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    1. 1. Ross Wilkinson-Boram
    2. 2. The BriefDesign a new point of sale display unit for a male groomingcompany. The unit must display at least 1 product fromtheir range and must clearly identify the brand. Possiblebrands are Old Spice, Fish, L’Oreal Men Expert, Mr Natty,Lynx and Hackett.The SituationI have been researching lynx’s marketing and they havealways got new products and themes, out this is a problemas they keep changing their marketing ideas. I believe theyneed to stick to one marketing technique as this will begood for the consumer.
    3. 3. Task Analysis Usability: Recyclable: The unit itself should be easily The unit must be intuitive so the recyclable. The unit should beEnvironment: customers are always happy plastic as it can be recycled Easy to Build:The Lynx point of sale unit should instead of confused and bored. therefore contributing to save the The unit should be easy to build sobe in the male grooming section in One example of this is Apple, planet. The units should not be that the cost of labour and materialscosmetic stores. These cosmetic they let you try out the items in thrown away instead they should should be kept down. We should usestores could be in the high street or the shop and you can instantly be reused in other shops. popular materials so the price is cheapshopping centres like blue water. I learn how to use it without any and easy to assemble. Shop assistantsthink it would fit in with other male skill. Customers should be able to must be able to assemble it quickly sogrooming products. I think it should work with the unit and product Size: it should have instructions.be by the till so people can buy it straight away otherwise they will The unit should be big so itlast, as it would be the last thing not buy it. catches customers eyes, but alsopeople see as they leave the shop Functions: wont be to intrusive. the sizeand stay in their head. I believe the The products should be on display Cost: should be about 5 foot tall so ittarget audience is boys aged 12-16. and with a specific theme. It should I feel that the cost should be stand out from all the other also have the screen for interactivity. reasonable as people earn stands. The unit has to be seen It should have a mirror so customers different wages and this way but not too big.Safety: can try their products. Their shouldThey unit should have no loose everyone can buy the product. also be facts about the brand. This willobjects or tripping hazards. It should Lynx is for teenagers so the price Ergonomics: increase the customers knowledge ofalso have no sharp corners. No small should be lowered. Most The point of sale display should the brand.objects that small children could teenagers aged 12-16 do not own a be easy to use and understand. Itswallow. Lastly the electricity wires lot of money and have jobs so the should also be efficientlyshould be covered for the customers price has to be reasonable. designed. The space should looksafety. good and be intuitive. The unit Materials: has to be ergonomic so the Lynx is advertised as a company Purpose: customer is satisfied. which is stylish therefore do modernSocial Media: The point of display unit is there things. This means modern shapesThe stand should have a range of to display the products in a new and objects. Some metal should be and innovative way which Position: used to ft into the lynx theme alsosocial media attributes like Facebook increases the popularity of a For the unit to be effective it neon should be used because it linkslinks, twitter trends and online brand. It should be eye-catching needs to be in a popular position. to lynx deodorant cans. Plasticscompetitions. There should be a and attract customers. The main The unit is interactive for it to should also be used as they are easilyscreen that shows all of these pages. purpose of the point of display work well, people would have to recyclable.These social media attributes help unit is to sell and promote the interactive with it to understandadvertise the brand online as well as product and brand. it well. It should be centeredin store. around mens grooming products. QR Readers: The barcodes have been veryOriginality: Aesthetics: Interactivity: successful and have become aIn order to capture peoples sight in The unit should look aesthetically The unit should be very must with a unit. So I believe athe store the unit will have to stand pleasing. This will immediately interactive to attract new unit should have a barcode directout and be unique, this means the grab the customers attention also customers. It should show the to the website and product. Theunit will have to be something new a computer screen allows product and also information on or readers make customersand that they havent seen before. customers to interact with the the brand. The unit and product interact with the unit thereforeTherefore the customers want to see unit. The theme will be women as should be user friendly and helping them remember thewhat the brand is selling. this is what the brand advertises. interactive with the customer to brand. make them want to buy it.
    4. 4. Initial Specification Aesthetics- Some of the aspects of my point of sale display will be theme, style, colour and studying shapes. These will decide whether customers are attracted to my unit or not. I will look at which themes and styles fit with my brand . Customer-the unit will be aimed at teenagers so I should use things they like and colours they also like. It should be placed in the right shops where my target audience shop. My customer will like video games and modern things. Cost-the main thing I need to consider is the quality to quantity ratio. I need to think about the cost as my target audience is teenagers and they don’t earn a lot. The price will vary depending on which materials I use. Environment-when I am looking at the environment I need to look at the position in the shop and how it fits in with other products/ sections. It needs to live near similar items to attract the right customers. Size-the main things I need to know for size is the stability, and height because I need it to be tall for people to see but don’t wan it falling over all the time. I want it to fit in with the specific shop itself. The unit will be medium size so its cheap but eye-catching. Safety- the unit needs to be safe and some of the things I look at are loose wires, sharp corners and small objects this is because loose wires can trip people up, sharp corners can injure customers and small objects can get in childrens mouths.
