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As coursework dt

  1. 1. AS – Point of SaleRoss Capon
  2. 2. Hamilton WatchesThe layout of the watches creates a messy, unorganisedlook. Even though this makes the products lessexclusive, it allows the brand to display a variety of theirproducts. This means that when a customer comes to buya certain watch they may see a nicer, more expensivewatch next to and spend the extra money, leading tomore profit for the brand. Hamilton Watches is an originalMilitary watch makers, However this PoS does not portraythis very much in the way that it is designed. The colourscheme of this PoS does not fit in at all well with thebrands history and the use of orange and grey makes thewatches look of less value.Guerlain FragranceThis PoS concentrates on one specific fragrance of thebrand, this implies the idea of exclusiveness. This suggestthat the product is a one off, limited edition product evenwhen it isn’t. Customers are attracted by the largecardboard cut out at the rear of the PoS portraying a fairylike figure. This allows for easy recognition that thisproduct is directed to the female market. The PoS makesthe product’s price justifiable as it implies the product is aone off, limited edition product. However, as a PoS noprices are displayed which may turn away customers asthey can’t be bothered to go and find out the cost of theproduct. This may be because the fragrance is quiteexpensive and the price may put off customers if theywere displayed, furthermore increasing the theme ofexclusiveness.DiorThis PoS allows a large amount of the brands products tobe displayed in one place. This means that the customercan get the majority of what she needs in one place. ThePoS also has six draws at the bottom allowing for staff toeasily re-stock the PoS. Some information about each ofthe products is displayed under each product, this meansthat customers are more likely to purchase them becausethey don’t have to find out the price etc. However, thePoS does look slightly cluttered and maybe there areslightly too many products displayed. Despite this, thevariety of colours stands out on the sleek and modernbackground which catches the attention of customers.SwatchThis PoS is very eye catching and can be seen as soon as acustomer enters the shop. This means that the customeris more likely to go over and have a closer look. This PoSalso displays a large amount of products sold by the brandand this allows for comparison and decision making to bea lot easier. The PoS is of a rather Art based design andportrays the brands clean and simple, Swiss styling. Thisalso attracts the attention of younger customers. This PoSallows the customer to try the watches on which willmean that once they have tried it on, they are more likelyto purchase the product. However, this PoS does notdisplay much information on the price of the watches.This could turn customers away as they have to go andask about the price etc.SwatchThis PoS shows the brands newest product in the shopswindow. The use of the glass case adds to the idea ofexclusivity, and relates to the idea of containing preciousitems in places such as museums. Also the layout of theproducts adds to the Arty side of the brand. The productsdisplayed next to the main products show the customeranother model of watch that the shop sells. This meansthat the customer, after seeing this in the window, mayventure into the shop to have a better look, possibly evenmaking a purchase. The products are clearly displayed inthe PoS and show the range of colours that are availablefor purchase. Despite these things the use of the glasscabinet restricts access to the product. This means thatthe customer cannot try the watch on and no price isdisplayed for the product which could turn customersaway as the cannot be bothered to go into the shop andask.WaterstonesThese PoS’s concentrate on one single product. This couldbe showing that this product is more special than the restas it has it’s own, individual PoS. These PoS’s arepositioned right at the front of the shop, as soon as youwalk in. This means that these products will have beenseen by anyone that enters the shop. This could be tomake the customers interested in why they have beenpositioned there, consequently looking and possibly goingon to purchase the book. However, these PoS don’t havethe price clearly shown. This means that customers couldquite easily walk past them as there is nothing eyecatching saying that they are reduced etc. The ‘New thisweek’ PoS draws the attention of the customer by the useof the coloured ‘New’ sign below each row. This attractsthe attention of customer due to the way that mostpeople are interested and intrigued by a ‘New’ Product.
  3. 3. Oakley Golf ShoesThis PoS displays an individual product. This brings in theidea of exclusivity and suggest that the product is alimited edition piece when it actually isnt. The use of aimage in the centre of the PoS implies that there is allot oftechnology behind the project. This may persuadecustomers to purchase the product on the grounds that itis worth spending the extra money as they think they aregetting a product that has a lot of proven technologybehind it. However, the use of a contained glass case alsohas a negative effect on the sale of the product. It doesn’tallow the customer to try on the product or examine itfurther. This could lead to the customer walking awaywithout purchasing the product.Samsung Galaxy S IIIThis PoS is positioned right in the middle of the room. Thismeans that it is impossible to miss and the lighted text atthe top of the PoS attracts customers. This PoS is veryinteractive. It allows you to fully use the product itself toget a good understanding of the product. The use of the‘Hi’ written on the mount is showing how interactive theproduct is and almost suggesting that it will be like yournew best friend. The PoS uses very modern, sleek, almostfuturistic colours and materials. This shows the customerthat they are buying an incredibly advanced piece oftechnology. However this PoS does not provide muchinformation on the product. This means that thecustomer would have to go and ask a member of staff.Despite this the customer would be able to interact withthe product so would then know whether they would liketo purchase it.Oakley SunglassesThis PoS concentrates on one specific product. Thissuggests that this product is a one off, limited editionproduct. This makes the customer think they are getting amore exclusive product when they aren’t at all. The use ofthe image on the front of the PoS suggests that a lot oftechnology and detailed design has gone into the productwhere actually it is just injection moulded plastic. Thisdoes not suit the brand very well. However, the use of anenclosed glass cabinet means that the customer cannottry the sunglasses on which is crucial when purchasing apair of sunglasses. This means that the customer couldjust walk off as they would want a closer look beforepurchasing.Old SpiceL’Oreal Men ExpertOld Spice was traditionally a Groomingproduct aimed at older men. Recently theyhave changed their branding to appeal to theyounger generation. They have done thisthrough the use of comical advertising andrebranding their products, (However stillselling the original product). Old Spice is nowaimed at Men aged between 20 to early 30’s.L’Oreal Men Expert has only been around for a fewyears (Since 2005). They concentrate on Mens anti-ageing skin products. L’Oreal Men Expert is aimed atMen aged between late 20’s to whenever male antiageing skin products become un-effective. L’Orealmen expert is aimed at customers younger than thefaces of their brand, this is to make men purchasetheir product because they want to look like themen portrayed in the adverts when their skinappearance starts to decrease with age.
  4. 4. Fish Hackett LondonLynx Mr NattyHackett London is a expensive clothing brandbased in London. It is aimed at higher incomepeople and relates itself to sports such as Poloand Motor Racing. Hackett’s is aimed atcustomers aged around 20 to early 30’s. Despitethis, Hackett’s grooming products are no wherenear as expensive as its clothing. This may bebecause people want to be using products of awell known brand, but do not want to spend a lotof money on such products.Fish Soho originated from a Hair Salon inSoho, London. It customers are often fashionconscious yet unique and individual. It offers arange of styling products, which wereoriginally used in the Salon. Fish is aimed atcustomers around 18 to mid-20’s. However,Fish uses a traditional salon feel, yet I do notthink that this is portrayed well in theirbranding and use of modernistic colours.Lynx is aimed at the teenage generation. Its mainsale point is that if you use it’s products you attractmore attention from girls. It uses a sexy, howeveralso quite sexist themes. It is aimed at customersaged between 13 and 18. After this age group menoften look for a more mature, more expensivebrand of grooming products. It uses models such asKelly Brook to feature in it’s advertising to increaseattention of teenage boys.Mr Natty is based around thetraditional British barber shop. Itconsists of a range of products butalso has a large selection of facialhair and hair moulding products. It’saimed at customers around mid-20’s to late 40’s. The brand portraysit’s traditional roots through the useof wood in it’s branding andadvertising and a old fashioned styleof font.
