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Science fair introduction


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Science Fair is a new experience for many middle school students. This ppt gives an introduction to the steps required to complete a project successfully.

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Science fair introduction

  2. 2. SEVEN STEPS TO SUCCESS• Choose a Topic• Research to Gain Background Knowledge• Formulate your Purpose and Hypothesis• Design your Experiment• Prepare your Display• Write your Report• Prepare your Oral Presentation
  3. 3. Choose a Topic• Design a question on a topic that interests you. Then write a proposal and pass it to your teacher.
  4. 4. Research to Gain Background Knowledge• You can talk to experts; go to the library and search the internet.• Keep a daily log of what you are doing.
  5. 5. Formulate the Purpose and Hypothesis
  6. 6. Design your Experiment• Determine your procedure• Gather your materials• Keep an accurate record of your results• Organize your data into charts and graphs
  7. 7. Prepare your Display
  8. 8. Write your Report• Required Elements:• Title page• Purpose• Hypothesis• Materials• Procedure• Results• Conclusions• Acknowledgements
  9. 9. Prepare your Oral Presentation Good volume Science Vocabulary Eye contact Speak clearly Speak clearly Explain your Be prepared to experiment Answer questions and demonstrate model
  10. 10. A Few Pieces of Advice• Be sure to choose an area of interest• Ask for help when you need it• Talk to your parents• Don’t procrastinate• Edit all written work• Break up the project into small chunks• Have fun! Watch the video coming up to get more ideas to help make your project great!
  11. 11. • The following video follows Jack and Jessica as they prepare for the Science Fair.• ence-space-kids/science-fair-kids.html