    5. 5. Mr Natty is a male grooming company originatingfrom England but spreading throughout the globe.All of Mr Natty’s products are made in England this isgood as it keeps its traditional English theme with it. Hackett London is a traditionalThe target audience is the older generation because its British gentlemens groomingtraditional, like when long beards and moustaches company based in London. Thewere in style. Mr Natty’s products are unusual and men advertised are dressed smartunique this is good to have in a brand as it helps you and this inspires men to look andstand out from all the other brands. Some of these be like them. Its style is mainlyproducts include moustache wax and beard wax. traditional British. Hackett was founded in 1983. Hackett sponsor lots of big brands like Aston martin and events like the oxford and Cambridge boat race. Recently Hackett has branched out into more diverse areas like tailoring, hairdressing and tax-free shops. Hackett has thirteen UK locations and sixty-four across the globe. Lynx or ‘axe’ is a brand of male grooming products owned by a british/dutch company and marketed towards young males. It is aimed at teenagers because of the advertisement and it is cheap. The lynx advert implies that if you spray the deodorant women will want you. Lynx’s main lead product is the deodorant. Lynx advertisement portrayed various ways the products supposedly helped men attract women. For “pulse” it showed how it supposedly gave geeky men confidence to dance with women.
    6. 6. The loreal group is the worlds largestOld Spice is an American male cosmetics and beauty company. It isgrooming brand which was based in Paris. LOreal own manyopened in 1937. Old spice have more grooming companys includingstuck to the same type of products Lancôme and garnier. LOreal is asince they started but modernising famous cosmetic brand and is knownthem a bit, this keeps the old across the globe.Loreal is aimed atcustomers and also brings in new the older generation for slowingcustomers as well. Their target down the aging process and helpingaudience is a lot wider than most with scalp and grey hairs. Thethere male grooming products and advertisement has a lot of famousI think it is between 18-60. older men this could make older menOld spice won FHM’s 2006 and young men want to look and beGrooming award. Old spice is an like them.older brand that is newly re-established. The companys newadvertisement ideas are briningmore sales and maybe morecustomers as they are bringingdifferent ethnicitys into theiradvertisement. Fish Soho is a new male and female grooming company, fish is sold in all cosmetics stores and also runs its own barber and hair salons in Soho. The main target audience is teenagers as the price is cheap and easily accessible to all children. Fish has used famous actors like Robert Patterson to advertise their brand. Fish is mainly a barbers so it will have one of the best quality products as they will use them in the salon
    7. 7. Lynx’s first deodorant was released in 1983. The oldest flavours were amberand wild musk but the new flavours are young, attract and instinct instantlyshowing their new advertisement process towards teenagers. Lynx has a lot ofTV advertisement and has a specific target audience, I believe this targetaudience is children age 12-16. I have chosen lynx as it is one of the mostpopular male grooming products which has a unique selling point. The lynxadvert implies if you spray the deodorant women will be instantly attracted toyou. Lynx advertisement portrayed various ways the products supposedlyhelped men attract women. For “pulse” it showed how it supposedly gavegeeky men confidence to dance with women. Lynx’s older products wereoriginal flavours but now they are ‘attract’ because they want to fit in with themodern teenager fantasy of getting girls.
    8. 8. Pick ‘n’ mix-WHSmith Havaianas-Office This point of display unit is very This unit is very basic but good because the bright colours does the job, it has poles make it stand out, it also has the where shoes hang off of. brands name ‘Candyking’ this helps There are different heights people remember the brands name. this could be good for Candy king is very popular all over children and adults. This unit England. Having the brands name does not stand out boldly. on show helps promote the name The unit has nothing that which helps sales increase. catches your sight, this is vital if you want a unit for getting profit.Disney-Primark Sunglasses-Spec saversThis unit is very simple and This point of display isnt very goodworks. The price stands out, but it displays the logo. The largethis is good as it is cheap and picture catches your sight as youwill sell more. The brands walk past.name stands out as well The unit is logical as it stands outbecause Disney is known and advertises the company and itsworldwide. It is only made deals. This stand has a good baseout of cardboard so it is which is sturdy and will not fallcheap and it looks easy to over, but the logo is very small andmake, on the other hand it this need to be one of the firstlooks tacky and cheap and thing people sees.people might not want tobuy it. Playstation-HMV Blackberry-Vodafone The display for playstation is very This display unit is for clear and good for sales as it has blackberry Smartphones. This pictures, prices and lots of displays. This display will attract display has simple colours and children as they like games. They this makes the pictures stand have used different colours like out. The stand is not eye- blue, white and yellow. catching but is still unique. PlayStations advertisement is vey The text box is hard to read popular and catches your eye automatically, this is good for a though this is not good for sale unit for sales. customers.
