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Zara digital strategy


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Zara digital strategy

  1. 1. A Digital Marketing Strategy by Ross McCormick
  2. 2. Goal: Increase brand awareness for Zara clothing apparel. Message: Zara offers high quality clothing for low value. Target Audience: Young adults and teenagers looking for affordable stylish clothing. Generation Y. But also offers kids clothing. Unique Selling Point: High quality, low value. The clothing is designed for Zara's demographic; a bunch of young designers designing the clothing. You are not paying Forever 21's ridicously cheap prices, but you are also not finding holes in your high quality clothing. Zara Digital Strategy
  3. 3. Strengths: Popular brand. Low prices. Stylish clothing. Situational Analysis Weaknesses: Not as well known as other brands. Only located in big cities and online. Opportunities: Room for growth and popularity. Threats: Competition is fierce, many competitors for younger cheap fashionable clothing.
  4. 4. Social Media -Facebook: To target young adults and teenagers, Zara will post twice a day afternoon and 8pm, with a weekly schedule for each post. To create better brand awareness competitions, photo sharing contests will be held. By liking the Zara page you will receive a 15% discount on your next purchase. A budget of $25-50 post increase will be enforced daily. Facebook’s Ad will also be created to increase sales and awareness. -Twitter: To target young adults and teenagers, Zara will tweet up to 7 times a day. Promoting new arrivals, awesome blogs, events going on. Hoping for a return of retweets and favorites.
  5. 5. -Pinterest: To target young adults and teenagers, Zara will use promoted pins to show off latest styles and new arrivals. Specifically with boards directed towards the right audience. -Instagram: To target young adults and teenagers, Zara will promote new arrivals and new fashion, also pictures posted on Facebook and on Twitter. Contest of who wore it best will be held and winners will win $ 100 gift cards. -Youtube: To target young adults and teenagers, Zara will use the Live Event Page for fashion shows, new stores and new arrivals. -Wanelo: To target young adults and teenagers, Zara will promote like they did on pinterest. Specifying prices.
  6. 6. Internet Marketing Zara will use Internet marketing to educate it’s customers through search engine optimization, emails and content creation with promotions. Internet marketing will work for Zara by being affordable and targeting the right young adults instead of targeting a broad audience. Paid ads on Google will be used.
  7. 7. -SEO: Zara will use seo to help their ranking throughout search engines and help gets visits to their website. -Google Adwords: Popular words will be used to help generate customers to their website. Google Paid Ads, Adwords would consist of fashion, clothing, young adult, teenager. -Google Analytics: To figure out how Zara is doing we will use Analytics to tell us our demographic, and amounts of views to our website. Internet Marketing
  8. 8. Mobile Strategy Zara has an mobile app. already so what we will do is promote coupons you can use online and in-stores. A discount will be given for college students and high school students. $2 million will be allocated to the budget for; coupons, special features, push notifications for campaigns we run.
  9. 9. Budget To arrive at my budget of $9 million for the entire digital marketing strategy for the year I broke apart each aspect. Budget, 22% Budget, 22% Budget, 5%Budget, 5% Budget, 6% Budget, 6% Budget, 6% Budget, 22% Budget, 6% Budget for 12 months Mobile Facebook Wanelo Pinterest Twitter Youtube Instagram SEO Adword
  10. 10. Big Idea Zara offers low prices for high quality clothing. Zara will promote with social media by competitions and promotions. Promoting new arrivals to target young adults and teenagers on their mobile site as well as their blog and social media sites. Thank You!