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Social media in 2011 - MD Hub presentation


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Social media in 2011 - MD Hub presentation

  1. 1. Social media in 2011Examples, themes, practical tipsMD Hub – April 2011
  2. 2. Hello! I’m Ross Breadmore, consultant with NixonMcInnes and part-time Mr.Bean.
  3. 3. Who are NixonMcInnes? We are a social consultancy based in Brighton, and work with great brands and NFPs.
  4. 4. This presentationshould hopefullygive an insightinto some goodsocial media.
  5. 5. Why social media is still amazing…Some examples ofwhy I’m stillexcited aboutsocial media…
  6. 6. The Google Earthquake site is agreat example of social being putto good use.
  7. 7. Large brands are beginning toproperly help customers usingtools like Twitter.
  8. 8. “Globally, womenspend 30% moretime on socialnetworking sitesthan men. Womenaverage 5.5 hoursper month comparedto men’s 4 hours”July 2010, Comscore
  9. 9. 2010 2011Twitter – 75m Twitter – 175mregistered (15m registered (?mactive) active)LinkedIn – 50m LinkedIn – 100mactive active (56% non-Facebook – 350m US)active Facebook – 640mFlickr – 4bn active (31m UK)images Flickr – 5bn images
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Exercise Brighton and Hove council use Twitter to communicate events, help residents and much more.
  12. 12. Exercise Duke of Yorks cinema has an active Facebook group where fans can influence film choice.
  13. 13. Consumer Even smaller local businesses are getting their personality and products across using social.
  14. 14. On LinkedIn companies candisplay products and services forreal users to recommend.
  15. 15. Commodity traders are nowfollowing farmers for insiderinformation.
  16. 16. And journalists using social canpredict a brands new directionbased on a new hire.
  17. 17. Internal It can also help your personal brand by helping you share knowledge.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Just as microprocessors have been built intovirtually every product that has a power source,over the next ten years, it will become expectedthat wireless connectivity will be built intovirtually every product that has amicroprocessor.Russ McGuire - VP, Strategy, Sprint Nextel
  20. 20. It’s estimated that there will be 16 billioninternet enabled devices by 2020
  21. 21. Socialmedia ismobile
  22. 22. “37% of UKsmartphone usershave a socialnetworking app ontheir phones whichthey use at least oncea week”eConsultancy, June2010
  23. 23. “what happens to shops when every price canbe compared? What happens to conversationwhen its all recorded, or any fact is a 5-secondvoice-search away from being checked?”Tom Hume - Managing Director of FuturePlatforms
  24. 24. Overload•  Online we operate in a state of ‘continuous partial attention’, constantlyand partially consuming information.•  Some are choosing to ‘go dark’ and deactivate accounts; in May 2010 thephrase "how to quit Facebook" generated nearly 17 million results onGoogle and "how do I delete my Facebook account?" resulted in close to 16million.
  25. 25. Social mediaHELLO!
  26. 26. The 1/9/90 rule This is a fairly 1% creators old model but the principles still ring true. Identity these behaviors and design for 9% editors them. 90% lurkers
  27. 27. The 1/9/90 rule The Forrester model is more up to date and will help you analyze and plan activity. conversationalists-get-onto-the-ladder.html
  28. 28. Know your audience This tool will help you broadly identify behaviour.
  29. 29. Types of online spacesThink about whatspaces, channels andassets you have whichare owned (your Ownedhomepage), bought(paid advertising) orearned (social). Once identified you canlink them up in smart,simple ways to Bought Earnedincrease traffic,conversation and manyother objectives.
  30. 30. Sony Ericsson recentlyachieved a huge rise inFacebook fans, from300k to 3 million in thespace of 9 months. One of the key factorsin this was bringingFacebook functionalityinto the .com site.
  31. 31. Similarly WWF UKeffectively link upmultiple channels suchas email and social todrive support.
  32. 32. How to select the best platformP People: Assess your audiences’ social activitiesO Objectives: Decide what you want to accomplishS Strategy: Plan for how relationships with customers will changeT Technology: Decide which social technologies to use
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  39. 39. Something to try…•  Pick an existing business challenge: •  How can social help? •  People; who are you hoping to reach? •  Objectives; short and long term, what do you want to achieve? •  Strategy; what do you want those people to do? •  Technology; what is the best platform?
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