    9. 9. Coca-Cola-WHSmith Books-WHSmith This point of sale display is very This Point of display unit is not good as it is clear whos brand it very good as it is messy and hard to is and also it easily sells all the understand and read. There are too different types of drinks without many colours and this makes it making it look crowded. look confusing. This display is The prices are also very easy to right by the door, this is bad as you read and understand. Coca Cola will lose sales. is probably the best brand for This unit is boring and doesn’t advertising as it is well known look aesthetically pleasing. Not across the globe and on TV. many people would but this book.Itunes Cards-WHSmithThis display unit is small but The Nationalholds a lot of cards. It is right Lottery-WHSmithby the till, this is good as youll The national lottery unit isget lots of sales because the one of the most famouscards are cheap. displays as it is easy toThe colour scheme is very remember and you can interact with it. The layout issimple and this makes it look also vey eye-catching. Thegood. This card is very popular national lottery makes thein all shops and the simple unit customer use the board andis very effective and all the maybe take home the penpaper can be recycled or reused. which helps advertisement. Shoes-Clarks Toiletries-Topman This display is behind glass This unit is not a good so is not very easy to read or advertisement stool as it is look at, this also makes it bland and boring. One not eye-catching and does benefit is it is near the not attract customers. The checkout so this will colours look good but the increase sales. The one brand name is not easily colour makes it look boring. readable. The The units colours are bland advertisement is fun and and boring and not nice to looks good also it will look at and you cant attract children who are the identify what they are target audience so it works selling. well.
    10. 10. Links FxLogical: The design and the use both have to be logical. The brands name should be clearly displayed in the eyeline sight. Ialso think the price should be logical so its not too expensive. It is logical to have the product on show so people can seewhat it looks like and interact with it.Illogical: I Think it is illogical if the product is displayed in the wrong place or somewhere it doesn’t stand out. It is illogicalif you put it near different brands, also if you put the product far away from the till people might change their mind aboutbuying it.Need: The biggest need for a point of display unit is that it needs to display the brand and has to attract customers. Thedisplay should also show the product. It should be safe from any injuries and have security tags on them to reduce stolenproducts.Keep: The point of display unit must be kept in the male grooming section of a shop as it is important otherwise people willthink its hard to find the product. The unit must have safety checks like sharp edges, loose small objects and wires must bekept away. Facebook links must be kept on the product as everyone has facebook and it is a good way to promote your brand.The unit must be aesthetically pleasing otherwise customers wont look at the display, the unit must be interactive withcustomers like or readers and twitter.Scrap: The first thing I would scrap is the boring statistics which people hate and bring in polls and competitions. Thebrands need to be original and they should get rid of all the bad ideas. The aim of the brand is to make money so theyshould cut trying to recycle and keep more money. The units size should be made to an average height so all people can spotit easier and the position should be in the middle of the shop and 360 degrees around.Form vs Function: I believe with a product function always win as the product doesn’t need to look good but always has toperform to its best. Take a car for example, the car can look great but if it doesn’t work the its useless.I think companys should sacrifice aesthetics for function first.X-Factor-I believe the x-factor is what makes one product stand out more that the other for the same priced objects.If both products had the same functions you would pick the one which looks better afterwards.
    11. 11. Access FMAesthetics: When a customer enter a shop, the lynx point of display unit wants people to look straight towards it. It willlook good because customers first impressions have to be good as they are vital. The unit needs to look like the brand andhave the same colour and theme. Lynx’s theme is neon colours. The unit should also be the same shape and style as theproduct to attract new customers.Cost: The cost is one of the most important factors of a product because this depends how many sales you get. The cost willhave to be cheap as the target audience is between ages 12-16 and they do not have a job. Because the brand is popular theymake more because it is cheap. It should be cheap to assemble and could be reused to save money. The cost should bereasonable as people earn different wages and this way everyone can but this product.Customer: The customer should always be satisfied with the product and the unit. The unit should attract the customerthen moment they catch sight of it. The theme should fit with the target audience and the trends should be in with theyear. The unit should look what they want it to look like . Teenagers will only be attracted if it looks good.Environment: The unit should live in the middle of the shop and should be a 360 degree unit so you can walk all the wayaround it. This product should live in cosmetic shops like boots and Superdrug. I think it should not be near the till as thisis where all the products that don’t sell live.Safety: The unit has to be safe or its not allowed in the shops. The unit has to have no sharp edges so no-one gets injuredhitting against it or bumping into it. No wires should be loose because they can be tripped over by customers if they areloose you can tape them down. There should be no loose objects that can fit in children mouth so they cant swallow smallobjects.Size: The point of display unit should be the average height to most people can easily see it, it should be 360 degreesaround so you can walk around it. It should not be small otherwise you cant see it but not to big that it is in your face.Function: The function of the unit is to promote the brand and get sales for the company. The unit should emphasise howgood the product is and how popular it is. There should be a specific theme and also a mirror if the customer wants to use italso their should be information on the brand to increase the customers knowledge on the company.Material: Lynx is a modern company so the shapes and objects should fit in with this theme. Metal should be used as thisfits in with the lynx theme also plastic as its easy to recycle. Neon colours should be used because it links with lynx.