  5. 5. L’Oreal is one of the most world renowned beauty and hair carepowerhouses and has 23 well established brands to its name, which currentlyappear in 130 countries worldwide. With 64,600 employees and nearly acentury’s worth of specialist expertise it’s a market leader in male grooming.L’Oreal Men Expert is L’Oreal’s line of made-to-measure skincare solutionsdesigned specifically for men’s skin whatever their age and lifestyle. L’Oreallaunched the first mens anti aging line in April 2005, consisting of eightseparate products, produced at L’Oreal’s state of the art laboratories. Theyare proud of the proven technology that goes into their products.L’Oreal Men Expert ResearchBrand HistoryCustomer ProfilingL’Oreal Quote:“2010 will give rise to a new male stereotype, the “Retrosexual” man, whoreclaims an idea of masculinity based on old-fashioned male values,unashamedly incorporating personal grooming as a sign of pride andconfidence.”L’Oreal Men Expert Customer:•Aged between Late 20’s and to the end of when a male skin care productwould be used.•A man who cared about their facial appearance.•A man who wanted to show his peers that he is still self respected, wants tolook professional and sophisticated.L’Oreal Men Expert use very simple, yet sleek, no messing around packaging.It’s straight to the point but still has that professional, sophisticated look.The use of Black, Silver and Orange adds to the theme of sophisticated andshows that the product is directed at more middle age men. The design ofthe packaging also adds to the theme of the technology that the products arebased around. For example the use of the name ‘Hydra Energetic’ and theaddition of the logo (adS) at the bottom left. This reassures the customerthat what they are buying is based on scientific technology and actuallyworks.Products and Packaging
  6. 6. Design BriefDesign a new point of sale display unit for a male grooming company. The unit mustdisplay at least 1 product from their range and must clearly identify the brand. Possiblebrands are Old Spice, Fish, L’Oreal Men Expert, Mr Natty, Lynx and Hackett London. Thebrand I am choosing is L’Oreal Men Expert.L’Oreal Men Expert has been around for a few years now (Created 2005) and are still usingvery basic Point of Sales along with their original branding. This may be a problem withregard to advertising the product to the next, up and coming generation of L’Oreal MenExpert customers. With a new PoS, sales would increase due to more potential customersbeing attracted by the presence of the PoS.SituationAn example of a current, very basic L’Oreal Men Expert PoS. It is verysimple and does not draw enough attention to the product that it isdisplaying. This could mean that customers could easily walk straight pastthe PoS, meaning that less products would be sold, resulting in a decreasein profits for L’Oreal.Existing L’Oreal Men Expert PoS
  7. 7. Task AnalysisEnvironment:Shop, Shopping Centre, Marketing Events.Aesthetics/Themes:Modern, Sleek, Simplistic, Light, Dark, Colourful,Patterned, Vintage, Retro, Natural, Un-natural,Misconceptions, Hidden, Subtle, Folding, Organic, Sharp,Bold, Linear, Original, Un-original.Safety:Round edges, Stability, Hazard, Injury, Bottom Heavy, TripHazard.Ease of Construction:Flat Pack, Pop Up, Screws, Nuts and Bolts, Slot Together,One Piece, Minimal Parts, Tools, Time, Difficulty,Instructions.Future:Recyclable, Changeable, Sustainable, Biodegradable.Social Media:Facebook, Twitter, QR Reader, Website, Internet,E-mail, Contact Information, Attracts Attention, My-Space, Competitions, Prizes.Materials:Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Thermo Set Plastics,Titanium, Carbon Fibre, Tin, Pine, MDF, Oak, Plywood,Beach, Cedar, Mahogany, Cheap, Expensive, Recyclable,Biodegradable, Sustainable.Functions/Purpose:Interactive, Display, Inform, Sell, Prices, Free Samples,Persuade, Advertise, Represent the Brand, Useful,Helpful, Easy to Understand.Position of Product:High, Low, Eye Level, Forward, Back, Side, Deep, Shallow, Central, Moving, Rotating, Obvious,Subtle, Hidden, Individual, Cluttered, Straight, Angled.Links FX: Establishing a need and Analysing the contextLogical: Logical design and use is very important when designing a product. There are lots ofthings that are very ‘Logical’ to include in the design of a point of sale. For example the brandname is necessary on the PoS to advertise the make of the product advertised. This needs to beclearly displayed on the unit so that it can be easily seen. The colours of the brand need to linkin with the PoS itself. This is so that the brand can be identified in the future due to the coloursof the PoS reminding customers of the brand. The product itself needs to be used at the PoS.This is very logical due to the fact that the customer needs to know actually what they arebuying in order to make the purchase. But most important is the fact that the PoS needs to beclearly displayed in the location it is situated. This is important as the PoS needs to attract theattention of the customer. This can be done in several ways. One is that the PoS is positioned ateye level so that it is clearly spotted by the customer. The PoS also needs to be positioned nearto the foot fall of the customer so that it can be seen by passers by that may be attracted to thePoS. It could also be positioned on the way to the tills so that the customer may pass it whilstgoing to pay for other items meaning that they may spend a little more money since they arealready spending some.Illogical: Illogical design and use is also very effective when designing a PoS. An example ofthis is that having a lot of fragrances close together will make it hard to distinguish the individualscents. This means that the user may need to spray some on a cardboard strip to get a goodsmell of the fragrance. This means that the customer may put the strip in their bag and later findit and want to purchase the fragrance, and if the brand name is printed on the strip then it willmake locating the fragrance easier. The size of the PoS in comparison with the product itself isalso illogical but effective. For example a big PoS with a small product suggests that that productis more exclusive and that it may be a limited edition piece. Also, if you are displaying an itemthat is interactive you may not want to make it so that the customer can interact with it as itmay could give too much of the product before the customer has purchased it.Need: There are several things that are essential for a PoS. For example the Brand must bedisplayed on the PoS. This is so that the customer knows who makes the product that theyare interested in buying, it also advertises the brand itself. The product also has to be safefor the customer, it cannot be able to cause injury or harm to the customer as that could costthe shop a lot of money. The product also has to be secure on the PoS. This is so that it isn’teasily stolen and that it is prevented from theft. This is important for expensive products.Keep/Scrap: Keep and Scrap is whether the PoS can be reused or whether it has to bethrown out. This is important because if it can be kept it will save the brand money as theydon’t have to make new PoS they can just adapt the existing ones. This means that the PoShas to be sustainable and made so it can be adapted to save the brand money.Form/Function: Form and function is important when designing a product. Thisargument is basically whether you want to make the product work really well but it is not asaesthetically pleasing or if you want the product to look really good but not as effective as itcould be. It is very hard to get the perfect balance. It is hard to find a product thataesthetically looks really good and works incredibly well with regard to the function of theproduct. This means that there are very few products that a the perfect balance and manydesigners spend years trying to create the perfect balance. Which is more importantdepends on the type of product that you are creating. For example if you are producing aproduct that needs to look good form is more important. If you are producing a product thatneeds to work really well then obviously function is far more important.X Factor: X Factor is that special something that is unique to your product. Something thatonly your product can do. This means that this can be used as a unique selling point whichmeans that the product is more likely to sell.
  8. 8. Initial SpecificationAesthetics: Aesthetics will be very important when designing my PoS.L’Oreal Men Expert uses very modern, sophisticated aesthetics to relate totheir middle aged customer. The customer would be attracted to the PoSdue to the aesthetics being very simple yet eye catching. This would bethrough the use of the LOreal Men Expert colours which are Black, Orangeand Silver. The PoS would have very sleek, linear edges along with smoothangles and rounded edges. This would create a professional look and makethe PoS very aesthetically pleasing. The PoS would not be too over the topas this would not represent the brand very well and could turn customersaway due to the vulgar aesthetics of the Pos.Cost: Cost is very important when designing the PoS. The PoS must befinished to a high standard and look attractive to the eye but at the sametime must be affordable to produce, especially if it is to be used in highnumbers. If the PoS is reasonably cheap to manufacture then it will allowL’Oreal Men Expert to display their PoS in various environments withoutcosting the company too much money. However, the finish of the PoSmust relate to the quality of the product itself. This is because the PoScannot look tacky as this will effect the visual appearance of the productitself, especially as the PoS will be considerably larger than the Productbeing displayed.Customer: The customer is also very important when designing the PoS.A typical L’Oreal Men Expert customer would be a middle aged male whowas conscious of his facial appearance. He would want to look professionalin front of his peers, showing that he is sophisticated and respects himself.This has to be taken into account when designing the PoS as it has toattract the attention of this type of customer. If the PoS does not relate tothis customer then it may lead to the customer ignoring the PoS thinkingthe product is not what they are looking for.Environment: The environment that the PoS is going to be situated is alsovery important when designing it. Is the PoS going to be situated in a shop?Or will it be used at marketing events? This will effect the needs of the PoSwhich is crucial when designing it. This includes where about the PoS will besituated in that certain environment. For example will the product bepositioned at eye level or lower down? Will the PoS be situated near thecustomers foot fall if placed in a shop?. The PoS also needs to suit thatenvironment that it is positioned in. It cannot be too lairy as it may put offpossible customers of that certain shop in which the PoS is situated.Size: The size of the PoS is crucial when designing it. The size of the PoSmust suit the environment it is situated . If it is too small then customersmay walk straight pass and not notice the product on display. However, ifthe PoS is too big it may dwarf the product and make it look out of place,which could put customers off. Despite this, If you make a PoS a significantamount bigger than the product it is selling then this could add to the ideaof exclusivity or suggest that the product is of a limited edition.Safety: The safety of the PoS is incredibly important when designing thePoS. It has to be safe so that it will not cause harm or injure the customeras this could lead to serious consequences involving the shop where it issold. The PoS must not have any sharp edges or sharp pieces that could cutthe customer. It also has to be very stable so that it cannot fall over whenknocked and possibly fall on a customers foot causing an injury. It cannotbe highly flammable in case it was ignited which could have disastrouseffects. It must not have anywhere where the customer could trap theirfinger or snag their clothes when using the PoS to view the product.Function: The primary function of the PoS is to display that certainproduct. However, it can have several other secondary functions. These caninclude allowing the customer to interact with the product, for example testthe product on their skin to get a grater understanding of the fragrance. Thiscan also include purely advertising the brand that manufactures theproduct. Also, the PoS should provide information about the product that isbeing displayed, for example the price and the range available for purchase.Materials: The Materials used in the manufacture of the PoS should behighly thought about when designing the PoS. The materials must makethe PoS look aesthetically pleasing yet not be too much in terms of value.The PoS could be made out of Plastic which would add to the sophisticatedaspect of the brand as cardboard looks cheap. However the PoS needs tobe easy to assemble if it is to be used in shops. This rules out some moreexpensive materials such as some metals as it will make the PoS veryheavy and hard to assemble before it is put onto the shop floor and itcould effect the safety of the PoS.
