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My Magazine Pitch


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My Magazine Pitch

  1. 1. My Interests
  2. 2. GenreI have gathered from my research information that my magazine’sgenre should and will be Hip-hop, Rap and R&B based music. Thiswill also be beneficial as I already love this genre of music.For Example:Artists like Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Eminem, MacMiller
  3. 3. Similar Mags Collage
  4. 4. My Idea The idea I have for my music magazine is very unique and exclusive due to how I’m going to set it up. What is the magazine called? I went with a simple name that expresses how my genre of music makes the listeners feel. I thought of various names and sayings but came up with a simple yet powerful one word magazine. I researched if other magazines have this name and found out it is not in use yet. Therefore I am calling the magazine ‘HYPE’. These are a few of my masthead ideas…1 3 2 5 4
  5. 5. 6 7 8 9 I made a questionnaire involving all 9 of these masthead fonts asking “which of the following mastheads do you believe is the best for the magazine and why do you believe this?”. Over 50% chose number 1 as it fits in with the name of the masthead. It also has a street style appearance which links in with the genre of hip-hop and rap.
  6. 6. Target AudienceIn my research I interviewed teenagers, I have decided that as mygenre is based on my research my target audience will also bebased on my research. Therefore,1. My target audience is going to be teens aged 16-19.2. My magazine will connect with all teenagers that love the Hip- Hop/Rap/R&B3. It will cover the likes and preferences of people in their late teens.
  7. 7. USPMy unique selling point in my magazine is a commonly used free CD.However, it has a unique purpose, use and attraction. It will be a CD ofthe top single on the Hip-Hop/Rap genre, this will attract many potentialcustomers to my product. The top single usually changes every monthwhich is beneficial as it is the same time my magazine releases a newissue.How is it going to work?A simple see-through enclosed plastic compartment on the last page willcontain the CD inside it, attached to the inside of the back page bydouble sided glue tape.
  8. 8. Story IdeasI have various ideas for what is going to be inside my magazine, some ofthe ideas are my own and some are from the feedback I have in myresearch Vox Pop.From my research I have found out that I need things such as;1. Attractive Main Image that catches the eye of potential consumers2. Bright vibrant colours with a sophisticated yet attracting look3. Artists gossip and general chat about Hip-Hop/Rap artists4. Good, strong and appealing cover stories in each issueI would also like to add things such as;1. Life story’s on double page spreads about celebrities in the Hip- hop/Rap music scene2. Free pull out DPS poster of an artist each week3. Latest new songs released and possible chart toppers
  9. 9. FinancialVariable costs of my HYPE magazine per copy: £1.85Fixed costs of my HYPE magazines is £30,000 per annumSelling price of my HYPE magazine results in a sum of: £4£30,000£4 - £1.85 = Breakeven UnitsI plan to sell over 1,250,000 magazines in my first 12 months trading.To break even we would have to sell 13,954 units, this is more than capable afterour first year of trading.This number of sales is nothing compared to the likes of what ‘VIBE’ and ‘XXL’sell a year. VIBE magazine sold over 2.5 Million Issues in the year of 2010 andXXL sold just under 2 million in the year of 2011. Having a target of 1.25millionis respectable as its only 50-60% of what the BIG companies turn over.
  10. 10. MarketingSocial NetworksTwitter page under the name of ‘@HypeMagazine_’Available at:!/HypeMagazine_Facebook page under the name of ‘Hype Magazine’ have created these pages to promote the magazine and create a fan base
  11. 11. MarketingFree Magazine CouponsI plan a system to be put in place where staff of Hype Magazine willstand outside concerts of Hip-Hop/Rap artists in the UK and hand outfree leaflets with coupons of Free Magazines on them.This will benefit us as the brand name and company will be promotedthroughout the Hip-hop/Rap artists fan base.
  12. 12. PublishersAs my magazine is mainly based in the United Kingdom I will be basing mypublishers in the United Kingdom also.They are a qualified publishing company called Adrenaline Media and are basedin West London (which is very convenient and nearby)Their Address is:Adrenaline Media Ltd
129 Finchley Road
London NW3 6HYThere website is: chose these because they work with “Screw Fix” “News on the Block” and “AutoTrader” magazines, this means they have loads of experience when it comes topublishing magazine. This company is perfect for my music magazine and won’tcharge as much as the big branded and already famous publishing institutions.Eventually when the company grows in size, profit and experience I will start tocreate publishing centers abroad.
  13. 13. DistributionMy distribution method and company is completely unique to any others as it’s afamily friends vehicle provided distribution service.“Ioannou Motors & Trucks LTD” are based in North London, this is convenientand nearby to my company so therefore it will be easy to get from theproduction stage to the distribution stage.They will distribute my magazine in trucks and lorries all over the UK to varioussupermarkets, whole-salers and newsagents.While also managing the online distribution method, shipping nationally andoverseas to many numerous buyers.Eventually when the company grows in size, profit and experience I will start tocreate distribution centers abroad.
  14. 14. Ellie Martin Myself Aged 17 Ross Georgallides Good Looking, Elegant, Well Aged 17 Dressed Hip- Hop Model ModelsAdem IsmailAged 17Suarve, Swaggeredand Rudely dressedteenager with a Matt Wilton Aged 17‘Gangster’ Attitude Smart, Happy and Stylish model with a banterers attitude
  15. 15. LocationsLocations for photo-shoots are fairly simple and easy accessible places, giving astrong expression of Hip-Hop and Rap throughout. Green Screen Used to edit easier Brick Wall on photoshop for Hip-Hop/Rap back grounding. Graffiti Wall Used to give a street style, Used specifically to give gangster and hip- the image a street style hop look to the and roadside expression. images Tells the audience that the music is from the ‘ghetto’.
  16. 16. Outro…Thank you for taking the time to listen to my magazine pitch today. Any Questions?