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Health+and+social+education 10 report


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Health+and+social+education 10 report

  1. 1. 50 Excellent Personal Projects Computer games-Worth risking your life?© International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  2. 2. 50 Excellent Personal ProjectsComputer games-Worth risking your life? Contents Introduction…………………………………………3 !My goals………………………………………………….3 Plan……………………………………………….…4 Areas of Interaction………………………………....4 Description of the Process…………………………..5 !Investigation………………………………………………5 !Creation…………………………………………………...6 !Evaluation………………………………………………....6 Analysis………………………………………………7 Conclusion………………………………………..…10 Bibliography……………………………………..….12 Appendix……………………………………….…...14 2 © International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  3. 3. 50 Excellent Personal Projects Computer games-Worth risking your life? Introduction My personal project topic is about the seriousness of computer addiction, especially addiction to games, by teenagers. I personally believe that discussing issues related to game addiction is extremely significant, since large amounts of teenagers, these days, suffer from such addiction (Cromie). This is a topic I can handle for months without losing focus, because I practically use the computer every day. Actually I am an addict of computer games, and I felt that it was necessary for me to overcome this disorder. I craved to understand more about computer game addiction, in order for me to fully regain control of my body. Therefore without hesitation, I decided to investigate about computer game addiction. The pre-dominant reason why I am so interested in computer game addiction is that I suddenly got addicted. I lived in England for five years and I hardly touched the computer in my house. I didn’t use it because I preferred to play outside with friends and learn more about their culture. However, within a year of my return to Korea at the age of 12, I was totally addicted to computers games. I couldn’t understand how a person could be suddenly addicted to something in such a short period of time. I always wished to find an answer to this strange event that happened to me and this project gave me the opportunity to fully research and analyze it. These days, about 88% of every household in an industrialized country, has at least one computer which has access to the Internet (Bray). The advent of computers and the Internet had a massive impact on society (History of Computation). The Internet allows us to get access to world wide information of current news; education as well as entertainment. Therefore, parents believe that computers can help their children for research and studying purposes. Unfortunately, more and more teenagers ‘go off the track’ from what they are supposed to do and satisfy their needs (Young). Although there is an increasing demand for computers from teenagers, most of them frankly wants it for the purpose of entertainment (Evangelista). This disorder can be self-diagnosed if one attempts to recover (Trimpey), however I want to reinforce the idea further. In order to prevent such phenomenon from happening in our society, I have several goals I want to achieve by the end of the project. My Goals 1. I will try to raise awareness in the school about how computer game addiction can cause serious problems in our lives. I will explain the side effects and tell events where such addiction affected people’s lives. I am planning to make such announcements in student assemblies. 2. I will conduct research about the amount of time the students, in our school, 3© International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  4. 4. 50 Excellent Personal ProjectsComputer games-Worth risking your life? play computer games. The best way to obtain such data is through a survey about the usage of computers. After collecting the data, I will try to analyze the information and come to a conclusion about computer addiction in our school. 3. My major product of the project will be a booklet, which sums up the main idea of computer game addiction. A booklet packed with information is too boring; therefore it will include photos and separate alternative ways to overcome the problem. I will also make sure that everyone can easily understand it. 4. Most importantly, my final goal is to reduce my own playing hours on the computer. I am still struggling to resist myself from playing. I am planning to write a detailed reflection on my progress of playing on computer games based on the amount of time spent playing. Plan I have a few ideas on how I am planning to achieve my goals. To start with, I am going to find the correct and accurate definition of addiction. This is important because if I misunderstand this word, my project would not make sense. Next, I am planning to collect data and statistics on computer addiction and game addiction. I should finish all of the investigation part by the end of November so that I can quickly create my booklet. I must create a survey to find out the students ‘addiction’ state, reactions and opinions of computer game addiction. I plan to go around homerooms and give out the surveys and use recycled paper to help the environment. The survey should be completed before mid December to give enough time to analyze it. I am also aiming to use internet sources, teachers and any sources that are possible to develop my booklet. I should summarize the information and paraphrase to avoid plagiarism. I will try to get help