Mineral Water Plant 10000 gpd r.o.plant 1000 tds


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R.O.Tack Water Technology

Water Treatment sector is undergoing a rapid change on account of the entry barrier in the global market. In competitive and quality environment international level recognition has become need for every company for the longer-term growth. Every component of the quality system in the plant that meets the National and International standards has become necessity for today. Therefore every step of the project delivery from conceptualization detailed engineering to documentation have to be prepared to comply with the stringent regulatory requirements.

The foundation stone of R.O. Tack Water Technology was laid in the year of 2001 in Karachi by a veteran Mr. Ayaz Attari and Mr. Azhar Frooqi is the main Director of the company who guided the company to touch the height of success. Due to the continuous efforts of the our director towards excellence R.O.Tack Water Technology has become an unrivaled manufacturer & supplier of RO Water Systems; especially Reverse Osmosis Systems. Today our Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems are considered as the best in the market. Some of the attributes that play significant role in our uniqueness are as follows and we provide complete range of solution like packaged system turn key projects and also we offer you technical services.
Design, Engineering and Supply of Mineral Water Plant and Filling Machines
ISI Consultancy
Setting up of Lab as per Standards
Training of your Personnel
Hygiene and Safety procedures Training
Water Analysis
Project Guidance
Training for Quality Control
Technical Training for Chemist and Microbiologist
Operation and Maintenance
After Sales Service
Spares Sales
Annual Maintenance Contract

Turn Key Projects

Complete Detail Design, Engineering, Procurement and construction provided at single finger only for complete End to End solution with high quality deliverables.
Our Deliverables.
1. Detail Proposal with Costing.
2. Basic Design and Engineering Packages.
3. Complete Engineering with all related standard norms.
4. Complete procurement.
5. Construction
6. Commissioning.
7. Operation and maintenance.
Tel: +92 (213) 5436228
Fax: +92 (213) 2621927
Cell: +92 (300) 2824299

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Mineral Water Plant 10000 gpd r.o.plant 1000 tds

