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A coffee book

  1. 1. San Franciscocoffee culture study Summer’s Indy Project Nisara Kittisangvara
  2. 2. Dear Readers, Our lives go by fast, and sometimes it’s so fast that we don’t even realize ourthinking or appreciate surroundings. We are keeping up our best doing multitaskingand surviving in a multidimensional world. But we are not robots, and sometimes weneed the pace to slow down. The perfect place?...A coffee shop.I am a kind of person who is workaholic but still keep my life in balance. Life in a cityis very busy. Mid day I always find myself in a coffee shop and drinking coffee.It not only keeps me awake but also gives me a time to pause and think of what I’vedone and what is next. After three years of living here, I realize I have becomea big fan of coffee.Coffee…hmmm. There is something more than the brown water with caffeine.There is aesthetic and status attached to what you’re drinking. A cup of coffeecan tell so many things about a person, behavior, and lifestyle.As a benefit of living in San Francisco; a serious coffee drinkers city, I am doingan independent project San Francisco coffee culture for my summer school.As an account planner who is curious in new coffee behaviors, I do hope thatyou enjoy my work. Best, Nisara Kittisangvara
  3. 3. Objective contentMethodologyCoffee shop profile Generalist Starbucks Coffee Peet’s Coffee & Tea Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs Specialist Blue Bottle Coffee Company Ritual Coffee Roasters Four Barrel CoffeeSummaryOpportunity An example: Trouble Coffee Co.Pay offSan Francisco Coffee Culture Terminology
  4. 4. Coffee is one thing that can hold me off from relentless schedule; perhapsit does the same with many others too! This is a project for me to improverelevant planner skills; researching, analyzing, strategizing, and symphonizingto understand the coffee industry, culture, behavior, trend and its tomorrow,in San Francisco. objective
  5. 5. Methadology Background coffee industry study; Desk research, articles, and books Consumer research; Customer and manager interviews in each location. Environment study; Spend time in each location during various parts of the day.
  6. 6. 67 stores in San Francisco Features; Coffee Beans, Espresso drinks Frappucino (Ice blended drinks) Tazo tea Bottled Juice Ethos (water bottle) Food; cold sandwich, pastry, salad, fruits. Decoration; Cozy color palette; green, black, & brown Tables & chairs for work station Couch & bench for relaxation Offers; Music Selections Book Corner Coffee making equipment Coffee Beans Mugs Wi-fi partnership with AT&T“It starts with the promise of a perfectly made beverage, but ourwork goes far beyond that. It’s really about human connection.” -Howard Schultz- CEO of Starbucks Coffee
  7. 7. brand environment
  8. 8. consumer snap-shot
  9. 9. a thought This is a place that fulfills the consumer’s coffee experiencein all five senses; coffee taste, aroma, comfy space, and entertainment.“It’s a nice comfy stop every corner of the street.” -Consumer-summary Starbucks coffee is a national chain that is available on everystreet corner trying to fulfill community coffee experiences, as well as create engaging environment.
  10. 10. 10 stores in San Francisco Features; Dark Roasted Flavored Coffee, Freddo (iced blended drinks) Hand selected Tea Pastry Bottled Beverage Decoration; Dark tone color represents sophistication. Small Tables & chairs for hanging out Offers; Coffee making equipments Coffee Beans Mugs T-shirts“We take freshness seriously.It is only by same day roasting so we can be sure that you enjoy thedistinctive deep-roated flavor of Peet’s. We call it ‘roaster-to-cup’ freshness.” -Peet’s Barista-
  11. 11. brand environment
  12. 12. consumer snap-shot
  13. 13. a thought Peet’s Coffee & Tea is a coffee chain from bay areaand for the mature and sophisticated coffee and tea drinkers. They understandthe nature of coffee lovers that appreciate the craftsmanship of their beverages. “Peet’s is the Nieman Marcus for coffee. Don’t dress for less.” -consumer-summary Peet’s Coffee & Tea originated in bay area whichconcentrates on a cup of coffee not environment. They focus on giving customersconsistently great coffee.
  14. 14. Three stores in San Francisco Features; Coffee Beans Expresso Drink Flavored caf-beverage Iced Blend Coffee Bean & Tea Leafs tea Bottled Juice Vanilla & Chocolate Powder Food; pastry Decoration; Bright tone color represents delightful feeling. Small tables & chairs for hanging out Offers; Free wi-fi access Coffee / Tea making equipment Mugs Thermo Bottles“We believe in our healthy coffee that is going to delight everyone’s heart.” -Cheryl, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf barista-
  15. 15. brand environment
  16. 16. consumer snap-shot
  17. 17. a thought Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the tourist coffee shop withflavorful espresso drinks. They offer great flavorful espresso drink in a light and funenvironment.“Sunshine, sweets, simple!” -Christine, 27 female- Customer’s response to: 3 words that describe Coffee Bean & Tea leafsummary Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is southern California basedcoffee chain. With a menu catered more to consumers who like sweet coffee, they tendto attract a less coffee focused coffee consumer.
