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A description about the Rotary Club of Deonar, including the members and the activities carried out.

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About Rotary Club of Deonar

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Deonar Rotary International District 3140 Chartered 09th March 1987
  2. 2. RotaryClubofDeonar RI Dist 3140 Chartered 9th Mar 1987 About us •The Rotary Club of Deonar is an association of vibrant professionals. It came into being under the charter from Rotary International on 9th March 1987 •We meet every Thursday at 7.30 pm at the Bombay Presidency Golf Club, Chembur, Mumbai, India Overview •Having completed its Silver Jubilee in 2012, we have come of age after having hosted large scale events such as a memorable District Assembly at Nehru Centre, the Welcome Tribute to the Centennial Rotary International President and of course the crowning glory - a District Conference for the District Governor elected from our Club •Rotary Club of Deonar is one of the 125+ Clubs in Rotary International District 3140 which covers the Mumbai & Thane region Vision •To be an inspired group of individuals whose passion brings holistic advancement to the lives of our community Mission •To make our service projects impactful by reaching more beneficiaries and ensuring its continuity year on year •To bring vibrancy, ethicality and effectiveness in our service at home, at work and in the world around us RoDeo We make it happen!
  3. 3. RotaryClubofDeonar RI Dist 3140 Chartered 9th Mar 1987 Service Projects - Focus areas Peace and conflict prevention/resolution Disease prevention and treatment Water and sanitation Maternal and child health Basic education and literacy Economic and community development `
  4. 4. RotaryClubofDeonar RI Dist 3140 Chartered 9th Mar 1987 PEACE & CONFLICT PREVENTION/RE SOLUTION Peace Ambassadors & Scholarships and GSE (Group Study Exchange): Have hosted 4 Peace/Ambassadorial Scholars and 15 GSE candidates, who have contributed immensely in their vocations Funded by TRF “Dharti ke Lal” – Memorial for the Martyrs: The only Memorial built and maintained by Rotary in honor of the armed forces from our District, who sacrificed their lives for peace Supported by RC Thane North Cost: INR 40,000 (US$ 740) annually “RYE” International Rotary Youth Exchange: Have sponsored and hosted over 12 candidates for both Short Term (4 - 6 weeks) and Long Term (1 year) programs from various countries like France, Finland, UK, USA, Germany and several others Sponsored by the Club members
  5. 5. RotaryClubofDeonar RI Dist 3140 Chartered 9th Mar 1987 DISEASE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT Cataract Surgeries & Hearing Aids: Over 2500 cataract surgeries and over 1200 hearing aids arranged for the aged Associated with: KBH Eye Hospital, Parel Cost: INR 900 (US$ 17) per cataract surgery & INR 600 (US$ 11) per hearing aid Musculo-Skeletal Deformity Surgery Camp: Conduct bi-annual camps for deformity corrections in remote locations in India by a team of surgeons from UK and India. Over 2000 surgical procedures completed thus far Associated with: RC Coventry, UK & Saraswati Foundation Cost: INR 0.3 mil (US$ 5500) per camp “Operation Restore” Burns Surgery Camp: Over 350 functional deformity surgical procedures carried out where main beneficiaries are women & children from the weaker section of society Associated with: National Burns Centre Cost: INR 80,000 (US$ 1500) per surgery Watch the Video
  6. 6. RotaryClubofDeonar RI Dist 3140 Chartered 9th Mar 1987 WATER AND SANITATION Rain Water Harvesting: Constructed & maintained 9 Rain Water Harvesting projects in schools around Chembur-Deonar area Average Cost: INR 0.13 mil (US$ 2400) per project Check Dams: Constructed a 86 meter check dam at Poshir river in Karjat Taluka to help charge the underground water table for irrigation & domestic use Associated with: RC Zoetermeer, Neth & RCC’s Cost: INR 0.6 mil (US$ 11,100) Bore Wells & Toilet Blocks: Constructed over 45 bore wells for domestic use and 39 toilet blocks in 35 villages in Karjat Taluka benefiting a population of 65,000 Associated with: RC Zoetermeer, Neth & RCC’s Cost: INR 60,000 (US$ 1100) per bore well & INR 0.15 mil (US$ 2800) per toilet block
  7. 7. RotaryClubofDeonar RI Dist 3140 Chartered 9th Mar 1987 MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH Awareness on the Differently-abled: Emphasis on sensitization & training to parents, teachers and community workers to detect early signs of behavioral disorders, autism, dyslexia, PDD, ADHD etc. Associated with: NGO MB Barvalia and Ummeed Cost: INR 10,000 (US$ 185) per campaign Polio Eradication: Since 1987, Rotary International and our Club have been successfully running immunization programs for Polio eradication by supplementing the government efforts Thanks to these efforts, India is on the verge of being declared Polio Free Funded by TRF Nutrition for Adolescent Girls: Have completed over 10 years of weekly monitoring and administering nutrition and vitamin supplements to over 500 adolescent girls every year Cost: INR 65,000 (US$ 1200) per year
  8. 8. RotaryClubofDeonar RI Dist 3140 Chartered 9th Mar 1987 BASIC EDUCATION AND LITERACY “RYLA”& “RYPEN” Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment are empowerment programs for the youth to give them tools to improve their interactive and introspective abilities Cost: INR 0.14 (US$ 2600) per year Schools Upgradation: Providing science labs, libraries, water purifiers, desks, notebooks, uniforms, blackboards, fitness equipment and other necessities to improve the school amenities We are now enrolled into School Management Committees of 5 Schools to support the local municipality to ensure better functioning Av. Cost: INR 0.15 mil (US$ 2800) per year “Bhavishya Yaan” A literacy program to empower children of Municipal Schools in teaching spoken English, computer and life skills to increase their chances of employment and career growth Associated with: NGO Vidya Cost: INR 0.8 mil (US$ 15,000) per year Watch the Video
  9. 9. RotaryClubofDeonar RI Dist 3140 Chartered 9th Mar 1987 ECONOMIC AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Microfinance: Funds for purchase of equipment such as sewing machines facilitated to entrepreneurial women from slums and villages to enable them to start their own micro-scale business from home Cost: INR 10,000 (US$ 185) per sewing machine Training of Farmers: Specialized awareness programs in conjunction with government programs to train & educate farmers in Karjat taluka for better crop & harvesting techniques Ref VTT project “Disha” Training to empower women and unemployed youth in vocational skills. Govt. certified courses conducted are hair styling, mehendi art, dress making, beautician, tailoring, mobile repair, electrician & AC repair Associated with: NGO Jan Shikshan Sangstha Cost: INR 90,000 (US$ 1700) per batch of 100 candidates
  10. 10. RotaryClubofDeonar RI Dist 3140 Chartered 9th Mar 1987 The Future… INR 2.5 mil (US$ 46,000) INR 0.16 mil (US$ 30,000) INR 3 mil (US$ 55,000) INR 0.7 mil (US$ 13,000) INR 2.0 mil (US$ 40,000) Build a Community Centre Install clean drinking water & RWH systems in 10 schools Set up a “Bhavishya Yaan” 3 year program in a new school Farmers to be sent to Israel for training in latest agricultural techniques “Operation Restore” – increase the target to 100 patients in 1 year
  11. 11. www.rotarydeonar.com president@rotarydeonar.com Service above Self Join us and be a…. R.I. DIST 3140
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