  9. 9. Research and Time PlanQuestionnaire: To find out more information on PoS’s I will create anduse several questionnaires to find out additional information about theuse and design of PoS. I will create two different questionnaires aimed attwo different people. The first will be aimed at L’Oreal Men Experts targetcustomers, with the other aimed at designers of PoS for male groomingbrands. This will allow me to understand what customers want in a goodPoS and what Designers find effective when they design PoS. I will askmembers of the public outside shops such a Boots, House of Fraser andSuperdrug as these shops all use mens grooming PoS in there stores. Iwill write up the results on a notepad when conducting my research andlater type them up onto my coursework.Person and Product Interaction: To find out how customersinteract and use the PoS, I will go to a store that sells male groomingproducts that use PoS and observe the customers as they interact withthe Product. I will observe their body language and their movementsand what they do with the product. For example whether they smellthe product or they test the weight of the product etc. I want to learnthe sort of things that a customer would want to know when using aPoS so that I can incorporate some of these things into my design. Iwill go to a shop like Boots where PoS are used in the display of malegrooming products so that I can observe the actions of relevantcustomers so I can get an accurate representation of how thecustomers interact with the PoS. I will use a notepad to record thefindings in the store then write my findings up when I get home.Environmental Snapshot: I want to look at the sort of environment that my PoS will be used in sothat I can design my PoS around this environment and make sure that my design is suitable. To do this Iwill go into a shop such as Boots or Super Drug and take photographs and notes about that certainenvironment. For example what colours are being used and the proportions of other PoS and objectssuch as shelves. I will also look at customer foot fall which will allow to get a greater understanding ofthe paths taken by customers so that I can decide where would be best to position my PoS. Similar tothe other research I will use a notepad to record findings and take some photos of the environmentthat I can use later when designing my PoS.First Hand Existing Design Analysis: I will gather 10photographs of Existing male grooming PoS and use theanalysis method of ‘Access Fm’ to breakdown and study eachPoS. From this I hope to learn what other designers are doing,whether there are any trends with PoS. It will allow me toidentify any weak points in the PoS so that I can make sure thatthis problem does not occur when designing my PoS. I will lookfor various functions and things that I could incorporate intomy design. I will take photos in shops such as Boots andSuperdrug of male grooming products to analyse for myresearch.Market Research: To get a greaterunderstanding of the market that my PoSwill be used I will complete a marketresearch that consists of looking at andanalysing five other competitors of myproduct. This will give me a better insightinto the type of products that mine will beup against which will help a lot whendesigning my product. I will write up myfindings onto my coursework so that it canbe easily accessed when designing myPoS.Brand Profiling: I will analyse the brand that I have chosen tocreate my PoS for. This will allow me to understand and view theirbrand to gain knowledge. I will also look at their current branding togather ideas and to recognise what improvements could be made. Iwill research the brand using the internet to collect information andimages so that I can build a picture of the brand in my head. Thismeans that when it comes to me designing the product I can designit around the brand with ease as I already know and understand thebrand and their marketing. I will document the findings and thenwrite them up onto my coursework.Mood Board: As part of my research I will also create a mood board to explore thethemes and ideas relating to my product and brand. This allows me to identify sourcesof visual information that will allow me to gain a greater understanding of the style ofthe product I am planning to create. It will also act as inspiration and allow me to findpoints that I could incorporate into my design. I will create a mood board by collectinga group of images that relate to my design, which I will get from the internet. I willpresent all these images on a single page allowing for easy interpretation and in a clearand organised layout.Customer Profiling: For customer profiling Iwill explore the type of customer that I think willuse my product. I want to find out what sort oflifestyle they live, their income, their likes anddislikes. I would also look a their age and theirprofessions to allow me to build an image of thecustomer so that when I am designing my PoSthis will be on my mind throughout the process. Iwould complete his research by writing up myfindings with the use of images .
  10. 10. Target Customer QuestionnaireDesigner QuestionnaireAs part of my research I decided that a questionnairewould be a good way of finding out information andtips on designing a PoS. I decided that I should createtwo different questionnaires. One would be aimed atL’Oreal Men Experts target customer and the other ata Designer of Male Grooming PoS. This will allow meto ask different question, for the customer I can askwhat they think and want in a good PoS, as for thedesigner I can ask more advanced questions aboutmaterials etc. Here you can see the questions that Iasked and the answers that I received. From thisInformation I will be able to take into account some ofthe feedback and incorporate this into my design.Questionnaire1. What draws your attention to a Point of sale? I think that it needs to be a reasonable size so that it is noticed and havecolours that are eye catching, either bright or sleek so that it catches the attention of a customer. The way that theproduct itself is displayed also catches my attention.2. What information do you want to be shown on a Point of Sale? I think that it is always useful to have the price clearlyshown and the brand that the product is made by.3. What do you think makes a good Point of Sale? The Point of Sale shouldn’t be too flashy, it should look clean and simpleand shouldn’t have too much information on it, just what is crucial.4. What do you think makes a poor Point of Sale? One that looks really tacky and poorly built. Also, the colours need to gotogether otherwise it makes the Point of Sale look bad. Also, a really big Point of Sale with a small product looks out ofplace.5. What sort of size do you think a Male Grooming Point of Sale should be? I think a Point of Sale for a Male Groomingproduct should be about 40x40cm, anything bigger will have a negative on the customer. Much smaller and it could bemissed by customers.6. Do you think that a PoS should have an interactive feature? Yes I do, I think that even if it allows you to smell the productor hold it. If you put the product in a glass case then customers may just walk away as they cannot be bothered to get asales assistant to get it out for them. However, for a Male grooming product then I don’t think that it should be toointeractive as it doesn’t really need to be.1. What do you use to draw the customers attention in a PoS? There are a few things that we use to attract the customer.The main thing is the aesthetics of the PoS. The colours are crucial and If the brand or product ‘s name is large then thisalso draws the customers attention.2. How much information do you usually display on a Male grooming PoS? Well, it usually depends on the product. When itcomes to displaying the price it depends , if the product is fairly cheap and this is a selling point then we display it.However, if the product is fairly expensive and we think that displaying the price may turn customers away then weusually do not show it. This also adds to the exclusivity of the product. With regard to the other information it usuallydepends on the size of the PoS. We will usually put a description of the product and if the PoS is large enough we mayalso display other products available in the range.3. What sort of materials do you use in the manufacture of PoS? It usually depends on the brand of the product. Forexample if you have an expensive brand then we would usually use a high quality plastic, something that makes theproduct look it’s price. If it is for a cheaper product then we would use something like cardboard, because it doesn’t havemuch effect on the product itself in a low price range. Other materials we would use are lightweight metals such asDuralumin or we may use some types of wood.4. What do you think makes a good PoS? Something that looks interesting, so that it attracts the customers attention. It alsoneeds to look good and more importantly make the product look good. It also needs to be proportionate to the productin terms of size.5. What do you think makes a poor PoS? The PoS cannot look tacky and cannot be too lairy either. More simple PoS lookfar better. Also, if the PoS is showing more than one product, each individual product cannot be too clustered. Eventhough in general there are sometimes positives about having the products clustered it is not the case with MaleGrooming PoS.6. What is the ideal size for a Male Grooming PoS? This depends on the amount of products that are being displayed. For asingular product PoS then the PoS cannot be too big, I’d say about 40 to 50cm width x 30 to 40cm height. Any bigger thanthis and the product would look too small. For a PoS with multiple products on display it is up to you, however if it is goingto be really large then it has to be proportionate to the environment that it is going to be situated in.7. What sort of interactive features do you use on Male Grooming PoS? There are a limited amount of interactive featuresthat you can use on a PoS. I think the most important is that the product can be sampled e.g. the customer can test andsmell the fragrance. Also, it is important for the customer to feel the weight of the product if they are going travelling ect.On larger PoS we sometimes use interactive touch screens that allow the customer to view the entire range digitally, butthese are usually one off PoS used a marketing events as they cost a considerable amount more than your usual PoS.After I gathered my research I wanted to identify themain points of information that I had received. I didthis by highlighting the key points as you can see onthe right hand side. This means that I can clearlyIdentify the key pieces of information so that myresearch is effective and useful.Summary of Questionnaire:Need to include:•Proportionate in Size to Product•Eye Catching Colours•Clean and Simple aesthetically•Product needs to be interactive (Smell and toHold)•Brand name clearly displayed•Proportionate information displayed•Description of the product•Fairly high quality materials•Looks interesting, something unique•40 to 50cm in width x 30 to 40cm in height•Proportionate to the environmentNeed to Avoid:•Not too much information displayed•Shouldn’t look tacky and poorly built•Not too interactive•Materials should not be too expensive•Not too clustered•Not too big in size
  11. 11. Person Product InteractionAnother piece of research that I wanted to do is Person and Product interaction. This allows me an insight into the behaviourand actions of a customer when they are using a PoS. The significance of this is that it allows me to incorporate my findingsinto my design knowing how customers behave when using a Point of Sale. This allows me to design my PoS around theneeds and wants of a customer so that it is consequently more effective. I found a few interesting things when completingthis research. Initially I noticed that customers looked at the Point of sales that were more advanced and caught the eye ofthe customer better. One of those is that the customers like to pick up the product. This lead to a few other interactions. Inoticed that practically all the customers smelt the product, and some even put some on their skin to smell. Others , heldthe product as they wanted to feel the weight. I asked this customer why he had done this and he said that he does a lot oftravelling and weight is a big issue to him when travelling. Other customers wanted to test the build quality applyingpressure to the lid to see how secure it was as they do not want the product leaking. Many also felt the texture of theproduct in their hands. As with the testing the smell, the majority of customers read the product description on the productitself, some for quite along time in large detail. After all the customers had looked at the product they often compared theprice of the product with other products on sale, debating which product to buy and if that product was worth the money.Despite this no customer spent more than 5 minutes at the PoS before either walking away or coming to a decision.Environmental SnapshotI decided that completing a Environmental Snapshot will helpsignificantly when designing my product. This is because it will allowme to design a product the does not look out of place and suits theenvironment that it will be situated in. I went into Boots a took fourphotographs (displayed right) of the Men’s Grooming section. I didthis as this is where my product is likely to be displayed. Thisallowed me to get a greater understanding of what colours, texturesand the layout of this environment. From this I learnt that many ofthe colours used in the environment are very neutral and plainallowing for the majority of colours to be used in the Point of Saleswithout the risk of a clash and Point of Sales looking too lairy. I alsolearnt that there was a wall where all the more expensive productswere situated (Top Left Picture) and that the cheaper, everydayproducts were displayed on the shelves nearer the centre of theshop. These products on the shelves were positioned on Point ofSales but they were more simple and not as big as the ones of themore expensive products. I also found that there were a fewindividual Point of Sales standing individually around the customersfoot fall. These were larger and had more volume. These also had alarge image of the brand positioned above the product. (This can beseen at the left hand side of the bottom left photograph). Thegeneral layout allowed for spacious walkways and a clean, non-cluttered look around the shop floor (Also Bottom Left).
