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Non-Profit Business Evaluation Criteria for the Application of Internet Based Technologies


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Presentation given to the UD Graudate School of Management.

Published in: Technology
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Non-Profit Business Evaluation Criteria for the Application of Internet Based Technologies

  1. 1. By L. Ross Sivertsen
  2. 2.  Small NPOs ◦ Need to reach constituency, the Internet and Internet-enabled applications facilitate this. ◦ Severely constrained by resources, and capital. The research focuses on developing a standard set of evaluation criteria through the use of checklists to fill all of these requirements
  3. 3.  NPOs face the need to evaluate internet enables applications to gain reach NPOs typically have little or no technology staff Several IA considerations around confidentiality/integrity/availability The need for checklists preferred tool for evaluation and planning
  4. 4.  Create the tools - Checklists ◦ Checklists are simple ◦ Checklists are easy to understand ◦ Checklists are repeatable Use standard practices to develop checklists ◦ CMMI/PMI used because of the maturity of the models ◦ Reduce practices down to three  Requirements Management  Project Planning  Risk Management
  5. 5.  There is no "one-size-fits-all" for checklists The differences centered on the application of the technology Common components exists but details vary ◦ Define the goal ◦ Define the stakeholders ◦ Define the requirements/success criteria/test parameters/exit controls
  6. 6.  The process of developing the checklist content is as important as the checklist itself.
  7. 7.  Use the standards to create the checklists ◦ Either PMI (PMBoK) or SEI (CMMI) suggest stating the goal, gather requirements, plan Develop the checklists through collaboration with the stakeholders
  8. 8.  The limits of the researcher in the staff number ◦ One researcher, one staff member The limits on schedule ◦ Limited ted what is achievable in 12 weeks Limits on creating the checklists instead of executing the checklists ◦ De-scope research to limit to evaluating the process of creating checklists Small subset of CMMI ◦ De-scope to include only three CMMI process areas to facilitate reduced complexity
  9. 9.  Best Practices ◦ Research the actual execution of this practice and measure effectiveness Privacy and Online Reputation Management/Online Identity Management ◦ Research needed to identify the issues surrounding "branding" of the online identity of the organization Web Services Integration ◦ Research needed to evaluate the need of integrating multiple internet-based applications into a single application infrastructure