall 30 to 84 feet per year not very high Summers are short but very hot Summer is light all the time, and winter is dark all the time