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Unit 78 review


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Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Unit 78 review

  1. 1. Unit 78- Transformation review I read the assignment and did my best efforts in attempt to give what the company Lazy Eye Gaming was looking for, I paid close attention to my character being based around my figure, shape and size as well as showing clearly my design process and what I did throughout. I was clear about how to actually approach the unit and what I had to do throughout in order to deliver an accurate reel of what I did and when, it shows clearly my speed throughout the log that my timing was well and my design came out to a spec I enjoyed. I used the portrait design template to my advantage, with putting it into adobe illustrator and using vector graphics, it was easy enough stretching it or warping it to fit into the portrait, with the template being bigger it made it useful as details I did were more viewable to people observing it. Rather than plan my work ahead, I’d prepare myself upon the day what I should do and make attempts towards a goal I’d had set, which I would progress to do in best I can with my time limit. I feel like I had small difficult little details which made it difficult to achieve those goals because it delayed my time as well as I had to spend time figuring out what I had to do to pass it. My research and Ideas generation is the very reason I went with what I chose, once researching into fantasy/rpg I was overly enthralled on going with this Genre due to the terrain being overly exaggerated in vistas which are almost unforgettable.
  2. 2. My character research helped boast what my character would end up like by the end, whether it be a certain kind of armour, robe or what weapons they would wield and how they would wield them. Having studied and passed media in the past in High school, I was rather knowledgeable on the application of Photoshop and Adobes software in general, how to use different aspects within it like cloning, layering, blending etc. The initial sketches for my character came out as anticipated, I also managed to replicate the sketch quite well with using myself to pose it and photoshopped armour , the pose was well matched with what I had drawn previously. Having previous experience with DSLR cameras from Media in high school, I wasn’t completely clueless about what I had to do because of it. I knew what I had to do to make the image seem well enough to photoshop distinctive images. With my photographs before drawing over my end edit, I played around with the levels, hue, curves and saturation to get the image I was looking for. After making the image sharper it became easy to move around the armour and change my shape to make the figure I desired.
  3. 3. Adobe illustrator comes with a very useful Bezier curves tool which makes it possible to make very sharp vector lines around the image and have the image look less jagged than manually clicking everywhere. My skills in tracing in general made it useful for me to understand where and what I should use to trace accurately. Illustrator’s usage of layers made it far easy to fill in each colour of the image and make it look more gradient-like even with the flat colours. My overall impression on my project was that given the amount of time I spent on the actual detail and tracing, I made a decent image which was what I had anticipated it to come out as, it matches up with drawing with the whole imagination image from the start as you can see;
  4. 4. As you can see I kept the pose, the daggers and their colours. The only thing I’d dropped was the whole dark/light image, which I did attempt at remaking with the red/green ground parts.