  1. 1. YOUR REQUIREMENT OF DRINKING WATER PLANT.1.0 Reverse Osmosis System 10,000 GPD with complete pre-filtration, Post filtration,WashingAnd Filling manual systemPrice Rs.,9,50,000/=Delivery 04 weeksInstallation 04 DaysOur Offer Includes:Six months Warranty for FREE Maintenance*.Buyer’s Responsibilities:1. Plant room.2. Incoming/Outgoing and drain line within battery limit.3. Electrical line in plant room.4. Running Chemicals.5. Site clearance.*Parts and chemical will be provided by the Client, if required.2
  2. 2. SUB : YOUR REQUIREMENT OF DRINKING WATER PLANT.DearThis refers to your requirement of packaged drinking water plant, we have quote you for 10000Gallons/day complete scheme Of RO System.Please find our Best Competitive Offer for your kind reference as per discussion had with youregarding your above requirement.Our Best Techno-Commercial Offer is constructed as follows.• Process of the system & Design basis.• Scope of Supply with Technical Specification & Scope of exclusion.• Price with Commercial terms & Conditions.We hope that we will provide you best project with best services & expect to remember ourselvesbefore finalization of your most valued project.For R.O.Tack water Technology,Ayaz Attari M. Azhar FarooqiEngineer Chief ExecutiveManufacturing water treatment plant , produce the water containing sufficient/required quantity of minerals which is required to human bodies.
  3. 3. Process:Water is passed through following different stages for process offiltration & separation in packaged drinking water plant process.• Pressure Sand filter.To remove suspended matter from the water. By means of Multi size Graded sand filled in theVessel of FRP material, which is natural process of filtration adopted by the nature.• Activated Carbon filter.To remove Color, Odor and Smell from the water. By means of using Activated Natural carbon.By absorbing contaminated particles of Oil & Grease from the raw water.To control the BOD & COD in the raw water.• Antiscalant Dosing.To prevent the desalting element from scale deposition.• Micron Filtration.To remove the micron particles from the raw water. By means of using disposable candles havingPerfect micron size of porosity for filtration.• Osmotic pressure System ( H. P. Pump ).To create the osmotic pressure in raw water. By using pump.• Desalination by R.O. Membrane Element.To desalt the raw water R.O.Tack to reduce the total dissolve salts.By using Semi permeable Membrane filter elements, Where ion filtration process is carriedout by applying pressure in the water.So finally we will get low total dissolve salts and High purity.Here will Have to drain the water at one side to Wash the Membrane filter elementscontinuously because of filtration process there is nothing to be polluted in the system.• Cleaning/Flushing System.To prevent the membranes from scaling , it is neccesory to flush the membranes with treatedwater whenever stop the R.O. plant for hours.• Remineralization System.To Balance the natural minerals quantity in the product which is recommended from W.H.O.and P.S.Q.C.A. for drinking water.Storage of R.O. treated water.To remove back pressure in R.O. Membrane elements. It is only storage of the treated Water.• Fine Polishing Filtration.To filter the water from 5 micron to 1 microns to achieve the crystal clear filtered mineral water.4
  4. 4. • UV System.To kill the bacteria from fine water.• Ozonization.Feeding of ozone gas for removal of bacteria from treated water. Ozone gas is not storableSo that by using ozone gas generator we are producing ozone gas R.O.Tack O3 , & is passed throughThe water ,as ozone is having capacity to kill the bacteria as well as to control the further growthIn the stored & packed water. Also it is increasing the level of oxygen in the water, where waterBecoming very healthy.• Finally healthiest, crystal clear and with required Quantity ofminerals, purified & bacteria free drinking water will be sendto packing/filling.
  5. 5. ⇒SCOPE OF SUPPLYThe scope of supply for 10000gpd. packaged drinking water project containsRaw Water Feeding Pump 1 No.Pressure Sand Filter 1 No.Activated Carbon Filter 1 No.Antiscalant Dosing Pump 1 No.Micron cartridge filter 1 Nos.High Pressure Pump 1 No.Reverse Osmosis Element 2 No.Pressure Vessel for elements 1 NoInstruments 1 setFine Polishing M C F system-1.0 MicronsCleaning/Flushing system2 Nos.1 No.Ultraviolet Disinfection System 1 No.Ozone Generator 1 No.Electric Panel 1 No.Skid 1 No.6
  6. 6. Source Of Water :R.O. plant is designed based on 1000ppm TDS & 200 ppm raw water hardness.Treated Water QualityThe approximate quality of treated water is as follows considered for design of system.Suspended Solids : NilTurbidity : NilPH : 7.00 to 7.5T D S : Less than 50 ppmTotal Hardness : 30 ppm as CaCo3Bacteria Coliform : NilFeed Water Conditions For R.O. Systems.Max. Temperature : 40 deg. CFree Chlorine, Bacteria, Oil : NilIron/Manganese etc. : NilTurbidity : Less than 1.0 NTUScope of Exclusion .1. Foundation for Equipments and any Civil Works.2. Power, Water and Electrifications.3. Raw water storage.4. Testing Chemicals and Facility.⇒ Scope of SupplyThe following are the technical specification for the equipments supply for packaged drinking water project.1. Raw Water Feeding Pump.Type : CentrifugalMax. Flow : 1100gphWorking flow : 1000gphWorking pressure : 2.5 barM.O.C. : S.S.Power : 2.0 HP.Make : Lowara.( Refurbished )Nos. Offered : One No.