    12. 12. Research PlanQuestionnaire: Customer profiling: Access FM of products: Interviews:I am going to put together a questionnaire, which is I believe it is important to know what the For this piece of research I am going to pick 10 I am going to compose some questions to give toogoing to ask questions about male grooming units. The products, 5 from the internet and five from shops specific people of all ages and genders to get a mixed customer likes and dislikes to increase sales andquestionnaire would have to be tested to see if it is to create a point of display unit. To complete this and analyse each unit of what makes it look good opinion and idea of the brand. I would like to learnsimple and easy to read. I would like to learn otherpeoples opinions on units and see what they like and research I need to ask people aged 12-16 what or popular. I would like to learn what most what people like and don’t like so I can add features todislike so I can adjust my unit. I also would like to know they like and what hobbys they have, this will popular selling brands use on their unit to make my unit and get rid of the thins most people don’twhat cat6ches peoples eyes when they walk through a give me an idea of what to base the product it stand out. I will not speak to anyone, I could like. I will speak too people that work in the shops,shop. I will give the questionnaire to customers of boots around and will help give it a theme.. I will also speak to the manager of a shop if I wanted. I will family and friends. I will conduct the researchand Superdrug because they shop where lynx is sold. I conduct the research in the shops. I do not need whenever possible I will need to get a lot of look at what they wear and their styles. I want towill conduct the research outside the shop after the learn what they lime to do in their free time and to know anything before I complete my research. information from some people. I will need to preparecustomers have finished so its fresh in their mind. Willneed to know what the units are like before I make the what they like to wear. I will speak to teenagers I will document the pictures with a paragraph of my questions before hand. I will document thequestionnaire so I will have to visit the two shops. I will as they know what is selling and what is bad. writing next to them. evidence as a question/answer style.document the evidence on a poll or a bar chart. Environment Snapshot: In this part of the research I am going to go to the shops where the product will be sold and take a variety of photos and put them into a separate page. I would like o learn what the shop looks like and how it entice customers to go to the shop, also how they advertise the brand inside the shop. I will not speak to anyone instead I will take pictures and I can write about them on the computer. I will conduct the research afterschool or weekend, this shows how busy the store is and if people look at specific units. Ten Minute Observation: On this research I am going to go to Superdrug and boots and observe customers and what they do when testing a product, this will help me while making my design. I would like to find out what people do around point of display units like habits and techniques. I will conduct the research around the units for 10 minutes. I will not need to know anything before hand. I will document the information along with some pictures. Mood Board: On the mood board I am going to find images that relate to my brand and product. This includes colours, textures, objects and themes. This will give me an idea about which helps my product expand. I will research what most people like and put the pictures in my mood board. I will need to know my customers before hand and I will document this on a PowerPoint slide. The mood board will show lots of images which relate to lynx and point of display units. Person and Product Interactions: In this research I am going to find out information about my customer ands what they like about the product. I would like to learn what customers like about products and dislike. I will ask my friends what they think of point of display units and get ideas from them. I would need to know some basic facts about the company so I can question them. I will document my evidence on a PowerPoint slide.
    13. 13. Boots:These pictures were taken from boots in Bromley.Boots had there own section of the shop just for mens products so they were easy to find. The shop is very easy to find and very well advertised with large logos.The shop entices people in with deals on the windows. The shop was very busy when I went in. the lynx section was very big and had a wide range of the productson one stand. There was also deals which stood out and easy to see. Boots could improve if they had more deals and advertised a bit better. The point of displayunits are very boring and have no style or theme and also do not have any nice materials. If they used a more expensive material it would look better. None of theseunits are near the till because they don’t need to be sold there.Superdrug & WilkinsonsThese pictures were taken from Superdrug and Wilkinsons in Bromley.Superdrug and Wilkinsons was all spread out and hard to find mens grooming products. Superdrug and Wilkinsons were harder to find as they are not as popularand not very clear from outside the shop, also inside the shop it was hard to find the mens products. On the other hand they had a section for just lynxs productswhich were on sale as in picture 4 above. Outside the shop there were no signs advertising deals. Overall the shop had all of lynxs products which were advertisedwell. Superdrug and Wilkinsons could improve if they had better directions showing where the mens products are. Lynx do not sell any products near the till.
