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December 2013 - JetWave - Executive Summary - Private Aviation


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An overview of aviation business model presented to investors in Berlin 2013, prepared for the Founder Institute Graduation & Mentor review session.

The purpose of the presentation is to highlight current pain-points in passenger air travel and identify opportunities for expansion of the private jet marketplace for the mass consumer market.

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December 2013 - JetWave - Executive Summary - Private Aviation

  1. 1. JetWave We Open Private Air Travel for Everyone Ross Brannigan, CEO | @rossbrannigan
  2. 2. Our vision is to democratize private air travel.
  3. 3. My company, JetWave is developing an online marketplace to help demanding air travellers find economic private flights, aircraft owners monetize their aircraft seat inventory and flight crew to monetize their skills
  4. 4. Markets & Launch • UK, FR, DE, ES, NL, IT (Phase 1 – 12 months) • Up to 1000 Aircraft on Maketplace (Phase 1 – 12 months) • Key Goal – become European No.1 in 12 to 18 months, then launch launch Phase 2 of market expansion
  5. 5. Key Competition Launched: Summer 2012 Management: Garrett Camp (Uber Founder) Investors: • Shervin Pishevar (Menlo Ventures) • Michael Birch (Bebo) • Marc Benioff (Salesforce) • Naval Ravikant (Angel Investor)
  6. 6. Traveller Trends & Painpoints • Long check-in lines • Baggage Fees • Long Boarding Time • Layovers • Invasive Security Processes • Lost Luggage • Limited Space
  7. 7. Aircraft Owner & Industry Trends Increasing Capacity, Leading to Under-utilization
  8. 8. Ernest Edwards, Executive Jet President, Emraer Jets “The sector hardest hit by the 2008 downturn – light business jets”
  9. 9. My Offering
  10. 10. Our Competitive Advantage Price Service
  11. 11. The JetWave Team Ross Brannigan, CEO Online Executive with several years experience with global consumer internet brands TBD, CTO TBD, Designer To Be Confirmed. (Advisor)
  12. 12. Thank You! We Open Private Air Travel for Everyone