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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Analysis of 3 Magazine CoverBy Ross Georgallides
  2. 2. Analysis of Empire Magazine Front CoverMasthead: Powerful, subtle and Main Image: A long shot of a beautiful, young and inspiring model used to attract the targetinteresting title appearance with a audience with it’s direct address. Clear usage of Laura Mulvey’s ‘male gaze’ theory and its benefitsmutual feeling to it. The red hot when constructing this main image for the magazine front cover as it immediately catches alluppercase sans-serif font suits the audiences eyes from the models clear beauty. The figure of the model curves around thename given to the magazine and headlines, filling in all the negative space.ironically is built up big, strong anddistinctively bold like an empire would Price, Date, Issue, Website, Barcode:usually be. The name of the magazine All slyly hidden, unattractive yet keyis unique and gives an expression of a conventions on the magazine. Showncommunity within the film discretely so the power of the maingenre, hence ‘Empire’. image and masthead are not endangered, however the informationSell Line: Denotes that the magazine is there for when audiences take ais “The world’s biggest movie closer look.magazine” which automaticallyattracts the attention of an audience. Sub Images & Exclusive Stories: ThreeDisplayed in a small uppercase black small close up shots of three differentsans-serif font positioned under the characters in three different popularmasthead, which is a stereotypical films underneath the bold capitalisedway of positioning this convention. sans serif font which denotes each movie on a diagonal banneredCover lines: The cover lines stand out background positioned in the bottomclearly due to the size, they’re almost left hand corner. Images and font bothas big and as powerful as the look and match and compliment the frontfeeling of the front covers masthead. covers colour scheme and entireBig uppercase sans serif greyscale appearance.font with teasing in sighting linesunderneath denotes what the stories Colour Scheme/House Style/Technicalare about. The clear main cover lines Codes: The constant colour schemestand out more due to larger sizing set it a simple white, black, grey andand are positioned next to the main red scheme with a few exceptions ofimage to link the story and photo blue. Giving the house style atogether. The cover lines fit the cool, independent and recognisedmagazines colour scheme and style. feeling. Which relates to the title
  3. 3. Analysis of Total Film Magazine Front CoverSkyline: This skyline is a snippet of Main Image: The main image is a close up shot of the human face of a protagonist featured ininformation giving an indication of three the magazine’s front cover, relating to a cover line story. The image involves direct address ashot, must see films around at the time of the character is staring into the audiences eyes, this attracts the target audience towards thethe released issue. Typed in a bold blood magazine. The main image is unique as it’s edited to a black and white filter giving a grownred sans serif font that matches the up appearance to the film magazine. The attitude and facial expressions of the charactermasthead’s font. suggests he has a lot of power, some what intimidating the audience.Masthead: The masthead has been typed ina big bold sans serif styled font with the Price, Date, Issue, Website, Barcode: Theseword ‘TOTAL’ (black colouring) across the conventions are featured on the front coverletter ‘F’ in the word ‘FILM (white but are hidden in the consistent usage of thecolouring), this is used to create an black red and white colour scheme, thiseffective fusion of the two words, ironically means the less important information of thethis masthead is so powerful the company mag remains on the front cover but doesn’tuse it as their logo. This masthead gives the distract the audience from receiving the realtarget audience a clear understanding of attraction and denotation intended by Totalwhat genre the magazine is from a Film. The barcode is positioned to the right ofdistance and can attract people from just an extremely powerful and attentionglimpsing at it. The colouring of both the grabbing main cover line, which almostwords compliment the main image and the disguises it’s awkward ugliness from thecolour scheme, giving the masthead and audience.all-round attraction. The masthead isstereotypically positioned on the top of the Cover lines: The cover lines on this front coverpage but is covering the forehead of the are situated to the left and the right hand sidecharacter, this is an unusual way of of the face of the model character, which is aconstructing a front cover. However, it does stereotypical way of constructing thisnot remove the supremacy of the main convention. They denote stories within theimage. film magazine, have a simple white uppercase sans serif font with and withoutMain Feature Cover line: Huge noticeable bold capitalised artic white sans serif font boldness and all have the same style. Eachdenotes a huge world exclusive film of the year. Convincing the target audience to read on cover line consists of a few words whichinto the magazine to find the world exclusive main feature. This convention is placed attract the target audience towards readingcleverly with space efficiency, good information and without taking away the effect of the on further. The colours used on the fontmain image and the masthead. Words chosen like ‘coolest in the typing are very comply and fit in with the white, red andstereotypical. black colour scheme.