    14. 14. In this questionnaire I have asked questions about point of display units. I hope to find out peoples opinions and dislikes, in order to make mine better. I have asked 30 people to fill out my Q1)what makes a point of display unit eye- Male Female questionnaire, from all ages and genders. The majority of people asked were boys aged 12-16 as they are my target audi3ence but I catching? asked other ages as they may buy male grooming products for Aesthetics Size Function Sound Position gifts or for family members.  Q2)what size should the unit be? Extra Large Large Medium Small The majority of people asked think aesthetics is the most eye catching I think this is because the first thing people see of a product is the unit by eye and good aesthetics will stand out and catch your eye. Colors and pictures will attract new customers as well as old ones.. The 50% of the votes chosen were least popular was position so it doesn’t matter where in the shop it is placed. I think this is for the size of the unit to be because people don’t really think about the position of a unit when they see it. large this is probably because extra large is too big. Q3)What should be the main material of the unit? Plastic Wood Alamimium Cardboard Glass Glass is the most popular15 choice of material with 43% of people choosing it this is because it looks good and modern. Plastic is second this might be a good choice10 to pick as its cheap and aesthetically pleasing. I will not choose cardboard as it is bad looking and no one likes 5 it. 0
    15. 15.  Q4)what interactivity features should the point Social Media of display unit have? Touch screen, social media, qr readers, mirror? Social Media QR Readers Touch Screen Mirror QR Readers The most popular was touch screen and the least was mirror with no votes. Touch Screen Q5) Where in the shop should the unit be placed? Near Door Near Till Middle Of Shop Back Of Shop The most popular choice was the middle of the shop and the least favourite was near the door. 45% of people chose middle of the shop.
    16. 16. As soon as I walked in and started observing I noticed peopletesting out products by spraying the aftershave on their wristand smelling it. Not many people used the sticks. Then someoneelse came in and got two products and sprayed one on the leftwrist and the other on the right wrist and smelt both comparingthem. While the person was trying the smell someone new camein and was just looking at the range of products and asked theperson working there to open the cabinet as she probablyalready knew what she wanted to buy before she came in theshop. There was quite a big gap between then before someoneelse came in. 3 minutes later a women came in and I assumedshe was buying it as a gift for a man she sprayed the tester on astick and did the same for three other products, she picked thetester stick she wanted and put the tester stick in her handbagand walked to the womens section. A couple then walked in andtested out both mens and womens and sprayed the testers inthe air to smell them. Meanwhile some boy was taking a photo ofa specific product, which was 1 million by paco robanne he wasprobably taking a picture to show a friend or family, or maybe toput on facebook/twitter.From then on no one boughtanything, some people took a glance but then walked on in arush and most people looked but didn’t buy anything.
    17. 17. All products now are tested to please the customers. lots of people have different habits inside shopsand from watching I have noticed some. All people have a shopping list which they buy from and theybuy anything on the list whatever the price is. Also people buy in bulk for special occasions and don’tworry about the price like for Christmas. Most people look For deals and double up On deals andsometimes spend more money than they should have. The worst habit is when People buy items justbecause they are on sale. I noticed s0me people take pictures of items either to remind themselves Orto send to people and the most popular thing I noticed is that most people didn’t even enter the shopthey just window shop. From watching people I noticed that everyone is different inside shops and Ineed to know this if Im designing a point of display unit.Lots of people took a glance but thenwalked on in a rush and most people looked but didn’t buy anything. This table shows that the majority of people talk face to face about the interactions for products advice and the least is instant messaging. (texting)
    18. 18. Adidas: CandyKing: Mini Eggs: Robinsons:Waspinator: This product is from adidas This product is selling This unit is used to This product sells squashWaspinator is a product that gets and is selling sweets and is very popular sell chocolate mini and is very big.rid of wasps and is handy in the trainers, adidas is a good across the country. It uses eggs. The product The unit looks good as itsummer. The unit doesn’t look company for selling lots of colours to attract has its logo clear and shows what product isfantastic but gets the job done. It products as they have a customers especially has pictures and the being sold and also useswouldn’t cost a lot because the good selling technique used children. The colours are colours of the all the colours in theproduct is made of cardboard. on all units. The unit looks very eye catching. This product which is bottle. This wouldn’t costThis product would attract good as it has a unit would cost quite a lot good as it links to the a lot as its only cardboardcustomers that need to get rid of picture, product and a good to make as its plastic and product and the used and that’s verywasps. This product would live style/theme. The product extra large. This unit is theme or style. This cheap. this productnear the till as people would buy would cost quite a lot as it’s attracted mainly at point of display unit would be used and soldit last minute. This product a brand but the unit would children. is very cheap. It In supermarkets andwould need safety precautions cost not much as its plastic. This would be in the would need to attract would need to attractlike no sharp edges that could This unit would attract lots middle of the shop as it customers to buy it customers to buy theirhurt people or no small objects of customers that are doesn’t need to be so it has bright product instead of otherthat could fit in childrens fashionable or do physical anywhere specific. This colours for attracting competitors. It would bemouths. The unit is small and activities. This would be in product should have no children. The placed at the end of aislesneeds to be to fit on the till, the the middle of the shop and sharp edges or loose wires. product should be for specific productssize doesn’t matter when its on would stand on its own. This product is very large safe for any only. This unit is extrathe till as they are all the same. This unit would need to as people need to see it customers. This large in order for peopleThis unit doesn’t have any special have no sharp edges as across the shop. The main product is medium to look at it when theyfunctions to it. The only material people are constantly function is opening and size so children can walk past. The onlyis cardboard as its easy to walking past this unit is closing to get sweets and reach the top. The material used isassemble and take apart and also large as it needs to stand also a hole for cups to be only material used is cardboard which is cheaprecyclable. out for people to see it. This taken in and out. The cardboard. and recyclable. point of display unit is made materials used are plastic out of plastic this is good as and cardboard.