  12. 12. Mood BoardI wanted to create a mood board so that I can gather aselection of shapes and colours based on the brand and thebrands products. From my mood board I can see that thecolours used are mainly Black, Orange and Silver. Mostimages include clean, linear lines with the occasionalsmooth, sleek curve. All images portray the themeSophisticated and Professional which is key to the targetaudience of my product. One of the reasons that Icompleteda mood board was that I can use it asinspiration when designing my product, allowing me toincorporate some parts of products into my design.
  13. 13. Customer ProfilingIt is crucial that I complete a Customer Profile for my product. A Customer Profile looks at several things about the targetaudience, looking at their lifestyle, income and hobbies. This allows for a greater understanding of the customer so that I canbase my product around the results of this particular piece of research. After completing previous research and analysis ofthe brand I can produce a stereotyped impression of a L’Oreal Men Expert Customer. This is the results.L’Oreal Quote:“2010 will give rise to a new male stereotype, the “Retrosexual” man, who reclaims an idea of masculinity based on old-fashioned male values, unashamedly incorporating personal grooming as a sign of pride and confidence.”Lifestyle: The Lifestyle of a L’Oreal Men Expert Customer is based around his profession, usually working in the city or anoffice environment. This consumes his working week with time on the weekend to participate in various hobbies and timespent with family/ wife/ girlfriend. He cares largely about his facial appearance, showing to his peers that he is sophisticatedand professional and has a lot of self pride. He uses these products to ward off the signs of ageing making him appearyounger than he is, or using these products so that in the future he holds of the signs of ageing.Age: Age is very important with regard to a L’Oreal Men Expert customer. As the products are popular to be used to wardoff the signs of ageing then it is not quite as simple as other brands. I came to the conclusion that a stereotypical L’OrealMen Expert Customer would be aged between Late 20’s and to when the effects of a facial skincare product decrease andbecomes ineffective due to the natural ageing.Likes: A L’Oreal men Expert customer would be heavily involved in his working life. This means that he wouldlike products that relate to his working life such as executive cars and smartphones. He would like technologyand products that are very modernistic incorporating linear lines and sleek curves. Also things like high qualitywatches to make the impressions that they are still trying to stay young and look impressive by wearingexpensive clothing and accessories.Income: An average L’Oreal Men Expert customer would have a disposable income around £25,000 any whereup to around £100,000. This is a wide range as the range of customer can vary a lot due to work place hierarchywhich results in different salaries.
  14. 14. Brand ProfilingI also decided that I should have a better look at the brand that I chose, LOreal Men Expert. I decided to do this bycompleting a brand research . I did this so that I can make sure that the final product that I design will fit in well with thebrand and not look out of place. I looked at various aspects of the brand and here are my findings.L’Oreal ParisL’Oreal Men Expert is a specialist Men’s range made by L’Oreal Paris. L’Oreal Paris is a French company aimed at the beautytrend and their products are sold in 120 countries worldwide. They work on their philosophy: “To innovate and offer topperforming products at great prices to the greatest number of consumers possible”. Their slogan is “Because you’re worthit” and they pride themselves on a heavy involvement in the fashion Industry. Their main selling point is that they areheavily based on scientific evidence and they are proud of this as it is one of their main selling points, that their productsactually work.Branding and PackagingL’Oreal Men Expert use three main colours in their branding. These colours are Black, Orange and Silver/Grey. This portraysthe professional and sophisticated look that L’Oreal Men Expert are putting across to the customer. The brand uses quitemodern looking styling on their packaging which represents their scientific side. Their branding appeals to men, however,through the use of models such as Hugh Laurie it also attracts female customers purchasing the product for their husband orboyfriend.Prices/Where SoldL’Oreal Men Expert offers an affordable yet scientifically proven product. This attracts the customer because it actuallyworks and does not cost a lot of money having a product that makes you look younger. To add to this the product is veryaccessible to purchase. It can be bought in any major pharmacy and shops such as Boots and Super Drug. This means thatbecause these are very popular shops then the product will be seen by many people, often leading to a sale.AdvertisingL’Oreal Men Expert use several famous models to advertise their brand and their products. They use people such as HughLaurie and Piers Brosnan to be the faces of their brand. This means that many customers would know who these people areand want to look as good as them. You can see some of their advertising below and to the right.
  15. 15. Market ResearchI decided that market research would be very useful to complete, as it would allowme to look at other products and brands that my product would have to competeagainst. It will allow me to identify unique selling points and analyse how otherproducts incorporate their companies branding. This will allow me to adapt anddesign my product around existing products to create a better outcome. Here are 5brands that I looked at the would be competitors of my L’Oreal Men Expert product.Nivea For MenOne of the competitors I looked at was Nivea For Men.Similar to L’Oreal Men Expert they are a major brandwith a large advertising campaign with recent televisionadverts including faces such as Les Ferdinand and DavidSeaman. This links in with the fact that they are theofficial supplier of the England National football team.Nivea For Men also concentrate on male anti ageingskin care hosting a range of moisturisers and face scrubsas shown in the image. The pricing is also similar toLOreal men Expert with affordable products aimed atlate 20’s to middle age men. They portray their brand asa very clean and simple product which relates to theircountry of origin being France.Dove Men + CareDove Men + Care again, is very similar to L’Oreal MenExpert. They have based their company and theirbranding around research undertaken in 2009. Similarto L’Oreal Men Expert the are targeted at middle agedmen, however Dove Men + Care tend to concentrate onbody sprays and anti perspirant deodorants not as muchskin care and anti ageing products. Even though Dove isa large brand their range for Men + Care is not verybig, compared to the likes of Nivea and L’Oreal MenExpert. Similar to Nivea they have recently signed a dealwith the Welsh Rugby Union as their main sponsor. Thismeans that a lot of their target customers will see theadvertising at games and on television leading to anincrease in sales due to an increase in customers.No7 For MenNo7 for Men is Boots home brand. They base their range onchannel’s No5 which is a lot more expensive. They still usesimilar branding and packaging which portrays a moreexpensive and classy product. They sell on the bases thatthey are very cheap and to the untrained eye they look verysimilar to Channel products. They sell a range of Serums andFacial scrubs for men. Similar to all of these products theyare aimed at middle age men. Despite this No7 does notportray a very manly image hence its link with Channel. Thismay be to attract female customers buying the products forhusbands and boyfriends.LAB SeriesSimilar to L’Oreal Men Expert, LAB Series base theirproducts on factual science and advancements intechnology, proving that their products do genuinely whatthe claim to do. This adds reassurance to the customer thatwhat they are buying does actually work. Their brandingdoes not have the same effect as the No7, with regard toportraying an attractive packaging and fragrance. LAB Serieshas very simple and effective packaging, portraying theirscientific side. This can be seen by the customer which addsto the reassurance that the product actually does what itsays it does. This may appeal more to slightly older middleaged men who just want a product that works.Kyoku For MenKyoku for Men originate from Japan and have used manytraditional Japanese herbs combined with moderntechnology to provide modern facial care products for men.They have a slightly different approach to the market thanlike the other brands. They have a range of slightly strangerfacial products including things such as Lip Fuel and LavaMasque. Their products are purposely designed for maleskin and they are proud of the technology that theincorporate into their products. Their products are fairlyexpensive in comparison to the other brands and they havea younger target audience which they attract with theirmodern and sleek packaging.
