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Long Live Slideshare. RIP Slideshare.


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It's so hard to say goodbye... To Yesterday.

Published in: Business
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Long Live Slideshare. RIP Slideshare.

  1. RIP Slideshare. Long Live Slideshare.
  2. Slideshare: January 17
  3. Slideshare: January 22
  4. Slideshare: Jan 25
  5. Slideshare: Feb 25
  6. Slideshare: March 20
  7. Slideshare: March 20
  8. Slideshare: June 9
  9. Don’t let the ORDER fool you. The presentations have been the same (except for one change) since January!
  10. And While ONLY One Deck Has Changed In The Trending Section…. The Featured Slideshares Have COMPLETELY Stayed The Same. June 9thJanuary 9th