from my supervisor and the IT teacher in perfecting my booklet. Microsoft Publisher would be the preferable program to create the booklet, because there are specific formats and structure I can use. I will complete the booklet by January. I will also have to note down the amount of time I played on the computer. I have to keep a detailed record so that I can later reflect on whether I have improved my condition or not. In relation to this, I will write up the reflective essay by February. Areas of Interaction: Health and Social Education (HSE) My personal project topic is significantly focused and interrelated with Health and Social Education. As stated in the criteria, this focuses on educating people to have physically as well as mentally healthy life (Appendix A). The following aspects 4 © International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  5. 5. 50 Excellent Personal Projects Computer games-Worth risking your life? help in understanding this project better; " Being addicted to computer games is mainly dependent on the behaviors and actions of someone in their life. No matter how addicted one is to computer games, he or she can be treated through special health cares. It delivers the message of the importance in our physical and metal health as well as our knowledge. " Health and Social Education includes the process of using our knowledge to help our whole body. Also, our bodies were not like this from the start, something stimulated this to occur and such changes can be discovered by answering questions related to Health and Social Education. " My project is mainly for teenagers, the period when children develop into the next phase of their life and become more mature, therefore the process is important. Health and Social Education is embedded within these aspects, dealing with changes and adolescence. " Furthermore, I can check and evaluate myself in my health conditions. Through this project, I can contribute in warning others of the seriousness of computer game addiction. Also, I feel a sense of responsibility to actually prevent students from becoming addicted. Description of the Process Investigation <Identify the problem > The problem that needs to be identified is computer game addiction for teenagers. It is an unfortunate truth that more teenagers are starting to play computer games to the extent. <The Design Brief> Instead of straightly jumping in on the investigation-research phase, I spent some time in creating a design brief. I made some questions that could guide me while I was researching (Appendix B) <The Design Specification> I created a design specification stating the information about the layout of the booklet. I planned the whole structure; it has pictures on every page and detailed descriptions. The analysis of the state of IST students and other sub topics are also included. Before I started investigating, I critically thought about the kinds of information I am meant to research. It’s a waste of time if I suddenly go off the track and spend time on irrelevant things. When I needed to find a general idea, I used the Internet and 5© International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  6. 6. 50 Excellent Personal ProjectsComputer games-Worth risking your life? collected a variety of data. However, if it was a specific topic or idea, I used the Internet, the encyclopedia or electronic copies of books to gain detailed knowledge. One aspect I considered carefully was the risk of copying and pasting useful information from the Internet. I fully read the passage and summarized the information in my own words. Also, I always remembered to cite the sources I have used after each finding. To sum up, the research steps I followed are; " Research with the guiding questions " Check whether I am researching relevant information " Categorize the information that can be found in the Internet, and the encyclopedia or on-line books " Always remember to cite the source and never copy and paste pages of information Overall, I think that I have used the Internet the most, as a resource tool. I planned not to use Internet a lot, because it contradicts with my topic of computer game addiction. However, I could not resist from the attracting force of the Internet. Although there isn’t much information available locally, I at least made an attempt to find the necessary information manually. I think that the use of encyclopedia and non-printed books comes second in the range of resources I used. Creation I had to follow the plan and start making the product. However, my mind changed about creating the booklet, because I thought that a website was much better, using Dreamweaver. After a long discussion with my supervisor, I eventually decided to follow my original plan for it was more productive and useful than a website. I used appropriate techniques and sophisticated information to create the booklet. Although it was the first time for me to use Microsoft Publisher, I developed the skills to create an effective brochure or booklet, through the use of guiding manuals for the Publisher. After the layout and the pages were set up, I started to type all of the require information. There was a lot to write in all categories (Appendix C). Although I had all of the information, it took some time to organize pieces of information. Although my final product is the booklet, I had to create a survey as well to find out about the state of IST students using computers. I created the survey through Word Processor and I managed to print most of them with recycled paper. Then, I went around in homeroom times and asked the secondary students to fill out the form. Evaluation I believe that I have continuously considered the aspects of Health and Social Education, because I tried to complete tasks in relation to it. I needed to evaluate and test my product to see if it has any influence on the readers. I decided to hand out 6 © International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  7. 