    19. 19. Access FM Of Products(5 From Shops) Joop: Dolce & Gabbana: Diesel:Lynx: Giorgio Armani: This unit is made This product is made This product is madeThis product is sold by lynx and lynx This unit is by by joop and is sold by Dolce & Gabbana by diesel and is sold inhas a very distinct selling technique Giorgio Armani and in boots. The unit and is sold in boots boots. The unit is veryand/which is always changing for every is sold in boots. It has the logo and the and Superdrug. The aesthetically pleasing looks good as it has adifferent product sold. This unit has a products name unit looks good and as it stands out clearly, picture whichspecific theme relating to the product clear. The unit has automatically catches as the bag ,product catches youre eyebeing sold. The unit would be cheap as the product out so your eye when you and colours catch your and also the logo isits cardboard and very small. The you can test it and walk past it. the sight. The unit would showing clearly. Thiscustomer would be teenagers so it need handle it. This unit picture stands out the cost a lot to make but unit would cost quite costs quite a lot. most for me and then you will get a lot ofto have the colours teenagers like and a lot as there is loads The customer the product itself. This sales. This unit wouldalso the theme they like to sell more. on it. This would would be middle would live in the be sold anywhere inThis would be on the shelves in the attract a lot of aged men to smell middle of the shop. the shop a it looksmiddle of the shop but would be on the customers though. It good. This would The product would good everywhere. Thetop shelf as it has an open top. The unit would be in the live in the middle of need to be safe to product has to be safe middle of the shopwould be safe for any customers so no the shop because it protect customers. and their should be on its own. Theone is injured. This unit is very small is quite a large unit The size is very big so checks to make sure to product shouldn’t bebut you can still see the logo and style it would live on its it is visible by help the customers. small enough to fit inof the display. The unit sells deodorant own. The materials everyone to increase This unit is big as it your mouth and thecans and is splitting them up into used are plastic and sales. It sells the has to make people corners should be glass and this gives aftershave very well. look. Fabric, glass anddifferent sections. The main material is smoothed down. it its modern look. Glass, plastic and plastic are used in thiscardboard, this is good for recycling Plastic and paper are paper are used in this unit.and saving the planet. the two materials product. used on this unit.
    20. 20. CustomerProfiling Customer: My customer would be between ages 12-16, this means he is a teenager and has just started secondary school, so they are expected to compete with who has the best electronics or best fashion sense. This is why I have clothes and shops which teenagers likes. They would also either have an iPhone or a blackberry because they are classed as the best. They will like pop music like jay-z, or rap like Wiz Khalifa. When they get older they will start to go to festivals and their fashion will get better. All teenagers enjoy video games and this is why Ive got fifa because most teenagers have played fifa. Overall this page contains the styles, fashion and hobbies of most teenagers.
    21. 21. Mood Board Mood Board On this mood board I have found images that relate to my brand and product, for example colours, textures, objects and themes. This will help me review my product and adjust to what people like and help expand my product. I will research what materials people like and also I will need to know my customers before hand.All the pictures give me a better idea of
    22. 22. This point of display unit isThis point of display unit is in This shelf has Hugo boss and made by lynx and is found inSuperdrug in Bromley. I do not Diesel and was found in boots in Wilkinsons, Bromley. This unitlike this unit as it has no theme or Bromley. I like this unit as all the is very small but effective as itstyle, and customers will not be brands and products are split up catches peoples sight as theyattracted to it. The products are into separate shelves. I do not walk past. The deals are veryall aligned in rows and columns like the colour scheme and I bright and stand out I wouldwhich makes it look nicer to the would scrap the colour orange keep this on my product ifeye. I would keep the products and replace it with a colour that there are deals on as theybecause they all link to my unit links my unit and lynx. I would attract more customersalso I would keep the materials. keep the products as they are towards the unit. I do not likePlastic is good to use in a unit as it male grooming products. I would the shelves as its hard to seedoesn’t brake easily. Also it is keep the materials which are whats on the bottom shelve. Icheap so you don’t have to spend a plastic and paper as they are both would scrap the shelves, Ilot on the unit and save more cheap and easily recyclable. I would keep the theme/style asmoney. I would keep the paper as would add metal like aluminium it fits with lynx and my unit.it is easy to print on to display as they look modern and stylish I would add more metal andinformation and it looks good. I this would attract more get rid of plastic as it lookswould scarp the shelf as they don’t customers towards the point of better and more in the themelook good and I would create a sale display unit. Hugo boss has a of lynx. Paper looks good as itsnew style. very good advertising techniques cheap, easy to recycle and easy and so does diesel. to print on and display.