  16. 16. First Hand Existing Design AnalysisI decides that I should complete some first hand existing design analysis to allow me togather a greater knowledge of Point of Sales that are currently being used. This consisted ofgathering a selection of images and using Access Fm to analyse each product. However, dueto certain legal reasons I was denied access to taking photographs in shops such as Boots andSuper Drug. This meant that I only managed to take a few photographs which meant that Icouldn’t gather as much information that I had wanted too. Here are a few of thephotographs that I was allowed to take and I will have to make the most of each photo.Aesthetics: The aesthetics of this PoS are very basic andsimple. It consists of two simple colours, Black and Greyand is made up of very Linear lines and shapes.Cost: This PoS would be fairly low in cost, as it was made ofmainly one material. However, this PoS did look slightlytacky and cheap because of this.Customer: The customer of this PoS would be either thetarget audience, or a female buying for their Husband orBoyfriend as a present or a general shop.Environment: This PoS was situated in Pound Land whichconsists of a range of varying products, but this one waspositioned with the other grooming products.Safety: This PoS was quite stable as it had a large base,however the corners were quite sharp and protruded a fairbit, causing a possible health and safety hazard.Size: This PoS was based on the floor and was fairly tall.This meant that most products were displayed at waistheight with the top few rows being easily visible.Function: The function of this PoS was simply to display theproducts, it did not have any interactive features.Materials: This PoS was mainly constructed by woodeninterior covered in a gloss finished polymer.Aesthetics: The aesthetics of this PoS again were verybasic, mainly consisting of three main colours, Black, greyand White. It includes simple linear lines.Cost: This PoS would also be low in cost, as it is simple andmade up of only a few parts. This makes it loo very basicand not massively appealing.Customer: The customer would be anyone wanting to trythe fragrance or anyone interested in purchasing theproduct.Environment: The environment that this PoS was situatedin was also Pound Land who concentrate on cheapproducts. As you can see this PoS was also positioned withthe other grooming products.Safety: This PoS was fairly safe as it did not have manyhazards, the corners were fairly sharp but were not in theway of the customer.Size: The PoS was of a fairly small size due to it beinglocated at the end of an Isle, it had a small platform thatheld the product so the customer could sample it.Function: The function of this PoS was to allow thecustomer to sample the product to test the fragrance.Materials: This PoS was mainly constructed of alightweight metal with some plastic parts to keep the costdown.Aesthetics: The aesthetics of this PoS consist of a smallselection of colours, consisting of Black, White and Gold.It uses sharp, sleek lines incorporated into the PoS.Cost: This PoS would cost slightly more, due to it mainlybeing constructed of slightly more expensive materialsand being more detailed in terms of it’s design.Customer: The customer of this PoS would be the targetcustomer, or a female buying for their Husband orBoyfriend as a present or a general shop.Environment: This PoS was situated in Debenhams, whichis a more upmarket shop, and this PoS was positionedwith all the other male and female grooming products.Safety: This certain PoS is fairly safe as it is wall mounted,however it does not have any barrier on the outer edgeto stop the products from falling off if they were knocked.Size: This PoS was fairly large as it was mounted against awall. It had a few sections/shelves where differentproducts were shown.Function: The function of this PoS is to display eachproduct along with a few other products from thatcertain range, with a bottle of the product in the centre.Materials: This PoS mainly consisted of a gloss polymerwith a strengthened interior, with metal border.Aesthetics: The aesthetics of this PoS are quite simple, as itonly consists of one colour and bold linear lines.Cost: This PoS would be fairly expensive as it is a largepiece and has a large volume and height.Customer: The customer of this PoS would be someonewho is browsing the store or looking for a new product topurchase, as a few products are displayed.Environment: This PoS was found in Debenhams in themale grooming section, along with various other PoS.Safety: This PoS was quite stable as it had a large base,however the corners were quite sharp and protruded intothe foot fall of the customer, meaning that the customercould catch their clothing or hurt their leg if they bumpedinto the PoS.Size: This PoS was based on the floor and was quite tall andfairly wide. This meant that most of the products that weredisplayed were not easily see as they were hidden by theother shelves.Function: The function of this PoS was simply to display theproducts, it did not have any interactive features.Materials: This PoS had a metal interior and a fairly toughplastic for the exterior and the shelves.
  17. 17. Research SummaryImportantNot asImportantClean and Simple AestheticsMust look Interesting andUniqueCustomer spends no more than5 Minutes at PoSBlack, Orange, Silver ColourSchemeMust incorporate the themeof Sophisticated andProfessional.Proportionate to Size andEnvironmentEye catching ColoursCustomer can Interactwith the Product.Brand name clearlydisplayedSmall description ofProduct.Neutral colours used in theEnvironment Brand ImageModern Linear ShapesSeveral other competitive productssimilar to L’Oreal Men ExpertProduct ComparisonDifferent pricelocationsUse high qualitymaterialsLots of information
  18. 18. Further Specification• My design must incorporate linear lines which allow a sleek and modernistic look. However, some smooth and subtle curves could also be used, but themajority linear. I learnt this when completing my brand research and customer profiling.• Throughout my designs I will use the theme of Sophisticated and Professional. I decide to do this when completing my Customer profiling as the targetusers life would be based around his city job and would want this to be reflected in the products that he uses.• I will use the typical L’Oreal men Expert colour scheme in my designs. This consists of three main colours, Black, Orange, Silver/Grey which portray thetheme of Sophisticated and Professional. I found this during my brand research.• I want to keep my designs nice and simple as I found out in the questionnaire that cluttered PoS often put customers off. This will also make the PoSlook sleek and fit in well with the Professional theme.• Im going to use fairly high quality materials to insure an aesthetically pleasing PoS, however at the same time I want to try to keep costs as low aspossible, so that they can be produced in high numbers without costing the company too much money.• I want my PoS to be positioned at eye level (but can still be floor based) in the environment that it will be situated in. I also wanted it to be located nearthe customers foot fall. I came to this decision after completing my Environmental snapshot.• My designs need to be proportionate in terms of the size of the product displayed and the environment it is situated in. I found this out whencompleting my Designer Questionnaire.• My PoS will have to be very safe and cannot be of any hazard at all to possible customers. This is due to the fact that if someone was to get injured, thiscould cost the company a considerable amount of money.• I want my PoS to be fairly interactive in terms of holding and smelling the product on display. I decided this when completing my Target customerQuestionnaire as this was on of the things that I found the majority of customers want in a PoS.• When selecting the materials to use in the manufacture of my PoS, I want to use materials that will mean that the PoS is of a high aesthetic level, but atthe same time do not cost too much money. This will mean that more PoS can be made for less money.
  19. 19. 50 Initial Ideas
  20. 20. 50 Initial Ideas
  21. 21. 20 Best Initial Ideas
  22. 22. 20 Best Initial Ideas
  23. 23. 20 Best Initial Ideas
  24. 24. Concept 1
  25. 25. Concept 2
  26. 26. Concept 3
  27. 27. DevelopmentThis is the design that I have chosen todevelop and eventually manufacture.Originally my design consisted as onemain outer ring with a smaller innerring. When drawing my concept Ithought that the word ‘Expert’ couldbe easily applied to my design, whichwould create a stronger link betweenmy design and the brand.‘EXPERT’I decided that I could easily incorporatethe lettering of ‘Expert’ into my designwith the ‘X’ positioned inside the mainouter circle and with the ‘ERT’ beingpositioned externally to the righthand side of the design. This meansthat the ‘E’ can be created from theleft hand side of the outer circle withthe ‘P’ being created from the smaller,inner circle. This can be clearly seenfrom the image to the left.Font of LetteringFor the ‘X’ and ‘ERT’ I’ve decidedto use the font that is used forL’Oreal Men Expert brandingand logo. I then had the choiceof what case to have thelettering, Upper or Lower. Hereyou can see several examples ofboth Fonts. I chose the Uppercase font as it relates to theclean, and professional aspectof L’Oreal Men Expert andmakes the PoS look sharper andmore contemporary.Lower Case Upper CaseMaterials for ‘X’ and ‘ERT’I have several options for what material I want to manufacture mylettering out of. These being Metal, Wood and Plastic. Here I have lookedat each material in further detail so I can decide on what material to usefor my design.MetalsFor my design I would use a metal such asAluminium. I looked into the properties ofaluminium and this is what I found:•Lightweight•Ductile•Good strength to weight ratio•Attractive finishThe two that really stand out as beingimportant for my design is the Attractivefinish and strength to weight material.However, I am aware that aluminium isreasonably expensive and a lot would beneeded to manufacture the lettering.WoodI decided that a wood such as MDF wouldbe suited to creating the lettering on mydesign. Here are some of it’s characteristics:•Easy to Cut/Shape•Reasonably cheap•Finishes can be easily applied•Easy to get hold ofAll these properties are useful for my designand the fact that it can be easily cut andshaped would be very useful for cutting outmy lettering. Despite this, the one issue Ihave is that the finish wouldn’t not relateto my brand very well.PlasticI could use a plastic such as Polystyrene. Hereis what I found out about the properties ofPolystyrene:•Very Hard•Can be flexible when slightly heated•Can be coloured•Has a gloss finishThe properties that stand out the most arethe fact that it can be bent into curves andhas a gloss finish. The one problem is that itmay look slightly cheap and tacky, anddoesn’t really relate to the clean, modernisticside of L’Oreal Men Expert.I have decided to use a combination of twomaterials for manufacturing my lettering. I amgoing to use a MDF inner covered with a thinlayer of Aluminium. This is because MDF is fairlycheap and easy to shape and Aluminium willprovide a attractive finish which will create moremodern aesthetics.Another Student in my class has pointed out theuse of the MDF inner covered in the outermaterial may be considerably time consuming soI may change this when it comes to manufacture.
