Rotary Area of Focus Peace and Conflict Resolution/Prevention


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This is a Rotary and Peace Powerpoint Presentation converted to PDF developed originally for District Conferences in the USA in 2003. It was revised in October 2013. I welcome others to use it and make modifications and use as the wish. Citing Dr. Mark Alan Zober would be appreciated.

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Rotary Area of Focus Peace and Conflict Resolution/Prevention

  1. 1. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Rotary and Peace PP Dr. Mark Alan Zober Jerusalem Rotary Club District 2490 ISRAEL Rotary Foundation Peace and Conflict Resolution Technical Coordinator October 3, 2012
  2. 2. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL What is happening today 1. Rotary Peace Scholars 2. Future Vision: Peace and Conflict Resolution- Major area of focus 3. Global Grants of $25,000 USD and more 4. Rotary Peace Forums: Berlin November 29-December 2, 2012; Honolulu Hawaii March 25-27 January, 2013, Hiroshima May 17-19 2013
  3. 3. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONTACT MARK and get involved Mark Zober Skype ID mzober Mobile 972-54-590-0223
  4. 4. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Examples of Projects in District 2490 ISRAEL 1. Young Speakers Competitions in Hebrew and Arabic 2. Peace Kindergarten in Jerusalem YMCA-Gan Shalom 3. 1st International Youth and Young Adult Convention March 15-20 2013. 4. Rotary Friendship Exchanges. 5. YSE, GSE 6. Annual Peace & Tolerance Shield Awards
  5. 5. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL “The way to war is a well-paved highway, and the way to peace is still a wilderness.” —Paul Harris
  6. 6. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL THE QUEST FOR WORLD UNDERSTANDING AND PEACE HAS BEEN A CORNERSTONE OF ROTARY SINCE ITS EARLY DAYS. At the 1921 convention in Edinburgh, Scotland, Rotarians unanimously agreed to incorporate peacemaking into Rotary’s constitution and bylaws.
  7. 7. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL A 1931 goodwill meeting of U.S. and Canadian Rotarians led to the creation of the first international peace park — the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park in Montana, USA, and Saskatchewan, Canada — to celebrate the world’s longest unfortified border.
  8. 8. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL European Rotarians organized petits comités during the 1930s to exchange club visits and promote international understanding. Now called intercountry committees, these groups carry out ambitious service projects in Europe and Africa.
  9. 9. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Rotarians adopted a resolution calling for “freedom, justice, truth, sanctity of the pledged word, and respect for human rights” that became the framework for the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. At the 1940 convention in Havana, Cuba,
  10. 10. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL In 1942, British Rotarians convened a conference to plan a world at peace. Attended by ministers of education and observers from around the world, and chaired by Past RI President Sydney W. Pascall, the conference led to the establishment of UNESCO in 1946.
  11. 11. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL In 1945, 49 Rotary members served in 29 delegations to the United Nations Charter Conference.
  12. 12. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Today, Rotary maintains close relationships with many UN agencies. RI’s representatives to the UN in New York host an annual Rotary Day at the United Nations to celebrate this partnership for peace.
  13. 13. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Many RI and Rotary Foundation programs are designed to promote understanding among people of different countries and cultures.
  14. 14. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Since 1947, Ambassadorial Scholars have spread the Rotary message of goodwill to the many countries where they have studied.
  15. 15. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL In 1965, the Group Study Exchange program began sending teams of young professionals abroad to share ideas with others in their field.
  16. 16. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Youth Exchange, which had begun with a 1927 exchange between the Rotary Club of Copenhagen, Denmark, and American students, became an official RI program in 1974.
  17. 17. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL the Rotary Centers for International Studies admitted the first class of 70 students committed to careers in peacemaking and conflict resolution. And in 2002,
  18. 18. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL ROTARY CLUBS AND DISTRICTS ALSO INITIATE AND SUPPORT PEACE EFFORTS. Peace Camp ‘04, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Muttenz-Wartenberg, Switzerland, brought Israeli and Palestinian young people together to develop friendships and overcome tensions.
  19. 19. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL The Rotary club-sponsored Ulster Project brings Protestant and Catholic teenagers from Northern Ireland to the United States to promote trust, tolerance, and reconciliation.
  20. 20. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Rotary’s international meetings foster the spirit of international understanding when Rotarians of many countries and cultures gather to celebrate service and fellowship.
  21. 21. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Rotarian peacemaking activities have been further encouraged by the RI Board, which designated February as World Understanding Month and 23 February as World Understanding and Peace Day.
  22. 22. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Learn more about Rotary’s quest for world understanding and peace by ordering a copy of A Century of Service: The Story of Rotary International. Click here to order