Salford City College
Eccles Sixth Form Centre
BTec Level 3
Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production
Games Design
H6 –...
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  1. 1. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTec Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Games Design H6 – Unit 13 – Understanding the Computer Games Industry Skills Audit What soft, transferable skills do you possess or need to develop and how? Problem solving Communication Commitment Tenacity Creativity Honesty Efficiency Innovation Trustworthiness Teamwork Entrepreneurship Reliability Self-presentation Punctuality Humour Confidence Public speaking Empathy ICT Literacy Numeracy ICT- I have highly advanced knowledge of the in’s and out’s of a computer, I can fix most common problems within a computer with ease; whether it be a hardware or software problem I can get it complete. I can type at around 65 words per minute on average meaning I can type almost talking speed with ease. I have used computers the majority of my life for various things, whether it be editing images, searching sources/inspiration or citing information. Efficiency- If I am set a task, it takes me a small set of time in order to get it complete to a standard that is required and also to an amount of professionalism I can use to an advantage. Confidence- In the past years when I’ve had to stand in front of a class and present my work or my idea, I’ve presented it with confidence in myself and what I’ve produced, talking boldly to make sure I’m heard and make sure to make actions in speech to keep listeners interested in what I’m saying. Commitment- If I’m to do something, I’m to do it well and I’m to do it with the utmost amount of skill I can use into doing it, if I don’t know how then I’ll still try with what resources I’m given. Literacy- I know how to successfully use extended vocabulary in ordinary situations, I make very minimal grammar or spelling mistakes without realising. Creativity- after spending so long doing classes in Media and design, I’ve developed a creative outlook after completing more complex projects which require me to do so. Negatives/Flaws; Problem solving- it’s not often that I find myself having to solve a problem but when I’m having to figure out something myself without much knowledge I’ll attempt to solve it with the resources I have, which doesn’t always work out due to lack of knowledge. Communication- I’m usually more than happy to talk loud and boldly given the situation but I find myself lost for words when I’m working in a stressed situation that requires me to think on the spot, if I’m not fully sure about something I will lose my communication skills and begin to talk silently, which desperately needs improving.