7. 50 Excellent Personal Projects Computer games-Worth risking your life? some copies of the booklet to the community and record their reaction and general opinion of whether they think the booklet is effective or not. (Appendix D) In between each stages of the Design Cycle, I received a variety of feedbacks from many people. I received the most advice from my supervisor, for we had a lot of meetings and kept contacted through e-mail. Not only my supervisor, but the homeroom teacher also was a great help for continuously reminding us of the due date. Other teachers as well as friends gave feedbacks of my progress and work. I believe that through all parts of the Design Cycle, I had no major problems. Although creating the booklet took longer than I expected, I am very pleased with my work. The booklet meets all the requirements I have set in my initial goals. It has specific information about the addiction and it’s relatively easy to understand. Analysis The question of ‘what inspired you to do this project’ can date back to when I was in sixth grade at Korea. As I mentioned in the introduction, in just one year, I was totally addicted to computer games. I desired to find out this eccentric phenomenon, because it seemed too frightening and mysterious. This whole event gave me the inspiration to do this project. I started the research with investigating the correct definition of computer addiction. Although I am studying about computer game addiction, I needed to start from a broader view. I was quite sure that there was not much difference between a computer addict and a computer–game addict, because the latter is an example of computer addiction. I collected numerous data, both electronic and printed, to understand this concept better. First of all computer addiction is a mental disorder that can harm the addict’s social relationship, school work as well as the family (Media Family). When students play hours on the computer, they become vulnerable to dangerous parts of society. This is because they play in complete solitude and they can lose their sense of friendship, love and emotion. According to the Los Angeles Times (Roger), some people even play games up to 30 hours a week. These people are unable to control themselves, because they feel satisfied and happy while they are playing games. I searched in the internet to get some idea about the causes of computer game addiction. Some believe that the main cause of such disorder is the advent of computers and the Internet (Bartekian). The combination of the two strong sources led to the creation of entertainment in computers. Another cause is the lack of parental supervision and support (Noemi). A lot of parents do not bother to monitor their child in what they are doing and where they are going. Parents must limit their child’s use of computer, because if they don’t, the children will continue to play. It’s the same case for me when I was in Korea. The computer was located in my room, which made it difficult for my parents to supervise me. Other causes include whether a child could socialize or not. For most children, 7© International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  8. 8. 50 Excellent Personal ProjectsComputer games-Worth risking your life? they start to play game, because their friends play it as well. In order to fit in, children play games and desire to express that they are good in that game to the others. However, there are cases where children start to play games, because they don’t have anyone to socialize with. Instead, they make on-line friends, which persuade them to play the game more. I investigated about the certain signs and symptoms of people having computer game addiction. I was really surprised at how the symptoms exactly fit with what I am currently having. Through investigating this, I was more than certain that I was a complete addict of computer games. For students, the most recognizable sign is receiving lower grades in the school (Roger). The time which is meant to be spent on academic work is replaced with computer games; therefore, students tend to not do school work. Also related to school, is that addicts fall asleep in the school (Media Family). They reduce the hours of sleep and play games late into the night, or wake up early in the morning and play. Another sign is that the addict plays computer games in order to relieve stress and feel satisfied (Orzack). Likewise to this, they feel irritated and depressed when they are not playing games. Another critical sign is that the addict often is untruthful about their usage of computer and the addiction (Media Family). The addict also rarely goes out to play with friends. They try to solve personal problems by playing games too (Roger). The addict tends to skip meals and continue to play the game, or sometime eat while playing. Lastly, the addict tends to show behaviors that are similar to the genre of the game; it affects the life style of the player. I also looked up for some real issues related with computer game addiction. Orzack (Harvard University psychologist), receives e-mails everyday from computer addicts asking her for