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  1. 1. “CutAway”aka “Hot Potato”
  2. 2. “CutAway”IDEAinitial intent was to bring a physical manifestation to a “light”metaphor, ie. “She’s Glowing”.PROCESSwhat is being addressed in the saying/metaphor?how can a physical light then illustrated or communicate the coreof the metaphor?
  3. 3. “CutAway”IDEAput a light into a heart.ISSUEShow do we isolate the circuts fromthe blood?is it doable within our time limit?does the deadline restrict our abilityto balance idea and shock? The Heart Purse by Sarah-Jane Lynagh
  4. 4. “CutAway”IDEAwhat was taken away from that initial conceptual prototype was thatthe light wasn’t the point. the physical struggle, the uncertainty ofend, the sense of discovery all leads to why.
  5. 5. “CutAway” getting to the light is the point
  6. 6. “CutAway”EARLY FORMSaluminium wax paper + aluminium hybrid
  7. 7. “CutAway” INTERACTION PRECEDENTSDo Hit Chair - Droog Honey Pop Chair - Tokujin Yoshioka
  8. 8. “CutAway” aka “Hot Potato” prototype
  9. 9. “CutAway” aka “Hot Potato” prototype
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