  18. 18. Mapof local SF Coffee brands
  19. 19. Four stores and a kiosk in San Francisco Feature; Coffee Beans Espresso Drinks Food which utiliaes only the finest local, Organic and sustainable ingredients. Decoration; High tables, high stools, & high ceiling Cold colored furnitures Uniformed employees: Black long sleeve shirt and black trouser. Sustainable system: metal silverware Offers; Coffee equipment Organic tote bag Mugs“We roast coffee on vintage gear, put it in compostablebags, and still get it to our customers within 48 hrs.We roast great coffee on two coasts, we make great drinks, we clean up after ourselves, we bake cookies,we type up invoices, we get change at the bank, we say please and thank you. We offer the elderly andpregnant our seats on the bus and brush and floss daily. We look forward to seeing you soon.” -Blue Bottle Coffee Company web site-
  20. 20. brand environment
  21. 21. consumer snap-shot
  22. 22. a thought Blue Bottle Coffee Company is bringing back the old schoolstyle of enjoying good coffee. Putting importance and effort in each cup, as well as thesustainable decisions they make as a company. “They revive the good old way of living, thinking and drinking.” -Consumer review on yelp.com-summary Blue Bottle coffee is a growing small network of cafes,wholesale partners, an espresso cart, a coffee kiosk, and some vintage coffee roasters,who vowed to their commitment of offering great coffee to everyone who asks for it, andas a result has created a loyal brand fan club.
  23. 23. Three stores in San Francisco Feature; Coffee beans Espresso drinks Vegan pastry Decoration; Big space for work & hang out Sufficient outlets for every table. Modern Music Foreign Bank Note landmark Wood based furniture + warm tone Offers Coffee equipment Sweet Tooth; monthly recommendation for the coffee bean’s origin. Coffee subscription roasters’ pick, roasters’ reserve, seasonal espresso, sweet tooth espresso. Late night hour T-shirts Tote bags Mugs“They are adventurous, outraged and real andthat is delivered in their coffee.” -37 male customer-
  24. 24. brand environment
  25. 25. consumer snap-shot
  26. 26. a thought Ritual Coffee Roaster is a bold coffee shop with an honest expression of who they are and what they are thirsty for. They go on journeys to get perfect coffee beans and bring them back to the community.“I’m drawn to their “bean”, like a crackhead.” -David B, 28 male consumer- summary Ritual Coffee Roasters is a local bay area shop that of- fers strong espresso drinks. They are a local coffee ambassador, in that they go all over the world to get the best coffee beans and bring them to SF. They appeal to coffee drink- ers who appreciate flavors from around the world, served in a local environment.
  27. 27. One store in San Francisco Features; Coffee Beans Espresso Drinks Pastry; Dynamyte Donut Decoration; Cozy & modern decoration Small tables & chairs for work & hanging out Factory like decoration; hunting deer wall, wooden roof, high ceiling, big reception area Offers; Free wi-fi access Coffee equipment Mugs“They serve it simple, dark, rich, and aromatic,as coffee should be.” -Sam, 32 male customer-
  28. 28. brand environment
  29. 29. consumer snap-shot
  30. 30. a thought Four Barrel Coffee are coffee brewers rightin the middle of SF. They roast, brew, and serve coffee to SF localswho just want to hang out and enjoy a basic espresso beverage.“The most legit coffee shop, ever.” -Will L., 26 male customer-summary Four Barrel Coffee is a true SF roaster. They are still justabout their coffee. Bringing back a simple, good cup of coffee to the city. They appeal topeople who just want an honest cup of coffee.
  31. 31. summaryGeneralist coffee isalways going to be here. Local specialist coffee is happening around communities relationship with their coffee.