advice to solve the problem. There was a phrase in one of the emails which I thought was very terrifying and scary is “It is almost like the computer owns me”, because once a person is addicted, it is extremely difficult to be free of it (Appendix E). I investigated the consequences of computer game addiction. According to Vijai P. Sharma (A health doctor), addicts neglect and totally sacrifice parts of their life; family and social relationships. It makes the addict feel angry when they are restrained from playing too. The addict gets very obsessed with winning and losing and violent games reinforce that effect (Sharma). From my experience, health problems occur, such as backaches, sore-eyes and sometimes you hear game music-hallucinations. Overall, the addicts feel bored, depressed and anxious when they are out in the real society. I have learnt that there are a variety of ways to stop playing and prevent computer game addiction, First of all, one must limit the time spent playing computer games. It is most important that the game user knows when to play and not to play computer games. Parents must punish if the child disobeys with the rule of playing games in the house. This will mentally affect the behavior, because they won’t be able to play freely and consider when to stop. Other ways are to regularly meet a therapist if the child shows any symptoms of the addiction. Finally, it is important to exercise regularly outside and socialize with friends. 8 © International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  9. 9. 50 Excellent Personal Projects Computer games-Worth risking your life? Health and Social Education was the main focus of my project. It guided me to research according to the different aspects listed and stimulated me to learn and reflect upon my work. Computer game addiction occurs to those who are weak in controlling their mind and such aspects deal with the principle of Health and Social Education. Everything I investigated had some relevance to my project as well as my own self. At the very beginning of this project, I wasn’t going to create any surveys, because I thought that it would take too much time to; create, hand out and analyze them. However, now I am glad that I created the surveys because I have real data in my booklet, which makes it more convincing (Appendix F). Through the investigation stage, I think that I solved part of my initial goal. I learned how dangerous computer game addiction can be. After researching about the serious consequences, I didn’t really want to play much any more. I must admit that I haven’t yet been able to accomplish my goal of announcing to the school community of the seriousness of computer game addiction. I spent too much time on researching and creating the product. The process I followed to complete my research was similar to what I had planned in the early stages. I tried to use the guiding questions to research effectively, although at times I did ignore them and researched in a different way. There was a time when I was struggling to decide whether to change the final product to a website or stay with making the booklet. The fact that using Dreamweaver, a program that makes web pages, was fun to use made me reconsider. To think about it, I am glad that I stayed with the booklet, because I didn’t have to change the plan and the process I followed. The research I did is an integral part of my Area of Interaction, Health and Social Education. Not only did I simply use the information I found to create a booklet, but I went a step further and tried to understand what I was doing and learned a lot. The fact that I decided to perform a survey illustrates how I wanted to look after others in my school. I didn’t want any addicts; because I have faced the terrible consequences and changes that occur to your body. I also developed some responsibility by making my own decisions and solving problems. It’s all about the changes that occur to us during our adolescent years and we have to make sure that it doesn’t get messed up by some addiction. The research I did motivated me to successfully create a detailed and effective booklet. Through the research, I understood how frightening it can be to be addicted to computer games or any addiction, because it eventually ends up to the point where the addict’s body and life is ruined. I became determined and ready to persuade every reader into an anti-computer game addict. The process and initial plan were modified, because of the research. I was too passionate about learning more about computer addiction that I spent too much time on it. I was meant to quickly collect the information, then create the survey and finally announce it to the school. Due to some poor time management, but diligent work on the investigation stage, I wasn’t able to announce it to the school. Also, I planned to 9© International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  10. 10. 