    23. 23. Research Summary What have you found out? How will it help you with designing? What was the most useful piece of research/why? Which piece was least useful? How would you do it differently next time?
    24. 24. Further Specification  Aesthetics- the colour of my unit will be  Size- my unit will be small/medium silver/black as this goes with my lynx to save money on cost. The unit has theme. The brand logo will be visible. to fit the product inside it and be And the theme will fit with my target visible to customers walking past it. audience.  Cost- the cost of my unit will be relatively  Safety- the unit must stand up and cheap because my unit is small/medium be stable this means if it is given a and do not need much materials. Also the slight push it will stay upright. It materials I am using are cheap so it will must have smoothed down edges not cost much. and wires tucked away.  Customer-the target audience will be 12-  Function- the unit must have a 16 so mainly teenagers so I need to find out what they enjoy and like/dislike. function like a cupboard or a mirror Ergonomics need to be taken into to make it more attractive or consideration for this age group. noticeable. Testers get the customers involved.  Environment-the environment for my point of sale display will be inside shops,  Materials- the point of sale will preferably near the middle and not door, include mainly wood as its cheap, as this is where most people look. The easy to cut and shape and widely unit should be placed with similar items to steal customers. available. Also glass for a mirror so customers can see what their doing September 4, 2012
    25. 25. Development: Construction) This is the design that I have chosen to develop. This development will help improve my design to make it look and function better. I thought of my design to look modern and catch customers eyes. I got the idea of the hollow boxes from a different concept. I I got the idea of the hollow boxes from liked this idea so I have cupboards in offices .(like below). My unit will adapted it into my be held on top of a desk with a wooden top and chosen concept. The metal legs for stability. hollow 3D boxes can be accessed from 2 angles, one at the front and one at the back. The box can also hold one or more products.What I now must choose is what theme/style I shouldchoose, I have chosen modernism as my target audience isteenagers and they like new ideas. I am going to developmy concept around magazines. I will take a look at a lot ofdifferent magazines to gain knowledge and ideas.
    26. 26. Development: Construction)In this part of the development I havelooked at ways of joining two pieces ofwood together. I want to join the tableleg to the base four times so it can standon its own. I need to think about the I would probably use the mortisemanufacture of my unit and how the and tenon joint as it is usuallycomponents fit together, and how this used when making tables, and Imay effect my design. can add strength by adding pva. The mortoise and tenon would be stronger than the bridle joint. I might use the bridle joint for the leg stands to connect them to the wood.
    27. 27. Development:(Construction) In this development I need to find a way to connect the table to the 2 hollow boxes on the side. It needs to look aesthetically pleasing but also be sturdy and strong. These hollow boxes will hold the product inside. I was thinking of either putting a nut through the wood and a bolt the other side or a screw but this would not look attractive, on the other hand it would be the strongest option. Otherwise I could use a joint to connect the two together. The product will be held in the boxes so it will be in constant use, so it has to be user friendly and sturdy. I have chosen to use a coach bolt to hold the wood and box together. The bolt will face upwards and the nut will be inside the box. This might not look the best but it is the strongest way of doing it. I will use 4 bolts and nuts per box so that’s 8 in total. If I do this technique only the nut will be shown because the bolt will be hidden under the table. I could put a cap over the nut to make it look better and to cover it up but I don’t think that is necessary.
    28. 28. Development:(Construction) Joints-I need to choose which joint to develop on my hollow box to connect all the edges. Mortoise and tenon looks more aesthetically pleasing but the finger joint is stronger. The finger joint is ideal for box constructions and is suitable for use with natural woods such as pine and mahogany or even manmade boards such as plywood and MDF. The joint is strong especially when used with a good quality glue such as PVA (woodworkers adhesive) or cascamite. When I made my smaller model out of wood I connecte d all theThe mortoise and tenon joint is very piecesstrong and could be easier to makethem join, but is weaker than the finger using the glue gun, this hasjoint. Mortise and Tenon joint is worked fine for the smallextremely strong because the tenon model but I don’t know if itpasses all the way through the mortise will work for the real bigger scale because it might brake.and is wedged at the other side.
    29. 29. Development:(Construction)Gq mirror: Mirror: Handle: The mirror will be a plain My theme for my unit is gq mirror with stencils all around magazine and the gq mirror. the outside with writing. I will This was what handle I The gq magazine is a mens stick the mirror onto the wood was going to use but monthly magazine focusing on with pva or super glue. ergonomics say that it is fashion,style and culture for hard to use so I chose a men. The gq magazine has had many famous celebrities on the different handle which front cover and the gq mirror you put your finger in is showing what you would for more grip. Also it look like as a celebrity on the front cover. I will get a plain looks nicer. mirror and stencil out a template where the customers head will be. Around that stencil will be articles and text just like on a normal magazine. This will boost the customers morale and make them buy the product it might also boost there confidence.