  4. 4. Analysis of Total Film Magazine Front Cover Colour Scheme/House Style/Technical Codes: Constant black, white and red colour scheme throughout the front cover. This colour scheme gives the magazine a mature, well established and widespread appearance which can appeal to all ages except children. The layout and the house style is a simple plain grey background with one image and no secondary or sub images. Pug: The pug appears on this magazine to have the same appearance of a sticker effect, it is designed to look like it has been stuck on after the production of the magazine’s front cover, it’s positioned on the left hand side of the front cover with 3 snapshots of other magazines pointing out of the circular red background. The colouring of the pug fits well into the magazines colour scheme and keeps the front cover consistent with the house style. The pug denotes 4 amazing covers created by the same company and promotes and convinces the target audience to purchase more of the ‘Total Film’ magazines. The pug could been seen as another sell line as it promotes the same magazine it’s on and three other magazines just like it.
  5. 5. Analysis of Bollywood Magazine Front CoverMasthead: This masthead is very unusual Selling line: This convention has a standard Main Image: This main image consists of aas it has half of it in a black sans serif font black coloured ‘Arial Black’ sans serif bold font very gorgeous, sexy and outstandingand half in a green serif font. These two with a promotional logo in between the text. young female with a very high sexualcombined give the masthead a This convention helps sell the product to the attraction. The poses she is pulling followssassy, juxtaposed, sophisticated and customer and give an established look. and relates to Laura Mulvey’s ‘male gaze’modernistic look. Which attracts theory as it attracts men to want a wife oraudiences in a peculiar way. The masthead girlfriend just like her and attracts womenis designed so uniquely that it gives the to want to look and be just like her. Themagazine a foreign look, almost revealing image connotes direct address, follows thethe magazine is not constructed in the UK centre line of the rule of thirds and showsor USA. The masthead also suggests that she is holding a very informal stimulatingthe magazine should appeal to a mature stance. This attracts the target audienceand fashionable audience. towards the magazine. The clothing the model is wearing is revealing as we can seeCover lines: The cover lines have been the models gorgeous shoulder, collarboneplaced around the main image in a very and chest. Also the way her hair is fallingpeculiar way. They have been positioned in down compliments her figure extremelythe left and right column in the rule of well. Sometimes a powerful main imagethirds but all have different colours and with the same technique like this onefont styles. They all vary in different would be enough to attract a member ofcolours ranging from yellow and white - the target audience to purchase thered and white - pink and white – black and magazine and read – green. Some cover lines have bold oritalic styled font and some have neonglows around the edge of the text. Thismeans that the cover lines appear to beconstructed by a child as they’re allbrightly coloured and in your face. Thismakes the magazine look cheap and Pug: Very strange pug convention that denotes a ‘BONUS’ in the magazine on a green semi-terminates the pull and allure that the circle, designed to look like a sticker stuck on after production. This convention is key tomain image has. catching the eyes of your target audience but does exactly the opposite of what it is designed to do. On the sticker and next to the stick are two bold sans serif typographies in white and pink, these two text’s link as they are promoting an article inside the magazine. Convincing the audience to buy the magazine.
  6. 6. Analysis of Bollywood Magazine Front Cover Price, Date, Issue, Website, Barcode: This front cover does not contain a barcode, we would assume that the barcode is on the back page ofMain cover line and quote: The main the magazine otherwise it would not be able to be scanned. Avoidingcover line has been positioned in the use of this convention on the front cover removes any unattractivenessbottom left hand side of the front that the barcode brings onto the page, this means less conventions willcover, along the middle of the models distract or rescind the attraction of the main image. Thetorso, this is our first hint that the main price, date, issue and website are all secreted well, they’re positionedimage and the main cover line link bellow the ‘B’ in the text ‘Bollywood’ in a small, very faint, thin sanstogether. The main cover line is in a serif font.bigger bright yellow bold sans serif fontwith a slight drop glow around theedges. This typography is used to standout amongst all of the other cover lines. Colour Scheme, House Style andThe quote positioned underneath the Technical Codes: This front cover hascover line links to the main cover line no set colour scheme, many brightand plays a part in attracting the and vibrant colours are used. The onlyaudience even more. The typography dominant colour on this magazine isused on the quote is a smaller pink black, which is featured in thecoloured, bold sans serif italic font with fonts, in the models hair, in hera drop shadow and drop glow around shadows and on her wrist. The frontthe edges. This makes the quote stand cover’s house style is consistentout thoroughly even though it is small in throughout, in all key conventionssize. Although drop glows and drop also. The majority of technical codesshadows make text stand out, they also are all unusually presented apartgive off a cheap, rushed and from the placement of the mastheadunorganised effect to a magazine’s and the positioning of conventions infront cover. Ultimately, the main cover the rule of thirds. Also, there is noline and quote match the house style barcode, which is a big surprise.but there is no clear colour scheme forthem to meet.
