Ross Naylor's Ezine - Issue 8 - Reasons to be optimistic


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Ross Naylor's Ezine - Issue 8 - Reasons to be optimistic

  1. 1. Ross Naylor +48 (22) 389 65 70 (w) +48 512 275 706 (m) ul. Królewska 27 lok 411 Warszawa 00-060 Poland. 5 Reasons to be Optimistic It's all too easy to get caught up in the regular drumbeat of negative economic news that we are exposed to. I am guilty of it myself. Words from the wise Each morning I receive newsletters from the likes of There is no such thing as a Doug Casey, Richard Russell and David Rosenberg. good time or a bad time to While these guys are all very smart and their musings are invest. There are always certainly thought provoking they don't necessarily help bargains to be found in one maintain a sunny disposition. stock markets. - Dr Mark Mobius (Executive With that in mind, here are 5 pieces of financial news that Chairman, Templeton Asset suggest that thi ngs might not be quite so bad after all. Management) 1. Jeff Immelt (CEO of General Electric) says Business at GE is improving. Signs across the world show growth improving, as evidenced by a rise in GE s orders . 2. A McKinsey survey of 2000 executives around the world in early September found that almost 60% said that their countries economy was in recovery and
  2. 2. 40% expected to hire new employees by the end of Did you know? 2010. The property market in China 3. Brazil created 1.95million formal jobs in the first 8 has become so overheated that the ratio between housing months of 2010. Their unemployment rate is now property values and disposable 6.9%. annual income in Beijing now exceeds 14 times. In other 4. Michelin plan to raise EUR1.2 Billion to fund words, if the average homebuyer investment. Michel Rollier, their CEO, has said that spent essentially all the money the crisis in the auto industry is over. they made, it would take them 14 years to buy a house. 5. Closer to home, the total volume of leasing transactions in the Polish office market during the At the height of the Japanese property bubble in 1989, the first half of 2010 was almost the same as for the same ratio was just 9. whole of 2009. According to research by CBRE, this trend is expected to con tinue in 2011. [This article comes from a letter that I wrote to a client recently. Due to its size, it wasn't really ezine friendly, so this is an abridged version. If you want to read the full text, just drop me an e-mail and I will forward it] Food for thought Cheap gold With headlines proclaiming new What I've been reading all-time high gold prices on almost a daily basis, it is That's it for today important to remember that this only applies if you are investing in US Dollars. As always, thanks for reading. I know that the demands on your time are many and pressi ng. If you are investing in currencies other than USD Dollar, then If you are one of those who have been forwarded this by there is still some way for gold to someone else and wish to receive further issues, just go before it hit's the record highs which were set in June of this click the "email me" button at the bottom of the page and year. put "subscribe" in the subject line. For example, if you are investing And finally, if you are one of those who has forwarded in GBP, gold still needs to rise 4 this on to someone else, THANK YOU!!! 1/2 % before it reaches it's peak price which was set back in early June (chart above). The same applies if you are investing in EUR, where you would need a 9% rise.
  3. 3. Disclaimer? The views expressed here are my own. They are not necessarily shared by AES International. They are subject to change at any time based on market and other conditions. This is not an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security and should not be construed as such. References to specific securities are for illustrative or informational purposes only and are not intended to be, and should not be interpreted as, recommendations to purchase or sell such securities. Call me: +48 (22) 389 65 70 (w) +48 512 275 706 (m)