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12 13 pearson inform local specifications[3712]


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12 13 pearson inform local specifications[3712]

  1. 1. Document Updated to reflect support of MS SQL Server 2005Pearson Inform – Local DeploymentHardware and Software Requirements2 servers required Pearson Inform requires two servers for deployment: • A dedicated web/application server • A database server • >2 GHz Dual Xeon Processors • Hardware RAID controller • Dual 36 GB hard-drives in a RAID 1 configuration (OS)Recommended • 3 or more >36 GB hard-drives in a RAID 5 configuration (data store & apps)hardware • 4 GB RAMrequirements • 40/80 GB tape drive with appropriate backup software or an alternative backup solution to provide for disaster recovery operations • Network Interface Card appropriate to the site environment All software must be installed and configured. OS Software Requirements: • Application requires an environment that supports o Java 1.6.07Software o Apache 2.0.59 with mod_sslrequirements o Tomcat 5.5 • Known OS that support this requirement include: o Windows 2003 Server ST/EE o Windows 2000 Server SP4 ST/EE o Linux Red Hat ES4 or newer o Not supported on Vista or MS 2008 Server Web Server SSL Component Requirements: • Method of providing server authentication certificate from a Pearson approved CA Authority (contact Pearson for list of approved signers). Database Requirements (requires only one) • Microsoft SQL 2005 • Oracle 9iAdditionalrequirements Your school district must provide: • an SSL signed certificate (CA must be from Pearson approved list) • remote access/VPN connectivity to both servers