Msis certificate program


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Msis certificate program

  1. 1. Two-Year Certificate Program Mathematics Specialists In International Schools Co-Sponsored by Singapore American School and EARCOS   A Math Specialist is one who is passionate about teaching and wants to further develop their mathematical knowledge, their teaching skills, and their ability to mentor and support the professional development of their fellow teachers.   Announcing: • A 2 year Mathematics Specialist certificate program for K-8 teachers of Mathematics • Based on mathematics content from the Common Core Standards • Offering optional graduate credit at additional cost from SUNY Buffalo Mathematics Specialists in Admission Requirements: International Schools (MSIS) The Mathematics Specialist Program is designed • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited for classroom teachers of mathematics in institution grades K-8. The program is a cohort program • A valid Education Teaching License. made up of 15 credit hours of coursework • Currently employed teaching K-8 in a school focusing on mathematics content specific to K-8 for a minimum of 3 years. Common Core. The design of the program • A letter of interest expressing a 2 year is a coherent sequence of 5 Institutes designed commitment to the project. to expand teachers’ understanding of the • A letter of recommendation from a current Common Core Standards, how students school administrator. learn that content, evidence of student understanding, and how to work with peers in a Certificate Requirements: mentoring relationship. Participants: The Mathematics Specialist In International Schools Attend and participate in four 3-day • Program leads to a Mathematics Specialist Certificate. face to face institutes during the Endorsed by US Office of Overseas Schools. 2012-13 and 2013-14 school year. Optional graduate credit is available from SUNY • Attend and participate in one of the two Buffalo scheduled online summer institutes, Summer 2013 or Summer 2014. Cost: • Participate in online follow-up • Tuition is USD$625 per Institute; USD$1250 discussions and requirements per year. following each face to face institute. • Summer institute (one time) USD$625. • SUNY Buffalo credit is optional, USD$500 per 3 credit graduate course. Total of 15 graduate credits for completion of 5 Institutes. May also apply graduate credit toward a Master’s Degree through SUNY Buffalo.   1
  2. 2. Fall 2012 Institute: November 30th; Dec 1st and 2nd Spring 2013 Institute: April 5th, 6th and 7th. Numbers and Operations Rational Numbers and Proportional The focus is on the content and the Common Core Reasoning Mathematical Practices that support the Numbers and The focus is on the content and the Common Core Operations progressions of the Common Core Standards. Mathematical Practices that support the Rational Attention will be given to ways of representing numbers, Numbers and Proportional Reasoning progressions of relationships between numbers, number systems, the the Common Core Standards. Attention will be given meanings of operations and how they relate to one another, to the basic number progressions in fractions and and computation within the number system as a foundation rational numbers, decimals and percents, and ratios and for algebra. proportions to develop both rational number concepts and skills and proportional reasoning. Fall 2013 Institute date tbd Fall 2014 Institute date tbd Algebra and Functions The focus is on the content and the Common Core Geometry and Measurement Mathematical Practices that support the Algebra and The focus is on the content and the Common Core Functions progressions of the Common Core Standards. Mathematical Practices that support the Geometry and Attention will be given to the transition from arithmetic Measurement progressions of the Common Core to algebra, working with quantitative change, and the Standards. Attention will be given to the foundations of description of and prediction of change. informal measurement and geometry ‘in one, two, and three dimensions. The van Hiele model for geometric Summer 2013 OR Summer 2014 learning will be used as the framework for how children Analysis of Teaching and Learning in the build their understanding of length, area, volume, angles, Mathematics Classroom and geometric relationships. The focus is on extending the ability to assess conceptual and procedural understanding using ongoing and cumulative Institute Director assessment methods. Erma Anderson is a former high mathematics and Participants will examine current research physics teacher and Albert Einstein Distinguished related to assessment to direct and improve Fellow the United States Senate. She was a Senior instructional practices, explore the way in which Program Officer with the Research Council assisting in different assessment methods can be aligned the development of the National Science Education with specific learning targets, develop skills in Standards and a Christa McAuliffe Fellow with the creating specific clarifying and probing National Foundation for Improvement of Education. questions, learn to distinguish between what She was a consultant with the Council for Basic students know and the way students show what Education’s Schools Around the World Project, they know, and incorporate knowledge of developing and implementing a protocol and series of students’ thinking into instructional planning. professional development experiences that used student work to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics and science.Please send registration and applications to:Treena Casey | Director of Curriculum Applications will be reviewed to provide optimalSingapore American School opportunity for representation by schools throughout40 Woodlands Street 41 | Singapore 738547 the EARCOS region.Phone: 65 636o 6342 | Fax: 65 6363-6447 | Deadline: October 5th, 2012   2