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12 13 metacognition reg


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12 13 metacognition reg

  1. 1. Learning to Learn: How Teachers Can Facilitate Metacognition 388-14 Bokjeong-dong, Seongnamsi, Gyeonggido, Korea . SEOUL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLBill and Ochan PowellMarch 2-3, 2013Seoul International SchoolSaturday, 8:30-4:30 (Registration and breakfast at 8)Sunday, 8:30-3:30REGISTRATION FORMName:_________________________________________________School Name: __________________________________________Position: ________________________________________________E-mail Address:_________________________________________Telephone Number: ___________________________________Fax Number:____________________________________________ Tel:(031) 750-1314purcellh@siskorea.orgMailing Address:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________( ) Yes, I need information about places to stay.( ) Yes, I need directions to the school.( ) Yes, I will register for 1-credit course from SUNY.Registration Fee: $50 USD for member schools and $150USD for non-member schools,payable in USD cash only on the first day of the workshop.Registration Includes: Workshop materials, light breakfast, lunches, snacks, andrefreshments.Please return your completed form and e-mail to:Heather Purcell ( Credit:Participants in the workshop at Seoul International School have the opportunity toearn graduate credit from Buffalo State, State University of New York (SUNY). The cost of the creditis $90.00 U.S. dollars by check to SUNY.Anyone interested in obtaining one credit hour must: A. Attend all sessions of the workshop. B. Participate in the workshop activities and complete assignment: 2 page reflection/plans for classroom practice.Registration forms for the credit will be emailed to participants before the workshop. Forms and checkswill be collected at the workshop, and reflection papers can be emailed. Participants will beresponsible for requesting their own transcript from SUNY.