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A simple but effective IT Project Delivery methodology.

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4 x4 project_delivery_outline[1]

  1. 1. 4X4 Project Delivery Ross Hilton ross.hilton@uni.sydney.edu.au
  2. 2. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP MANAGE & MONITOR SELL AND PROMOTE • Resource management • Project champion at client site • Risk management • Progress updates • Status reports • Cross dependency advice • Scope and Cost control • Single point of contact PLAN & ADVISE LEAD AND RESPOND • SME for projects • Develop fallback options • Methodology selection • Step in and make changes • Project planning • Obtain maximum performance • Technology • Low level HR & OHS etc
  3. 3. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY MANAGEMENT 1. Resource List • Defined list of all project resources MANAGE & MONITOR • Defined list of resources skills • Resource management 2. Resource Costs • Risk management • Defined list of resource costs • Status reports • Agreed resource priorities & availability • Scope and Cost control 3. Project Tasks • Task identification workshops 4. Project WBS • Tasks matched to resources in project plan 5. Project Plan • Release of project plan and work scheduling 6. Project Tracking • On going monitoring of plans and schedule
  4. 4. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY MANAGEMENT 1. Risk Definition • Defined list of potential risk areas MANAGE & MONITOR • Resource management 2. Risk Identification • Risk management • Regular risk identification workshops • Status reports • Scope and Cost control 3. Risk Analysis • Risk impact evaluation meetings 4. Risk Treatment • Develop risk treatment strategies 5. Risk Monitoring • On going monitoring of potential risks 6. Risk Reporting • Manage and promulgate risk log
  5. 5. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY MANAGEMENT 1. Contact List • Defined list of all project contacts MANAGE & MONITOR 2. Contact Roles • Resource management • Defined list of roles and responsibilities • Risk management • Status reports 3. Communication Plan • Scope and Cost control • Agreed program of communications 4. Ad Hoc Report Plan • Planned meeting lists for eventualities 5. Informal Communications • Email and verbal updates 6. Formal Communications • Newsletters and Websites
  6. 6. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY MANAGEMENT 1. Project Scope • Agreed project scope MANAGE & MONITOR 2. Change Request Process • Resource management • Agreed CR process including impacts • Risk management • Change Request log created • Status reports • Change request meetings for approval • Scope and Cost control • Change request impacts agreed 3. Cost Control • Agreed project budget 3. Cost Control Management • costing spreadsheet created & maintained •Monthly cost reporting and predictions • monthly balance to Project Plan
  7. 7. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY MANAGEMENT 1. Advise on Plans • provide input on planning and success factors 2. Advise on Cost • conduct preliminary cost estimations • Produce +/- estimations • develop cost overrun strategy 3. Advise on Scope • Agreed scope with IT and business PLAN & ADVISE • Produce scope document • SME for projects 3. Advise on delivery • Methodology selection • conduct preliminary delivery estimations • Project planning • Produce +/- estimations • Technology • develop delivery overrun strategy
  8. 8. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY MANAGEMENT 1. Experience • Investigate methodology experience • Conduct Experience workshop • Produce experience log 2. Methodology Evaluation • Investigate success factors per methodology • Investigate product/technology bias 3. Advise on Methodology • Provide advise on project methodology PLAN & ADVISE • Provide fall back strategy • SME for projects • Methodology selection • Project planning • Technology
  9. 9. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY MANAGEMENT 1. Task List • Conduct planning workshop • Break project into modules • Break modules into tasks • Obtain effort estimations per task 2. Create Project Plan • Enter tasks into project plan • Enter resources from Resource List • Enter costs from Resource List PLAN & ADVISE 3. Test Plan • Test plan against delivery • SME for projects • Test plan against cost • Methodology selection • Project planning 4. Work Instructions • Technology • Produce weekly work schedule sheets
