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Growth Toolkit


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Published in: Technology, Business

Growth Toolkit

  1. 1. Growth Toolkit Ross McKegney August 2012
  2. 2. About me.MBA, Rotman SchoolMSc, Software Engineering, Queens2002-2008: product manager / architect, IBMR&D, WebSphere Commerce team.Then a serial entrepreneur with companies Ross McKegneyin media and design. Currently CTO at @rossmckegneyVerold, the leading online collaborativeplatform for artists/designers of 3D assets(gaming and animation). Part-time professorat the UOIT business school.
  3. 3. Growth Toolkit:Business Design
  4. 4. Alex OsterwalderBusiness Model Canvas.Your business, visually.Great tool for gettingstakeholders on board,exploring alternatives,and communicatingvision.
  5. 5. Roger MartinAnalytical Thinkingvs Intuitive Thinking
  6. 6. Jeanne LiedtkaMaking the design toolkitaccessible to managers
  7. 7. Operations Toolkit:Customer Development
  8. 8. How to find yourbusiness model
  9. 9. Lean Startup MetricsEric Ries, Vanity Metrics vs Actionable Metrics Blank, Metrics+
  10. 10. e.g. User Base MetricsRegistrations (Customers who completed the registration process during the month)Activations (Customers who had activity 3 to 10 days after they registered. Measuresonly customers that registered during that month)Activation/Registrations %Retained 30+ DaysRetained 30+/ Total Actives %Retained 90+ DaysRetained 90+/Total Actives %Paying Customers (How many customers made $ purchases that month)Conversion rate: Paying/(Activations + Retained 30+)
  11. 11. ForecastingYour forecast will be wrong, embrace that.But it is still an important exercise.Once you have a plan in place for metrics, plugthe numbers into a formula like:
  12. 12. Funnel, Users vs CustomersAt a high level, there’s what is happening:● Each time period, a bunch of newly registered users come in (both acquired through ads or through viral marketing)● Some % of these users convert into paying users● Some % of these users then send off viral invites● Revenue is generated by building up a base of paying users● Cost is generated through building up a base of active users (paying or not!)
  13. 13. StructuredBrainstorming
  14. 14. GamestormingExcellent collectionof games/tools to makemeetings more effective.Check
  15. 15. Impact & effort:
  16. 16. 5Ws frameworkYour company is the ONLY ________ that __________ for __________ in _________ who ___________ in an era of ______________