  32. 32. “Local coffee brewers can start sharingtheir beans in local establishment.” “Coffee lovers are tired with the laptop zombie who thinks coffee shop is a library or work space. Coffee shops are coming back to basic of being a place where coffee lovers get a cup of great coffee and check in with community...physically.”opportunity
  33. 33. An example: is served in Trouble Coffee Company and they distribute beans around the city as well. (Blue Bottle Coffee Co. does that too!)“Our goal is to change the way people think about coffee.Whether that means learning more about the small farmer and his family or understanding the difference betweenan espresso grind or press pot grind, we want our customers to think of coffee as more than just a bag on the shelf.” -De La Paz web site-
  34. 34. brand behavior example
  35. 35. San Francisco coffee cultureterminologyBaggy - a taste characteristic of coffee stored too long in burlap bags, causing the coffee beans to acquire a straw-like coffee bag flavor. Also used to describe light roasted coffee with mildewy qualities.Body - The physical mouth feel and texture of a coffee. Full bodied coffees have a strong, creamy, and pleasant, mouth feel. A coffees body (light, medium, or full) is its thickness due to the amount of dissolved and suspended solids and oils extracted from the coffee grounds, and may range from thin and watery to thick and creamy.Chocolaty - The taste or aroma of chocolate. Coffees rarely have a very strong chocolaty flavor or aroma, but some Central American and Yemeni coffees have a distinct chocolaty aroma and a slightly bitter-sweet chocolaty taste.Clean - Flavorful, but without any pungent or unusual flavors.Dry - An espresso drink with frothed milk only and no hot milk. A dry cappuccino, for example, is espresso under layer of velvety milk froth.Earthy - The aroma characteristic of fresh earth, wet soil, or raw potatoes. While not necessarily negative characteristic, earthiness may be caused by molds during the processing of harvested coffee cherries. Earthy notes, for example, are commonly found in semi-dry processed coffees from Indonesia.Latte Art - Creative designs made on the surface of an espresso drink. Latte art may be made by skillfully pouring milk through espresso, or with the aid of toothpicks, chocolate syrup, or sprinkles.Mellow - Balanced and mild, without strong tastes or aftertaste. Medium roasted, low grown (less than 4000 feet) Arabicas, for example, generally have a mellow flavor.No Fun - A decaf coffee, or latte.Wet - A wet Cappuccino is a regular Cappuccino, including the 1/3 steamed milk.
  36. 36. Dark Roast - Coffee roasted to a dark brown to almost black color. Dark roasted coffee is typically more pungent and less acidy than medium or light roasted coffee. Maximum aroma and flavor, is generally found at the lighter end of the dark range. At the darkest end of the dark range, coffee has lost all of its acidity and has a distinctly burnt flavor.Green Coffee - Unroasted coffee beans. Green coffee has gone through a multitude of processes from the time the coffee cherries are harvested to when the raw and dried “coffee beans” are packaged in burlap sacks ready for export. Also used to describe insufficiently roasted coffee.French Roast - The darkest of palatable roasts, a French Roast continues well into “second crack” until the beans are very oily and almost black. French Roasted coffee is generally light bodied with a pungent roasty flavor. The variety of coffee bean used to make a French Roast is rarely mentioned, since the varietal taste distinctions are replaced by mostly carbony flavors.Italian Roast - Dark roasted coffee with a very dark brown color and oily surface. There is disagreement regarding the labeling of very dark roast styles, with some asserting that an Italian roast is darker than a French roast and visa versa.Second Crack - The second of two distinctly different periods of cracking sounds during roasting when the coffee beans are giving off their own heat and expanding suddenly. The first crack begins at bean probe temperatures near 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making a sound similar to popcorn, and then diminishes, and sometimes stops momentarily, before start of the sec ond crack. Second crack begins around 440 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, as measured by roaster bean probe. The darkest of palatable roasts (Dark French) is attained at the peak of Second Crack. If the roast is allowed to continue to completion of second crack, the cof fee will be burnt and may catch fire.Single Origin - Single OriginUnblended coffee from a single country, growing region, or plantation. Some times called straight coffee.
  37. 37. PayoffIt’s been so much fun working on this project. I’m not only knowingmore about coffee status but also striking with its dynamic relationshipbetween cofee and community’s aesthetic. The relationship in thiscoffee culture have made me understood in one of the most importantelement of a brand; Loyalty.Coffee loyalty is the one that leads other brand elements; behavior,location, decoration, and quality. It tightly engages with human onemotional level so the more I dig into it, the more I get to understandcoffee lover community characters.Working in this project gives me a well blend of quality planner skills;research, analysis, background, culture, and consumers study.And these elements stay awake as long as the coffee culturestay caffeinated.
  38. 38. Special Thank to:Rachel Coady, project instructor & strategic planner Starbucks Coffee Company Peet’s Coffee & Tea Company and baristas Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and baristas Blue Bottle Coffee Company and baristas Ritual Coffee Roasters and baristas Four Barrel Coffee and baristas Da La Paz Coffee company Trouble Coffee Co and baristas and All readers