  28. 28. DevelopmentManufacture of LetteringTo create the lettering for my design I will need to cut them out from the original sourcematerial, this being the MDF and Aluminium. There are several methods of doing this but Iwant one that will take the least time yet do the job to a high standard. Here are some ofthe methods that I looked at using.MDFThere are several methods that I could use to cut out theMDF inner to my lettering. The two I have chosen to lookinto are two different saws, a Hegner Saw and a CopingSaw.I could use a Coping saw as it will allow me to makeaccurate cuts along a tight curve due to the use of its thinblade, which can be easily changed to different teeth size.The only real disadvantages of using this method is thatCoping saws are limited to cutting within shallow framesand that this process may take quite along time to cut outall of my lettering.The other Saw I could use is the electrically poweredHegner Saw. Hegner Saws are used for cutting curves thatare too intricate for a coping saw or jigsaw. This meansthat I could cut even more precise cuts without the effortof using the manual Coping Saw. This would be particularlyuseful when cutting out the curve at the top of the ‘R’.CopingSawHegnerSawAluminiumThere are a few ways that I could cut out my Aluminium sheet letters to attach to the outsideof my pine inners. However, the first method that I came across seemed to be the most suitedto the job. This was to use a Band saw, with a metal specific blade fitted, to cut the sheetaluminium. This is because it allows planar two dimensional cutting. This is useful as themajority of the lettering is made up of linear lines. However, my only problem is that there area few curves in the lettering which means that a band saw could not be used. To solve this Icould use a Jigsaw for these few curves and intricate angles. A jigsaw allows for these anglesto be cut, and is fairly quick and simple to do.BandSawJigsawAfter completing this development I have come to the conclusion that I would use a Hegnersaw to cut the MDF inner and Band saw for the majority of the aluminium with a fewintricate cuts being made with a Jigsaw. I chose the Hegner saw as it allows for more detailedcuts and is a lot quicker to do. I chose the Band saw as it is also a quick process and the Jigsawallows me to cut those curves on the letter ‘R’.Construction of LetteringBefore I cut out my Lettering from the materials I have selected I want to be able to markout where to cut so that I know that am cutting in the correct place. One of the waysthat I though I could do this was create a cardboard template that I could lay on top ofthe materials. This means that the MDF inner and Aluminium outer layer will line upperfectly meaning a clean join. As I wanted to use the same font that is already used onL’Oreal Men Expert branding I could print off the lettering then create a cardboardtemplate out of that. Here you can see the Font and what my template would look like. Iwould use a pencil to mark out the design of the lettering onto the materials then cutthem out on the machines I have decided to use.Here you can see what each template would look like and here are a few images of a model Imade to get a greater understanding of the lettering. The ‘E’ and ‘R’ would be cut out as onepiece, not separate letters. This would allow for greater accuracy when cutting the materialsleading to a better finished product. An advantage of using templates is that they can beused again, if another was to be manufactured. If this was to go into mass production then itwould be more suited to use a Jig.Attaching both MaterialsThere are several ways that I could attach theAluminium outer layer to the MDF inner. I decidedthat an adhesive would be suitable and would bestrong enoughto join both materials. I though that Icould use an adhesive such as Epoxy Resin. Thisadhesive comes in two parts, a Resin and a Hardener.It is important to get the correct mix of the resin andhardener to achieve optimum results. A n example ofan Epoxy resin adhesive is Araldite. This is simple touse and will do the job of joining both materialseffectively. Some advantages of the adhesive are :• 1: 1 Mix ratio•High shear and peal strength•Good resistance to static and dynamic loads andvibration.Resin(White)Hardener(Red)
  29. 29. DevelopmentOne of the main components of my designis the Large outer ring. This is a major partas it incorporates the ‘E’ of Expert. Thereare several options as to what material tocreate this component out of. Here are afew materials that I could use.The first material that I thought that I could use is Aluminium. An advantage of usingAluminium is that it fits in well with the professional and modern theme of the brand.There are also several finishes I could apply to it which would greatly improve theaesthetics of the design. However, this component is large in size and it would be verycostly to construct this component out of purely Aluminium. I decided that I could do thesame as the Lettering and use Aluminium as an outer layer for just the ‘E’ part of thedesign. This means using another material for the inside and the outside of the right handside. After looking at possible options I decide that my best choice is to use a large thickPlastic tube to create the outer ring. From this I could then attach to outer materials to theoutside through several methods. However I will still need a material to cover the righthand side of the outer ring as I still want a linear, squared outer ring, so another materialwill need to be used on the right hand side of the outer ring.I decided that I could simply use a thin layer of GlossBlack Polystyrene plastic to cover the right hand side ofthe outer ring. The advantages of this is that it is quitecheap and easily cut into intricate shapes and curves.After completing this development I have come to thedecision to use a large Plastic tube as the main part,with the ‘E’ being created by using a thin sheet ofbrushed Aluminium which will look contemporary andfit in well with the brands theme. Then I will use a thinlayer of gloss black polystyrene plastic to cover theright hand side of the circle so that the component has agreater finish and is more aesthetically pleasing.Brushed AluminiumSheet, Black GlossPolystyrene and Pine(may need to use twolayers to createdesired width).I have decided to use a large Acrylic tube to create the outer ring of my design. The firstthing I will need to do, is to measure and cut out a section of this tubing. I will need to usea saw but there are a few options of saw that I could use. After researching various sawsthat I could use I came to two possible options. I wanted to look at the positives andnegatives of using each saw to decide what one I will eventually use for my design.Hack SawThis saw is useful for cutting materials,accurately and can be used to createintricate curves and shapes judging theability of the user. There are a fewdifferent blade sizes I can chose from tocreate the optimum cut. The onlydisadvantage of this is that it would takequite along time and it would be quitehard to obtain a perfectly straight cutafter sawing for a long time. It is alsoquite easy to go off line and then it is veryhard to correct this mistake.Band SawThis is my other option of saw that I could use to cut out my large Acrylic tubing. Thissaw allows for very linear, straight line cuts to a high level of accuracy. It leaves ahigh finish cut which has minimal waste and minimal effect to the aesthetics.Another advantage of using this type of saw is that it is a fairly quick process and doesnot tire the user after time as it is an electrically powered saw. This would be veryuseful if the product had to be made in high numbers.After completing this developmentI have decided that I am going touse a Band saw to cut my LargeAcrylic tubing to the correct size.The main reasons for this is that Itcuts very planar two dimensionallines which is what I need to haveto achieve a clean and accurate cut.It was pointed out that I will need to make sure that this piece ofAluminium is filed and sanded so that it does not create a sharp edge whichcould be a safety hazard on my design.
  30. 30. DevelopmentAfter researching the cost of using a section of Acrylic Tubing for my large outerring I discovered that the cost of buying preformed Acrylic tubing was veryexpensive and I would not be able to afford the cost of the tubing as the one Iwould use is very expensive. I started to think of other ways that I could create thisouter ring with still using Acrylic as the material.One of the ways that I thought I could do this is bymanufacturing a MDF Jig In which I could bend asheet of Black Gloss Acrylic around to create myouter ring. I would cut out a Large outer ring in MDFwhich would be the correct width and diameter forthe outer ring on my design. I would then sand thisdown so that the surface is nice and smooth so thisdoesn’t effect to finish of the Acrylic when it is bent.There are several advantages of using this method. One is that using the MDFjig and using the Acrylic sheet dramatically reduces the cost of manufacturingthis certain component. Also, I can easily change the size of the outer ring bysimply cutting out a new jig and using another sheet of plastic. This is not aproblem as MDF is very cheap and it will not take too much time to createanother mould.To bend the plastic around the MDF jig I will use a Strip Heater /Line Benderto warm the Acrylic to a temperature in which it can be bent with ease. Thisprocess may take time but is fairly simple and will lead to a good finalcomponent. After the Acrylic has been bent around the Jig I will join each endtogether to create a full outer ring for my design.Here are a few images of a model I created ofthe MDF Jig that I will use to bend my Acrylicsheet into a full outer ring for my design. Thisis obviously not to scale but it did allow me toget a better understanding of what I need todo to create a high quality component. There are several ways that I can attach my Brushed Aluminium sheet and myPolished Acrylic to my large Acrylic tube. However, I want to use something thatwill fit in really well with the contemporary side of my brand. After thinking abouta few possibilities I thought that using some sort of Bolt would create a goodAesthetical effect. This would also fit in well with the aspect of Science andTechnology in my brand. I decided to look at several different types of bolt andchose what one would suit my design the most.Hex BoltA Hex bolt has a hexagonal “Hex” shaped head. They usually have a fully threaded shaft orsometimes a Hex bolt may only have a partially threaded shaft. These Bolts can be usedwith either Hex Nuts but can also be used with Cap and Acorn Nuts. The only problem withusing Cap or Acorn nuts is that the bolt may have to be cut to the correct size which couldprolong the manufacturing process.Hex Bolts (Various) Hex Nut Cap/Acorn NutChicago BoltChicago Bolts have threading along the outside of a cylindrical shaft (Similar to a normal Bolt),the Chicago bolt has a hollow shaft that is smooth on the outside and threaded along itsinterior. These two components combine to create a strong sealed bolt. These bolts often havesmooth rounded heads but have to be correctly measured to ensure a solid connection.Two examples ofdifferent sized ChicagoBolts.After completing this piece of development I have come to the decisionthat I want to use Hex Nuts and Bolts on my design. The reason forthis is that they look quite industrial and I think that will contrast wellwith the Brushed Aluminium. However, I like the look and purpose ofChicago bolts and may use them somewhere else on my design later onin development.Even though this technique is do-ablea few people who have used the samemethod before has pointed out that itis very difficult to produce a perfectlyround shape.