50 Excellent Personal ProjectsComputer games-Worth risking your life? make the booklet having two pages, but the amount of information I found made me to create four pages. Conclusion Overall, I believe that my personal project, investigating about the seriousness of computer game addiction, was a successful piece of work. While I was completing this project, there were times when everything went just as I expected. The investigation phase was very successful, because I managed to create guiding questions that allowed me to focus on what I am meant to research. The school library, teachers, friends and most importantly the Internet were some excellent sources. The creation of the booklet worked quite well, because I followed the beginner’s guide in using the Microsoft Publisher. To add, without the support from the community, I wouldn’t have been able to complete this project. The secondary students supported with the survey and some teachers and parents helped me with the interview for the evaluation. On the contrary, there were some parts where it did not work so well. I had trouble finding the cause and consequences of computer game addiction. Although it is one of the key factors of my project, there wasn’t much information about it. Furthermore, the creation process was very slow. Since it was the first time to use Microsoft Publisher, I wasn’t quite sure how to use it. The investigation and the creation process took so long that I wasn’t able to announce the issue to the school. However, I am glad that I can at least announce it on the exhibition day. If I had the opportunity to do this project again, I would definitely be aware of the time while I am investigating and creating. By researching at a faster pace, I could be able to announce the topic to the community. I could also change the final product into a research essay, because I was really motivated about the topic that I had a lot to write. This project has had a great impact on me. I think that I have fulfilled one of my goals to reduce the time spent on computer games. Compared to myself before this project, I am confident enough to state that I am no longer an addict. From this project, I learned to control my mind fully, to resist the temptation of playing games. I feel extremely thankful to this project, since it helped me to restore my mental health and I learned that people can change their negative habits. The community also benefited from my project as well. The project not only had an impact to my friends, but also impacted on the behaviors of mothers towards their child playing computer games. I have planted into the mother’s mind that letting their child freely play games is unacceptable. In global terms, I hope that I am not the only one who is concerned about this growing issue of young teenagers being addicted to computer games. I have faith in those who are working hard to prevent this issue, such as Orzack and Sharma. 10 © International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  11. 11. 50 Excellent Personal Projects Computer games-Worth risking your life? This project is to warn and prevent people from becoming addicts of computer game. New perspectives could be considered from my product, such as the problem with teenagers taking drugs. Some may be interested in the different addictions during adolescent years. I hope that people at least consider this topic as a major problem and find a solution to it sooner or later. 11© International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
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  14. 14. 50 Excellent Personal ProjectsComputer games-Worth risking your life? © International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  15. 15. 50 Excellent Personal Projects Computer games-Worth risking your life? Appendix A: Health and Social Education (International Baccalaureate Organization 2002, MYP Areas of Interaction, August 2002) This area of interaction aims to educate the whole person and should prepare the student for a physically and mentally healthy life. It should also develop in the student a sense of responsibility for his/her own well-being and for the physical and social environment. There are many issues in this area where the student may reflect and demonstrate understanding, exploring topics such as: " Hygiene, physical and mental health, nutrition, work, rest, exercise, leisure, alcohol, drugs, tobacco " Adolescence, emotions, family life, sexual issues " Consumer issues, peer influences, advertising, media, pressure groups " Interpersonal relations, self-respect, responsibility and respect for others, family and group relations, schools, peers " Health and legal services, social issues, safety, firearms, vandalism, poverty and delinquency Appendix B Guiding questions for the investigation: " What is computer game addiction? " Are you properly citing the information you found? " Have you paraphrased the information? " Are you using a variety of sources? Appendix C The lists of categories in my booklet are: " Introduction " What exactly is a computer game addiction " The causes of computer game addiction " Signs of people having computer game addiction " Real issues related to computer game addiction " The consequences of computer game addiction " Methods to prevent computer game addiction " The state of IST (International School of Tianjin) students Appendix D I admired how the people fully answered the questions and responded in a positive manner. I interviewed with two students’ mothers as well, because they are the ones who can keep their child from being addicted to computer games. Although they were quite shocked, I encouraged the mothers to resist their child’s use of computer if he or 15© International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  16. 16. 50 Excellent Personal ProjectsComputer games-Worth risking your life? © International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  17. 17. 50 Excellent Personal Projects Computer games-Worth risking your life?© International Baccalaureate Organization 2009
  18. 18. 50 Excellent Personal ProjectsComputer games-Worth risking your life? © International Baccalaureate Organization 2009