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Lima pequeña guía para gourmets y gourmands


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Lima pequeña guía para gourmets y gourmands

  1. 1. Lima for gourmets and gourmands A paradise for eating
  2. 2. CHEZ WONG The best way to start our journey: the best ceviche in the world. Javier Wong is a specialist in preparing ceviche of sole and considered by many as the best. Self-taught, temperamental and whose cuisine is considered worship. This restaurant is considered a huarique (places without pomp but with peculiar and fantastic flavors), has no sign or something that identifies, has 10 tables, served by reservation, no menu nor has waiters, and Wong is the only cook, he will welcomes us and explain the secrets of his unique cuisine. The King of Kings of Peruvian most well known dish ceviche, one of the fifty places where you have to eat before you die according to “The Guardian” of London. Javier Wong, declared champion of ceviche and central character of many cookbooks, he’ll prepare our meal from start to finish in his home, simply and cleanly. There are some courses of rigor: sole and octopus ceviche made in front of your eyes, sole and pecan tiradito, and some hot dishes always based on the sole and what’s on Javier’s mind that particular day. So simple, so exquisit.
  3. 3. FIESTA Our journey takes us to the fantastic cuisine of the north of Perú. Hector Solis took the gastronomy of the northern Perú to gourmet food category. It is considered one of the young chefs who have contributed to the boom of Peruvian food. In Peru, the coastal North is one of the regions that is famed for its regional cuisine. Although many similar dishes exist there is something unique about the seasoning and flavor of norteño style food. Fiesta is a feast: more than 30 years old restaurant in Chiclayo (north of Perú) and fast forwarding a generation Hector Solís leads one of the country’s most feted eating establishments, in Miraflores, the heart of the capital. Some dishes are just memorable: ceviche “a la brasa”, rack of wood-roasted kid goat ribs, prehispanic duck with loche, a lots of northern Peru specialities. Eating at Fiesta is a a memorable experience.
  4. 4. MAIDO Living the modern Nikkei experience. Peruvian born Mitsuharu Tsumura, who prior to opening the restaurant in Miraflores district completed a strict apprenticeship at one of the best sushi restaurants in Osaka. Maido proffers a mixture of traditional Japanese and Nikkei cuisine - the latter itself a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food that has its roots in Lima. Tsumura’s food is clean, beautifully constructed and well-balanced: start with fresh fish nigiri style sushi with Peruvian chilies, Amazonian dried salted beef, and many others using top ingredients such as foie gras or truffle oil as well. Micha, as his friends call him, is also a TV host for Latin-American “el” channel, show casting the Nikkei cuisine roots, ingredients and recepies. You’re neither in Japan nor in a Peruvian restaurant, Nikkei cuisine has the flavors and feelings of both and Micha manages the ingredients from both cultures complement like they were born to be together.
  5. 5. AMAZ The new amazon US and Italian culinary background give a wide spread angle to his cuisine. His restaurant Malabar was awarded the 7th best restaurant in Latin America Amaz presents the amazonian cuisine not as it is today, but as can be. The purpose of this restaurant is to show the richness of the Amazon, its cuisine and culture. In Amaz, Pedro Miguel has jumped bordersbut remains in the tropical lands: incorporating some products and techniques from Brazil as cassava flour and dende oil, reproduces ideas from Venezuelan and Colombia and refers clearly to the cuisine of Southeast Asia including woks and coconut milk. Amaz gives us an Amazonian flair with incomprehensible ingredients and names, but the taste is wonderful, and Pedro Miguel is certainlly the most sustainable chef in Lima. We will share some palm heart salad, juice of the cashew fruit, cashew nut oil, banana vinegar, star fruit, green papaya and many other exotic ingredients in a well-balanced and fantastic restaurant.