  31. 31. DevelopmentAnother component that will be part of the large outer ring on my design isthe small shelf on the left that one of the products will actually sit on. Thiscomponent is key as it will also make up part of the ‘E’ in ‘Expert’. There areseveral ways I could manufacture this component, but I want a quick andsimple solution as this part is not very complicated. I thought that I couldsimply create a MDF block, which could be easily shaped and attached to thelarge Acrylic ring. This block could then be easily covered in thin aluminiumsheet to make it fit in better aesthetically with the brand and match the rest ofthe outer ring.MDF ShelfThis will be mounted onto the left hand side of theouter ring on my design. I wanted to use MDF as it caneasily be shaped and will need to be on the left handside, due to the curvature of the outer ring, if it is tohave a nice clean connection. I can use a Hegner saw tocut this component out of a MDF block, which will allowme greater accuracy when cutting the curved side dueto the Hegner saw having a thin blade which is good forcurves.Here you can see a small diagram of theshape of the component. The curvatureon the left is not to scale as it has beenexaggeratedfor the purpose of showingthe need for a curved side. Also I wouldadd two small parts above and below toadd more stability and to ensure astrong connection.This component would be covered in a thin layer of aluminum sheet so that it matches the restof the outer ring. I would do this exactly the same way as the lettering on my design which hasbeen shown in a previous development. However I would make cuts in the Aluminum on the topof the componentwhich will allow the product to ever so slightly sit into the component. Thiswill make the product more stable and less likely to be knocked off its stand. Here you can see aBirds eye view of the component and you can see the cut that would need to be made, dependingon the shape of the base of the product.Top layer ofAluminium forproduct shelf.Along with the large outer ring of my design the base is also a majorcomponent of my design. This is an important part as the main bodyof the design and the lettering both have to attach to thiscomponent. There are a few ways that I could manufacture this part,but I want a method that will be of a sound and sturdy construction,yet having high quality aesthetics that fit in well with L’Oreal MenExpert.For this component I have decided that I want to use a similar technique again to the letteringand the shelf I have explained previously. This means that I want to use a MDF Wooden Inner, asit is stable, cheap and easy to cut to the correct size. I then want to cover this MDF inner with alayer of Gloss Black Acrylic plastic. This means that my base will be stable and cheap, yet stillhaving good aesthetic qualities through the use of the Acrylic layer. To allow the main body of mydesign to sit securely onto the base I will cut out spaces similar to what I have done on the smallshelf so that the components will have a better connection when joined.Here you cansee a birds eyeview of this topsheet ofAluminium andyou can see theposition of thecut-outs. Youcan also seewhere the othercomponentsjoin to the Base.Another crucial component to my design is the supports that mount either side of thelarge outer Acrylic tube. These hold this tube in position and strengthenits join to theBase. After looking at the rest of the main components I will look at these componentsand decide how I am going to manufacture them.Basic diagram of the shape of thesupports for the main body of thedesign.I chose this method as it would allow me to easilycreate the angled side that would be needed to fitonto the outer ring, however using the MDF doesnot fit in that well with the theme of the brand.
  32. 32. DevelopmentThe base of my design will be stable due to its size and the fact thatit is proportionate to the rest of my design so there is no chance ofit becoming unbalanced and falling over. As stated in my initial andfurther specification my design will be positioned at waist height sothat it can be easily seen and interacted with. This means that it willneed to be stable with regard to horizontal movement on thesurface that it is placed on and being that my Base is made out ofsmooth MDF this may be a problem. After thinking about thisproblem I decided that using Rubber Feet will increase surfacefriction meaning that there is no chance of my design slidingaround. There are several types of rubber feet that I could use and Idecided that I wanted to look at a few before choosing the one that Iwant to use on my design.I have decided that I would want touse feet that are low in profile, yethave high levels of grip. I could useeither of the top two feet due tothe fact they are not too high yetwill provide sufficient grip. Theycan also easily be screwed into thebottom of my Base.After manufacturing the Base and Large Outer Ring as two separatecomponents I will want to join them together somehow to producethe PoS. This part is crucial as these are the two largestcomponents on my design and the stability of the Large Outer ringis dependant on the structural integrity of the Base and it’sconnection. After talking to my Design Technology teacher hesuggested that I could either drill holes through the Acrylic outerring and into the MDF supports and Base and then use Screws toattach the two large components together. He also suggested that Icould use an Adhesive as there is a large surface area at the join,which would ensure a strong bond and connection between thetwo components.AdhesiveI could use an Adhesive such as Epoxy Resin to join these twocomponents together. This is because it is a very strong Adhesive and islargely suited to attaching Plastic to Wood. This method would be fairlyquick but I would have to take great care as I would only have onechance to ensure a good join and once stuck It would be almost possibleto separate both components and then rejoin them, still with a strongconnection.ScrewsI could also use screws to attach these two components together. I woulduse a drill to drill holes through both components. This is good as I willonly have to drill through the outer layer of the Acrylic ring and into theMDF supports and base which will provide a strong bond to be made asthe screw will connect tightly with the MDF. If I do make a mistake I canalways re-drill the hole as these screws will not be seen as they will behidden from view by the Aluminium layer on the outside of the largeAcrylic tube.The area highlighted in Red isthe join that will combine bothcomponents. The red arrowsshow the direction and positionof where the screws would go.After completing this development I have decide that I will use screwsto attach these two components together. I chose screws as it willallow for a more sturdy and solid connection and If I make a mistake itcan be easily corrected.
  33. 33. DevelopmentThe ‘X’ of my ‘Expert’ that will be situated inside the large Acrylic outer ringwill also need to be attached. This component will be attached to the Largeouter ring using a strong and secure method. After completing the previousdevelopment I have discovered that the use of screws will ensure a strongand stable join. The ‘X’ is made of a MDF construction so this will mean that Ican easily drill holes that will allow for the component to be screwed intoplace.To ensure a clean join I will shape thebottom left hand leg so that it fits tightlyto the large outer ring. Because the outerring is curved I will need to cut this curveout exactly on this leg of the ‘X’. It isimportant to ensure a accurate cut so thatthere is the optimum amount of surfacearea for the join. Here you can see adiagram of the ‘X’ and you can see wherethe curve would need to be cut on thebottom left hand leg.Similar to connecting the main outer ring tothe Base, I have decided that it would be agood idea to use screws to join the ‘X’ tothe main outer ring. This will provide asecure connection as the screw will easilybe able to anchor into the MDF well. Thisis a simple and easy process and shouldnot take too much time which means thatit is good if multiple need to be produced.The arrow shows the direction that thescrews would be drilled into the design.The large block under the ‘P’ of ‘Expert’is an important part of my design. This isbecause it supports the ‘P’ and is whatall the information and productdescription is written on. However asthis component does not need to becomplicated and only has a simple roll Iwant to manufacture it in such a waythat it does not take too long tomanufacture, yet had a high level ofaccuracy and a high quality finish.I though that I could simply manufacture the majority of this componentout of MDF. This is because I will need to create the curve on the righthand side and bottom of the component. This is so that it fits nicely intothe curvature of the large outer ring on my design. I chose MDF as it ischeap and It will allow me to create this curve with the use of a Saw, andto a high level of accuracy. This entire process should be fairly quick andeasy to do.As this component will need a perfect curve, I will need a saw that cancut intricate curves, with a high level of accuracy and precision. If thiscut is inaccurate this component will not be able to sit inside the largeouter ring, with a good secure join. Earlier on in development I found outthat a Hegner saw is very good at cutting these types of curve. The lefthand image shows the blade of a Hegner saw and you can see that due toit’s thinness it’s ideal for cutting curves and intricate cuts.
  34. 34. DevelopmentAttaching this component to the large outer ring will be incrediblyimportant. This is because it is very important that this component sitsperfectly onto the surface of the outer ring. It also needs to be perfectlystraight vertically as there are several other components that attach toit. Earlier during development, I looked at using screws as a method ofattachment. I think this would work well with this component as well, asI can simply drill holes through the Acrylic outer layer straight into theMDF component. This would create a strong connection between theMDF component and the large outer ring of my design.An example of the sort ofscrew that I could use toattach the MDFcomponent to the outerring of my design.Here you can see thepossible areas that Screwscould be drilled into thesecomponents. As it is alarge block of MDF I woulduse multiple screws toensure a solid connection.However, creating this component out of MDF may be practical, but theaesthetical qualities of MDF do not fit in with the brand, L’Oreal MenExpert. After thinking about possible ways that I could solve this I decidedthat I should do what I have done with previous components similar tothis one. This means that I will cover the MDF Block in Orange Acrylicplastic. This will improve the aesthetics of this component yet thisprocess will be fairly quick and easy to do.As only two sides of this component will be on show, I will only need to cutout parts for the top and front of this component. I will use a Hegner saw tocut these parts as it will allow me to get an accurate cut for the curve on thefront piece of Acrylic.This then brings up the matter of how I am going to attach these two piecesof Acrylic sheet onto my MDF component. In previous development’s Ilearnt that I can simply use and adhesive such as Epoxy Resin, as it is suitedto attaching plastics to wood. This is a quick and easy process, which willkeep time spent doing it to a minimum.I chose Orange Acrylic as it is aneasy material to work with andcan be cut and sanded easily. Iwanted to use Orange as I learntin my Brand research that it is amain colour for L’Oreal MenExpert and it will also addcontrast to the Aluminiumsheet and Gloss Black Acrylic.As I stated in previous developments this component is very important tomy design. This is because it is where all the information and productdescription is positioned. There were several ways I could do this but Ithought that I could print off the design for the product description andthen layer it between the Orange Acrylic already on the component andthen lay a thin sheet of clear Acrylic over the top. I could then drillthrough both layers of Acrylic and into the MDF and use screws to attachall the parts together. The use of the screws would fit in well with thescience and technology themes behind the brand and would improve thecomponents aesthetical qualities.Here you can see a side view ofthe front of this component. Youcan see the two layers of acrylicwith the blue line representingthe printed product description.The arrows show where thescrews would be inserted intothe component.My friend has pointed out that if Iwere to make the whole of thiscomponent out of plastic then I couldsimply use a adhesive to attach it intothe correct place.