  7. 7. 2. Pressure Sand Filter.Type : Down Flow Graded Sand TypeModel : 16”x65”M.O.C. : FRP.Make of Vessel : Komatsu/ equivalent.Pipe Line Size : 1”.Sand with Gravels Qty. : 150 Kgs.Valve : Top mount multiport valve.Valve size : 1”Max. Flow : 1100gph.Working Flow : 1000gph.3. Activated Carbon Filter.Type : Down Flow Graded Carbon TypeModel : 16”x65”M.O.C. : FRPMake of Vessel : Komatsu/ EquivalentPipe Line Size : 1”.Carbon Qty. : 25 Kgs.Valve : Top mount multiport valve.Valve size : 1”Max. Flow : 1100gph.Working Flow : 1000gph.4. Antiscalant Dosing .Type : Electronic.Dosing Pump : Diaphragm type.M.O.C. of Dosing Pump : PvcCapacity of Dosing : 0 to 4 LPH.Rate Of Dosing Chemical. : 2 to 4 PPM.Dosing Tank. : 100 ltrs. H.D.P.E.Power. : 220 V, Single Phase.Make. : E DOSE/Metering pump.U.S.A.5. Micron Cartridge Filter.Model : MCF 20/UT/PPSize : 20” Long.Micron Rating : 5 Micron.Type of Candle : P.P. Wound.Make Of Cartridge : seitz,USA./EGMaterial Of Housing : s.sNos. of Candles : 01 No.Max. Flow : 1100gph.Working Flow : 1000gph.8
  8. 8. 6. High Pressure Pump.Type : Vertical centrifugal pumpM.O.C. : S.S.Max. Pressure : 250psi.Working Pressure : 200psi.Max. Flow : 1100gph.Working Flow : 1000gph.Motor : 5.0HP, 3 phaseMake of pump : Lowara. ( Refurbished )Nos. offered : 1 Nos.7.R O Membrane Elements.Model : BW 30-400 ElementType : spiral woundMaterial : Polyamide.Size : 8” Dia X 40” LongMake : Hydranoutics/DOW filmtecNos. Offered : 2 Nos.8. Pressure Vessels.M.O.C. : FRP OrModel : Code/ SIDE/3/RevittType : Horizontal Tube TypeSize : 8” X 88”Max. Pressure : 300 psi.Working Pressure : 200 psi.Nos. Offered : 1 Nos.9. Instruments .A Pressure Gauges : 2 Nos.Type : Analog Tube TypeMake : H. Guru/ K.I.Range : 0 - 28, 0 - 7 Kg/cm2B Rotameters : 2 Nos.Type : FloatM.O.C. : Acrylic Body, SS Float.Range ( 0 - 5000 Lph ) : 2 NoMake : ASTERC T.D.S. meter : 1 Nos.Type : Digital Type, OnlineRange : 0 - 999 micro mho/cm
  9. 9. Make : ASTER10. Treated water storage Tank . : 01Nos.No. offered : One no.Type : Vertically Cylindrical type.MOC : pvc, Super TufHolding Capacity : 1000 gal11 Treated water transfer pump.Type : Centrifugal.Make of Pump : Lowara. ( Refurbished )MOC : SSCapacity : 01 HPWorking Flow : 15m3/hr.Max flow : 15m3/hr.12 Fine Polishing Filtration System.Model : MCF/WM/PPSize : 20” Long.Micron Rating : 1.0 Microns.M.O.C. of Candle : P.P. PlatedMake Of Cartridge : Seitz USA.Material Of Housing : pvcNos. of Candles : 01 Nos.Working Flow : 15 m3/hr.14. U. V. Disinfection System.Type : Fluorescent TubeMax flow : 15m3/hr.Working Flow : 15m3/hr.Working Pressure : 1 Kg/cm2Material : SS 316Make of UV Tube : Sanyo Denki JapanNo of UV system offered : 1 nos.15. OZONE GENERATOR. 03.gm/hr.No. offered : One no.Type : Ozone from Natural Air type.Flow rate : 15m3/hr..Ozone dosing : 1 PPMCasing : C.A.Make of ozone generator : Prozone, U.S.A.Or Equiv.10
  10. 10. 16. Electric Panel.Powder coated mild steel, with circuit breaker, overload, indication lamps, operating switches, Ampere & Voltsmeters.17. Skid.Powder coated mild steel, 1” square pipe.18. Pvc pipe & Fitting Schedule 80Type : Food GradeMaterial : pvcMake : Hydroseal Canada20. Bottle Washing Unit ( manual )It contains a Stainless steel table with three step bottle washing.Step # 1- Bottle’s outer body washing with soapy liquid.Step # 2- Bottle’s Inner washing with pressurized water.Pipes and fitting will be pvc hydroseal Canada.21.Bottle Filling unit ( manual )It contains a Stainless steel table with 02 to 05 taps pvchydroseal Canada.
  11. 11. TERMS AND CONDITION:• Prices are Ex workshop korangi, Karachi.• Forwarding, transportation, octroi & insurance shall be extra at actual at the time ofdelivery.• Necessary Tools, tackles, labor & Chemical should be provided by client.• Raw water tank and Boring providing is the responsibility of the Client.• Sales Taxes/ VAT & Transportation will be Extra.• PAYMENT TERMS :• 60% Advance along with Techno-commercial clear order.• 30% At the time of delivery.• 10% At the time of commissioning.• DELIVERY :• Within 04 weeks after receipt of your order with advance.• . ELECTRIC CONSUMPTIONTotal electric consumption is 10. kw. (III phase)• REQUIRED SPACE FOR THE SYSTEMRequired covered area for the plant is 105X10’.• GUARANTEE / WARRANTY :Offering you warranty for 06 months from the date of supply of the plant.(Warranty clause is valid for Mfg. Defect/Workmanship Defect only Ourliability is limited to repair or replace of the same.)For, R.O.Tack Water TechnologyAYAZ ATTARI AZHAR FAROOQI( MECHANICAL ENGINEER ) ( CHIEF EXECUTIVE )12