  7. 7. Analysis of Men’s Vogue Magazine Front CoverMain Cover Line Story: The main cover line has been written in a bold sans serif font with white colouring, positioned to stand out on themain image’s dark jacket. This is an unusual way of connecting the two conventions yet it is a highly efficient technique. Above the maincover story line is an addition, a quote written in black italic sans serif style font placed on a dull golden background. The additional lineadds a wow factor to the main cover line and the italic font gives the cover line a sophisticated appearance. Main Image: This main image is a directMasthead: The masthead has been address styled medium close up of a verytyped in a large serif font that has been famous man that specialises as astretched to fit across the top quarter of singer/songwriter/actor featuring inthe front cover. The font of the word many different media texts all over the‘VOGUE’ gives the magazine front cover world. The clothing of the famous modela very feminine, passionate and classy fits in with the colour scheme and givesappearance but has been juxtaposed the magazine a more serious andwith the smaller sized word on top of it. sophisticated exterior. He is positioned inThe smaller bold sans serif style the central line of the rule of thirds givingfont, that reads ‘MEN’S’, has been him the main focus of the front cover asplaces across the top of the font there are no other sub images. Also the‘VOGUE’ to give the title ‘MEN’S main cover line story links to the mainVOGUE’ a more masculine appearance image which denotes that ‘he is legend’even though their genre of magazine is which attracts the target audience as tofashion and lifestyle (which is more of a why he is a legend and convinces them tofeminine genre). It is easy to identify read on. The fact that the main imagethat the target audience of this relates to the main cover line storymagazine would be men interested in means that ‘VOGUE’ are following themen’s fashion and the lifestyle men stereotypical way of arranging magazineshould lead. Also it is clear that this conventions, which is a technique used tomagazine is chosen to appeal to a attract more of the magazines targetmature target audience. audience. Price, Date, Issue, Website, Barcode: These conventions are featured on the front cover but blend in well with the colour scheme and house style. The barcode featured in the bottom left corner is an ugly white/black square but fits in hiding some negative space and matches the colour scheme. It doesn’t attract the eye as much as the other key conventions, therefore not undermining the power of the other conventions. All the other conventions are written in a small sized bold sans serif uppercase font, positioned in negative spaces around the mag.
  8. 8. Analysis of Men’s Vogue Magazine Front Cover Colour Scheme/House Style/Technical Codes: This magazine has a strong colour scheme set throughout the frontCover lines: The cover lines have been cover, keeping consistency and synergypositioned around the model in the also. The usage of black, gold, whitemain image to fill in the negative space and bright back grounding gives thearound the body and fit into the left and front cover a royal feel and appearance.right columns in the rule of thirds. The Attracting the eye of many of thecover lines are subtle and compliment target audience, from just a glimpse atthe beautiful bright blue sky looking the front cover it shows potential andbackground. The fonts used are makes the audience want to read on.bold/thin sans serif styled fonts in either Vogue have followed the majority ofblack colouring or white colouring with a the stereotypical technical codes, withdull golden filled background. The style a few exceptions, when constructingof lettering used are all capitalised this magazine therefore giving it anuppercase font. The cover lines are even more appealing touch. The layoutseparated by a gap from the of this front cover is fairly simple asbackground or split by a couple golden they have no sub images and haven’tlines. Also, each cover line fits in with tried to congest or overfill the page.the colour scheme, house style andconventional techniques used throughthe front cover. Banner/Footer: This thin rectangular shaped background filled banner designed to look stuck onto the bottom of the page denotes another key story within the magazine. The banner complies with the colour scheme and house style in full effect. It consists of a startling solid bold black capitalised sans serif text on a dull golden fill background across the bottom of the page.
  9. 9. The two film magazines and the vogue magazine areComparing the magazines extremely similar. They contain all the key conventions with lots of attractive techniques and positioning. This gives the impression they are worked on by professionals over a long period of time. Insinuating that they are released once a month or later. They are not densely packed or congested. They have all the correct technical codes, a strong house style and follow a strict colour scheme through out. They all have barcodes but are disguised in the usage of colour scheme and positioning. Also, these magazines have a clear target audience of males, they’re not targeted to attract females. Where as, the Bollywood front cover is nothing alike as it only contains some key conventions with little thought and technique used. Some attraction devices like the main image and the masthead but the front cover contains no clear structure. No set colour scheme and loads of different bright, vibrant colours used, this made it seem like the text was constructed by a five year old. Insinuating that they are released weekly or earlier. The Bollywood mag also contained no evidence of a barcode which was completely different and un- stereotypical as the other three all had a discrete yet scan-able barcode. The Bollywood mag has a clear targeted audience of females which is the opposite to the other three magazines.