  35. 35. DevelopmentThe next main component of my design is the smaller inner circle. This part isimportant as it makes up the ‘P’ in ‘Expert’ and most importantly it is wherethe other product is displayed in the design. After, thinking if there was anyother ways that I could make this component I decided that I should use thesame technique and process used to manufacture the larger outer ring. Thesame as the outer ring, I will need to manufacture a MDF jig (only this timesmaller).I will use a heat gun to slowly melt a sheet of Black Gloss Acrylic to a suitabletemperature that I can bend around the MDF Jib until a complete ring iscreated. I will then attach the two ends so that it completes the full inner ring.Here you can see the Acrylic sheetbeing bent around the MDF mould.This process will take quite along timeto complete, but it will be significantlycheaper than buying a alreadymanufactured Acrylic tube.This is what it should look like after Ihave finished bending the Acrylicsheet. The component should beable to be easily removed from theJig as I will sand the jig so that it isnice and smooth.Using a Heat Gun will allow me to heat the Acrylicsheet to the correct temperature quickly withoutmelting the material. I will have to heat a sectionthen bend it around the MDF jig and then completethis process several times to fully bend the whole ofthe smaller inner ring for my design. I will have totake care during this process as I do not want tobend the Acrylic out of shape even the slightest as itmay mean that I may not be able join both endstogether with a clean connection.Another component that is attached to this smaller inner ring is thevertical strut that supports the inner ring. This component is alsoimportant as it creates part of the ‘P’ in ‘Expert’. This part is fairlysimple and does not have any interactive feature or major purpose inthe design itself. This means that I want to manufacture this part asquickly as possible, yet still make sure that it has a high level of finish. Itis also important that this component matches the smaller innercircle, so that the shape of the ‘P’ in ‘Expert’ can be clearlydistinguished.After taking all this into account I decidedthat I should use the same method that Iused for the product description andinformation component. This means that Iwill mark out and measure the shape andsize of the component onto a block of MDFand then use a Hegner saw to cut this out.This will allow me to create the curve that isneeded for the top of this component to situnder the curved inner ring so that a tightand accurate join is created. I will then useBlack Gloss Acrylic plastic and cut outpanels for the front and both sides of thiscomponent. I will then use a adhesive suchas Epoxy resin to attach these Acrylic panelsto the MDF component. This allows for thecomponent to fit in with the rest of the ‘P’and the Brand L’Oreal Men Expert.Here you can seethe shape of thecomponent thatneeds to be cutout of the MDF.You can see thecurve at the topwhich will need tobe perfect toensure a correctfit with the smallerinner ring.Here you can see the position of thecomponent when it is incorporated into thedesign. You can see that it is key for holdingthe smaller inner circle in place andsupporting that component.After completing this development I now know that I can easilymanufacture this component and that its construction should nottake too long to do. After this component has been created it shouldfit in really well with the smaller inner circle and the productinformation component. The aesthetics should relate well with mybrand theme.After I have cut out and sanded thisMDF component I can then attachthe Acrylic sheet with the use ofEpoxy Resin so that this componentmatches the inner ring.Someone in my class has suggested that it may have beensimpler to make the ‘P’ of m design all one piece, whichwould also increase the strength of the part.
  36. 36. DevelopmentAfter manufacturing these two components, the smaller inner ring and the supporting strut, I will need to decide on how I am going to attach these to mydesign. I thought that I could either use an adhesive or I could use screws and possibly a Chicago bolt to attach the inner ring to the outer ring. Afterdiscussing these possible options with my design technology teacher I decided that using screws and a Chicago bolt would be far better. This is due to the factthat it will create a stronger join between the components and the aesthetical qualities of the screws and bolts will fit in much better with the technologytheme of my brand.For the supporting strut I will use screws to attach this component to thebottom of the outer ring. I will use a drill to create the suitable holes needed toenable a secure bind between the MDF component and the screw. This shouldprovide a sufficient connection between both components.The area circled is where I woulduse screws to attach the supportstrut to the large outer ring. I willinset the screws into thecomponent through the bottom ofthe outer ring.Here you can see the position that I have decidedto use a Chicago bolt to attach both componentstogether. The advantage of using a Chicago bolt isthat it allows for a strong connection and fits inwell with the theme of science and technology inmy brand. It also improves the aesthetical effectof my design whilst providing a strong bond.• My design must incorporate linear lines which allow a sleek and modernistic look. However, some smooth andsubtle curves could also be used, but the majority linear. I learnt this when completing my brand research andcustomer profiling.• Throughout my designs I will use the theme of Sophisticated and Professional. I decide to do this whencompleting my Customer profiling as the target users life would be based around his city job and would wantthis to be reflected in the products that he uses.• I will use the typical L’Oreal men Expert colour scheme in my designs. This consists of three main colours, Black,Orange, Silver/Grey which portray the theme of Sophisticated and Professional. I found this during my brandresearch.• I want to keep my designs nice and simple as I found out in the questionnaire that cluttered PoS often putcustomers off. This will also make the PoS look sleek and fit in well with the Professional theme.• Im going to use fairly high quality materials to insure an aesthetically pleasing PoS, however at the same time Iwant to try to keep costs as low as possible, so that they can be produced in high numbers without costing thecompany too much money.• I want my PoS to be positioned at eye level (but can still be floor based) in the environment that it will besituated in. I also wanted it to be located near the customers foot fall. I came to this decision after completingmy Environmental snapshot.• My designs need to be proportionate in terms of the size of the product displayed and the environment it issituated in. I found this out when completing my Designer Questionnaire.• My PoS will have to be very safe and cannot be of any hazard at all, to possible customers. This is due to thefact that if someone was to get injured, this could cost the company a considerable amount of money.• I want my PoS to be fairly interactive in terms of holding and smelling the product on display. I decided thiswhen completing my Target customer Questionnaire as this was on of the things that I found the majority ofcustomers want in a PoS.• When selecting the materials to use in the manufacture of my PoS, I want to use materials that will mean thatthe PoS is of a high aesthetic level, but at the same time do not cost too much money. This will mean that morePoS can be made for less money.Specification Checkpoint 1So far during this development I have managed to follow allmy specification points except for one. I have kept true tousing materials and lines that fit in well and portray thethemes of my brand L’Oreal Men Expert.The one point that I have not yet covered is the interactivity ofmy design. It is interactive to a certain extent due to itallowing the customer to pick up and interact with theproduct. However I want to extend my designs interactivitywhich I will look at doing during further development.Here is an image of how my design looks so far:
  37. 37. DevelopmentAs the main part of my design is the large outer ring and the components situatedinside it, it is crucial that I make sure that these components are strongly securedto the base piece of my design. I looked at using screws through the bottom of theouter ring, drilled into the MDF base but I decided that this would not provideenough support and stability. Previously I decided that I could use shaped piecesof wood either side of the large outer ring.These two components are based on ‘Chocks’ used to make sure large aircraftand vehicles do not move when stationary. This means that the top edge will becurved allowing a secure fit with the curvature of the large outer ring. With onecomponent either side of the large outer ring this should enable a snugconnection and allow sufficient support of the main part of my design.Here you can see Aircraft Chocksthat I have based these twocomponents on. They will providea secure fit and decrease thechance of side to side rotation ofthe main large outer ring.As these components will needto be securely attached I havedecide to use screws to attachthese components to the Largeouter ring and the base of mydesign. Here you can see wherescrews could be placed on mydesign.I have decided that I will use MDF to create these twocomponents. The reason behind this is that I can easily cut theMDF to create the smooth curve so that the component fits ontothe large outer ring nicely. Also, MDF is fairly cheap which willmean that due to these components being fairly small I canmanufacture them quickly and easily, still with strong practicalproperties. As these components are not too importantaesthetically I have decide to simply use a Gloss Orange spraypaint to provide a finish to the bare and simple MDF. This willrelate well with my brand and allow me to add a contrast ofcolours on my design.The products that are positioned on my PoS will need to stand out so that theywill attract the attention of the customers in that shop. After a bit of thinking Ithought that I could use angled lighting to shine onto the products. Initially Ithought of using small bulbs but then realised that this would not be practical.This is because They could easily smash and they would become very hot,leading to a health and safety hazard, as they would be positioned near wherethe customers hand would be if they were reaching to pick up he product. Thismeant that I would need to find another source of lighting.After talking to my Design Technologyteacher I found that I could use L.E.Dlights. These would be perfect as theyare low profile and do not becomereally hot after being on for a long time.They also use minimal electricitymeaning that they wont cost lots topower. I will use Strip L.E.D’s as theycan easily be attached to my design,without ruining the aesthetics. Here youcan see an example of Strip L.E.D’s.I now need to decide where I will position these Strip L.E.D’s. I willposition them above both products so that they are illuminated bythe light. Here you can see where these L.E.D’s would be positioned.One reason for using StripL.E.D’s is that I can easilyattach them to the top of theinner ring and to the inside ofthe outer ring. This is becauseit is possible to purchase StripL.E.D’s that have an adhesivebacking so they can simply bestuck to the desired location.The arrows show the directionthat the lights would befacing, pointing the light downonto the products on display.