  6. 6. ASTRID y GASTON El Viaje (The trip): Acurio’s most elaborate tasting menu up to now Acurio’s passion for food is the engine of peruvian cuisine and the culinary ambassador of Perú. Studied at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and is the main supporter of the Pachacutec School of Cuisine, providing underprivileged youths with access to a culinary education El Viaje tells the story of two remote villages inexorably brought together by fate. It is the story of tens of thousands of men and women, children of Liguria (Italy), who for various reasons chose to emigrate to Peru and from there initiated a brotherly embrace of cultural integration that gradually gave life to a new world of Italian memories and Peruvian soul. Young and passionate Diego Muñoz and Emilio Macias bring together this masterpiece of culinary arts. Five acts starting in Italy, taking a long boat journey to Callao, arriving to Perú, the victory and success and finally the return. The spirit of the 1930’s brought back in modern tasteful experience. Astrid y Gastón was rewarded as N°1 best restaurant in latin america.
  7. 7. RAFAEL Cuisinie with style Rafael pursued his cooking career at "Le Cordon Bleu", and graduated in Paris after having worked for restaurants such as "Le Grand Véfour", "Le Carpaccio", "Faucher", among others, Restaurant Rafael was awarded the 13th best restaurant in Latin america. Rafael Osterling is certainly one of the most creative and seductive chefs in Latin America. He based its success in one sentence: to live by his own rules. Rafael Osterling does what he pleases, but with style. Experimentation and purity are the base of his creative work. The fusion of aromas, tastes and sensations brought form all over the world are the keys to understand Rafael’s cuisine. Taking bases on French food and incorporating the taste of Peruvian cuisine Rafael´s gastronomical language is unique in his kind.
  8. 8. CENTRAL The new star chef in the peruvian cuisine firmament Virgilio Martinez is the first peruvian chef to get a Michelin star. Lima the restaurant he’s managing in London just got that wonderful reward. Virgilio finished his career in haute cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, Canada and London, England. He has worked in prestigious restaurants around the world as the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, Lutèce, located in the borough of Manhattan in New York; Can Fabes in San Celoni, and Astrid & Gaston de Bogotá and Madrid. His own restaurant Central is a laboratory, focused on conveying the complexity of Peru’s territory. His overall development promotes endless curiosity, here: undocumented, unmask, hidden ingredients, a flavor documented survey of spaces. Sea, andean, extreme height range, and high and low jungles. Finding landscapes that invite different disciplines to participate in a trip full of surprises.
  9. 9. LA PICANTERIA We will learn about peruvian seafood and pisco Hector Solis’s picantería is the new trending topic in the gastronomical landscape of Lima. He will be teaching us his techniques and recipes on seafood, how to prepare ceviche, tiraditos and other great flag dishes . His bar team will teach how to macerate piscos, piscomixology and will taste great and unique cocktails.
  10. 10. Mercado de Surquillo Where the peruvian chef’s go shopping
  11. 11. Mariano Valderrama Best gastronomy researcher on peruvian cuisine and regional cuisines of Peru, Mariano Valderrama is also executive vice president of APEGA, The Peruvian cuisine society. APEGA aims to promote and develop Peruvian cuisine and is the organizer of the annual fair Mistura.
  12. 12. Café Verde Peruvian Coffee is going to the top! And Café Verde exists to locate, roast and serve thee best Peruvian coffee to the world. The coffee shop has the intention of serving and educating the consumers of Lima of the beauty of coffee. Perú is actually the first exporter of special coffees and K.C. O´Keefe is an international consultant who specializes in the training of specialty coffee cuppers. He is the first licensed "Q" Grader living and working in Peru.
  13. 13. Hado Bar Carlos Mondragón was chief barman at central. Now he started his own new adventure: HADO BAR. Will learn everything about pisco, pisco sours, chilcanos and many other possibilities with Perú’s favorite beverages.
  14. 14. Fundación Pachacutec The New Pachacutec Technology Institute began operations in April 2006 according to the current job demand on the labor market. The students receive a quality education consistent with the requirements and standards demanded by the leading companies in the market, which not only can be inserted in large companies, but will have the same competitive level professionals from various schools and colleges. Prestigious peruvian chefs, as well as visitors have been invited to give lectures and master class to young people coming from unprivileged families. We will be invited to give a master class on belgian food and gastronomy. 2011 First prize for social impact
  15. 15. SURPRISES Taste the exotic fruits you’ve never seen Breads never seen, with purple corn, quinoa, huacatay ggoBreadBreakfast Chocolate’s new adventure ocolateMELATE