  10. 10. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY MANAGEMENT 1. Advise on Technology • Investigate options • Examine case studies • Examine/visit reference sites •Produce technology study 2. Investigate Costs • Manage tender process • Obtain quotations •Produce cost estimation PLAN & ADVISE 3. Investigate Life Expectancy • Determine life of technology • SME for projects • Investigate migration possibilities • Methodology selection • Project planning • Technology
  11. 11. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY1. Roadshows• Develop and deliver road shows to Business LEADERSHIP• maintain project visibility SELL AND PROMOTE2. Sell the Project • Project champion at client site• Sell the project at all levels • Progress updates• Ensure project objectives are recognised • Cross dependency advice • Single point of contact3. Eliminate Alternatives• Monitor potential competitor projects• Cover alternative project scope in futurefeatures
  12. 12. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY1. Status Reports• Provide regular status reports to Sponsors LEADERSHIP• Provide regular reports to other projects• Provide milestone updates to everyone SELL AND PROMOTE• Provide status reports to the team • Project champion at client site • Progress updates2. Provide Ad Hoc Reports • Cross dependency advice• Provide milestone updates • Single point of contact• Provide daily email updates at crucial times3. Provide Simple updates• Maintain simplistic “Dashboard Updates”• Provide verbal updates as required
  13. 13. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY1. Represent the Project• Invite other project teams to presentations LEADERSHIP• Attend other project presentations SELL AND PROMOTE2. Monitor Roadmaps • Project champion at client site• Locate and monitor all roadmaps. • Progress updates• Signoff roadmaps • Cross dependency advice • Single point of contact3. Membership of Change Control Boards• join or sit in on CCB meetings• monitor proposed changes for impacts
  14. 14. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY1. Be Contactable• Provide all contact details to everyone LEADERSHIP• PDM contact details on all documents• Be present at presentations SELL AND PROMOTE • Project champion at client site2. Take Ownership • Progress updates• Make decisions or recommendations • Cross dependency advice• Take solutions to meetings, not problems • Single point of contact3. Be Accountable• Signoff on all decisions• Support the team in disputes
  15. 15. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY1. Workshop Fallback Options• Investigate fallback options for major issues LEADERSHIP• Create decision points to trigger fallbacks2. Cost Fallback Options• Create costings for fallback alternatives• Create risk rankings for fallback alternatives• Create time rankings for fallback alternatives• create ranking of options LEAD AND RESPOND • Develop fallback options • Step in and make changes • Obtain maximum performance • Low level HR & OHS etc
  16. 16. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY1. “Own” the Project• Take ownership of the project LEADERSHIP• Make team members take ownership2. Project Objectives & Autonomy• Clearly define project objective• Allow team members autonomy3. Fallback and change Guidelines• Set issue holdup timeframes• Agree upon actions on issues and holdups• monitor issue log and fallback option plans• Investigate migration possibilities LEAD AND RESPOND • Develop fallback options • Step in and make changes • Obtain maximum performance • Low level HR & OHS etc
  17. 17. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY1. Monitor Team Performance• Develop or obtain team benchmarks LEADERSHIP• monitor on going performance• Hold performance feedback sessions2. Develop Team Bonding• Involve all team members in decisions• Hold team member presentations• Show team examples of similar projects• Hold team “open discussions”• Create team newsletter or website LEAD AND RESPOND3. Involve Team in Project • Develop fallback options• Involve team in project planning • Step in and make changes• Hold regular team project progress meetings • Obtain maximum performance • Low level HR & OHS etc
  18. 18. 4x4 PROJECT DELIVERY1. Staff Recruitment• Where necessary recruit new team LEADERSHIPmembers2. Manage workplace OH&S• Disseminate OH&S policies• Organise training if necessary• Monitor and “own” OH&S for the team3. Performance Reviews• Conduct mid term performance review• Conduct post project performance review LEAD AND RESPOND4. Training • Develop fallback options• Organise external staff training if necessary • Step in and make changes• Organise internal skills dissemination. • Obtain maximum performance • Low level HR & OHS etc