The Personal project introduction Powerpoint Presentation


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The Personal project introduction Powerpoint Presentation

  1. 1. GO MAD… with the PERSONAL PROJECT !!!! ( GO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!) An Introduction Name: Class:
  2. 2. THE PERSONAL PROJECT: • Checks your ability and responsibility to learn something new, i.e. to be an independent learner. • Determines your ability to use your knowledge and skills to investigate and communicate your own response to issues of your choice. • Equips you with skills to be a life long learner.
  3. 3. WHAT IS THE PERSONAL PROJECT ? • A significant creative piece of work or investigative report. • Undertaken over an extended period of time in the student’s own time. • Student initiated but guided and supervised by a teacher. • Based an issue or topic related to the Areas of Interaction i.e. health & social , environmental, exploring your creativity and its consequences, community and service. This will be expressed in a focus question that will guide your project development. Your product will be your attempt to offer a solution to this question • Completed in the final year of the MYP (Year 10). • Assesses a student’s level of independence and responsibility applied to a project that addresses an issue of interest, or the student’s ability to learn something new.
  4. 4. WHAT ARE THE AREAS OF INTERACTION? Basically the AOIs help you develop a focus for your project. and include: • Approaches to Learning – focuses on the skills, techniques, methods of effective learning & communication – e.g. research skills, collecting information from a variety of sources, using the writing process, structuring your writing to communicate what you know, etc. • Community & Service – involvement in an activity that helps someone in the community- e.g. coaching a sport, a project that draws the community’s attention to an issue, undertaking a recycling campaign in the community. • Health & Social Education – deals with physical & mental health; relationships – e.g. investigating issues associated with drugs, fitness, a sport, self esteem, peer pressure, etc. • Environments – focuses interdependence of human beings and nature and development. e.g. conservation of endangered species; investigating pollution, global warming, illegal logging & deforestation, sustainability, alternative energy sources, etc. • Human Ingenuity– the creative and inventive genius of people; their impact on society e.g. creating an invention, examining artwork to develop you own technique, writing poetry, composing songs, learning to play a musical instrument,
  5. 5. How will the Project be Assessed? • Planning and Development: identity link to AOI, describe, set and then focus on goals • Collection of Information/Resource: select, identify, use a variety of relevant resources • Choice an Application of Techniques: choose and apply approach/technique relevant to doing your project. • Analysis of Information: express thoughts and creativity, imagination and inspiration • Organization of the Report: clearly presented and structured • Analysis of the Process and Outcome; identify, develop and describe strengths & weaknesses of the project • Personal Engagement and Attitude: time management and motivation, application to task
  6. 6. COMPONENTS OF THE PERSONAL PROJECT The personal project includes: • A Focus Question / Goal to guide your inquiry. This is based on an Area Of Interaction. • A Product which is seen as your attempt to offer a solution to your focus question / goal. • A Personal Statement that outlines the knowledge, skills and processes used to undertake your project. Outline this regularly in your process journal. • An Exhibition where you promote your project and the issue you explored to the wider school community and your parents.
  7. 7. THE PERSONAL PROJECT PRODUCT: • Can be related to you own interests, hobbies or talents. • Investigates issues you are concerned about related to an Area of Interaction i.e. social, health, environmental, creativity and its consequences, community & service • Is your solution to an issue/ problem expressed in a focus question.
  8. 8. THE PERSONAL STATEMENT: • Is a REPORT that gives the details of the processes and skills used to produce your project. i.e. the writing process, research skills, thinking in different ways, working with people, etc. • Is to be no longer then 4 000 words
  9. 9. The Personal Project Exhibition: Is a public display drawing people’s attention to your product and the issue to which it is related. Now you really get to shine!!!
  10. 10. THE PERSONAL PROJECT TIMELINE • THEME – EXPLORING WORLD ISSUES • Topic Choice: • Progress Exhibition – Dec. • Product due – Mid-February. • Personal Statement draft – Early March • Personal Statement completed – Mid March • Personal Project Exhibition – Mid April.
  11. 11. Ready …. Set…… GO…….. !