    30. 30. Development:(Construction) Hinge-In the middle of my unit will be a glass mirror and this mirror will have a handle on it and when you pull the handle the cupboard door will open. And for this to work I need to pick a hinge. I will either use the butt hinge because it comes in a range of sizes and is normally used for cabinet doors. They are also very strong but they cannot be adjusted once they are fixed. Butterfly hinge are also used on lightweight doors and they are easy to fit. I will pick the butt hinge because they are widely available and strong because lots of people will be using it each day.
    31. 31. Development:(Material)  Small wooden and Big wooden foam I made this big wooden model using I made this wooden small box by making old wood I found in the workshop. I a hole in the middle and cutting it by the cut the wood using the hegner saw hegner saw and sanding it down using and smoothed it down using the belt the blast sander. This was my first model sander. The real box would be made so it gave me an idea of how to make it. using the hegner saw as well. But The foam was made by doing it twice and instead of using glue I will use joints. sticking them together. I cut theese by using the hegner saw.
    32. 32.  MDF-A quality board, relatively cheap. This board is composed of fine wood dust and resin pressed into a board. This material can be worked, shaped and machined easily. Paint can be applied to it without the need for an undercoat or primer. Used in the building and furniture trades. I could use MDF for the wooden legs because its cheap, can be shaped and can be painted. Plywood-This is made from veneers (plies) of timber with each grain layer being at right angles to each other and bonded together by resin and pressure. A number of grades are available, designed to suit a variety of situations.
1. Marine plywood that is moisture resistant.
2. Weather and boil proof plywood.
3. Boil resistant plywood.
4. Interior plywood. Plywood would not be very good for wooden legs, because it doesn’t have any enhanced properties over the other woods. Blockboard-This is built up with a core of softwood strips bonded together with adhesive and covered with a sheet of plywood on either side. Used as a building material and for furniture manufacture including fitted kitchens / bedrooms.. I might use blockboard for the table base because it is really cheap, and easy to cut. It also looks good as it has plywood on the outside. Chipboard-This is made up of small chips of wood bonded together with resin and formed into sheets by compression. It is not as strong as plywood and block board but it is not expensive. Chipboard is often covered with a plastic laminate or wood veneer and used in furniture. I don’t think ill use chipboard because it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. Hardboard-This is made from wood fibres that have been pulped. The pulp is put under pressure until the fibres bond to produce a tough board that is smooth on one side and rough on the other. It is not as strong as the other boards. I wil not use hardboard as it is not as strong as the others.
    33. 33. Development:(Material) Pine-Is a relatively cheap wood used in the building trade and for furniture. It is pale in colour, quite easy to cut and shape, and machines relatively well. I will use pine for both my hollow boxes and main box because its cheap, easy to cut and looks good. Mahogany-Is quite expensive and is used for good quality furniture and hardwood windows. It is light brown in colour and more difficult to use compared to pine. I will not use mahogany purely on the colour. Oak-This is an expensive material and is used in for making quality, expensive furniture. Steel fittings such as hinges will stain oak so it is important to use brass ones. I might use oak but I need hinges and they might stain. Teak-A hardwood that contains oils which means it is resistant to decay. This is often used to make garden furniture or for wood block flooring. I would not use teak because I don’t need and of its specific properties.
    34. 34. Metal ends:I might make the legs for the table out of For the end of the table legsplastic for theese reasons. Its cheaper, easierto shape and durable. I might use I might use metal ends. Ipolycarbonate because it is tough and might use alaminiumresistant to damage. It is an insulator, oftenused to insulate electrical circuits.It is because it is cheap. It is alsosupplied in a range of colours. Also it can be ductile, soft and malleable.shaped and formed through a number of It will also be easy to shape.manufacturing processes. It machines welland can be solvent bonded and welded.
    35. 35.  Aesthetics: my unit will look modern which fits the theme of lynx. My unit will be on top of a desk which will hold the weight of the unit. The shapes used for the unit are all square based. Cost-Cost- the cost of my unit will be relatively cheap because my unit is small/medium and do not need much materials. Also the materials I am using are cheap so it will not cost much. kept the same) Customer-the target audience will be 12-16 so mainly teenagers so I need to find out what they enjoy and like/dislike. Ergonomics need to be taken into consideration for this age group. kept the same) Environment-the environment for my point of sale display will be inside shops, preferably near the middle and not door, as this is where most people look. The unit should be placed with similar items to steal customers. kept the same) Safety-my unit will have to be safe for customers so they don’t get injured. The desk will have to have smoothen down edges so no one hurts themselves when walking past. There should be no wires because my unit has no electrical. Size-my light will be medium size as this is visible and catches peoples eyes. This also means that the material wont cost much for the materials. Function- the unit must have a function like a cupboard or a mirror to make it more attractive or noticeable. Testers get the customers involved. My unit will have a mirror so customers can use it. I also think my unit will have testers. Materials- the point of sale will include mainly wood as its cheap, easy to cut and shape and widely available. Also glass for a mirror so customers can see what their doing. My unit will mainly be wood so its easily cut.