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(A) Investigating An Ecosystem


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(A) Investigating An Ecosystem

  1. 1. Topic: The Biosphere Sub-topic a: Investigating an Ecosystem
  2. 2. Rearrange the following from the most simple to the most complex … Biosphere Ecosystem Community Population Individual
  3. 3. The most simple to the most complex … Community Population Individual Ecosystem Biosphere
  4. 4. Individual Individuals Individual Population Community
  5. 5. An ecosystem (e.g pond, woodland) includes all the living things, their non-living surroundings and all the factors which affect their lives. Biotic Factors (Living Things) Abiotic Factors (Non-living Things) Food Disease Predators Temperature Light Moisture pH
  6. 6. Sampling Living Organisms
  7. 7. Area of Quadrat: 0.5 m x 0.5 m = 0.25 m 2 Quadrats are used to sample plants (and animals which do not move around much – limpets and barnacles) Using a Quadrat 0.5 m 0.5 m
  8. 8. Quadrats are used to show the abundance of plant types present in an area. A Buttercups Plant type Quadrat A Daisies Plantain Dandelion
  9. 9. Using a Pitfall Trap Pitfall traps are use to sample small animals moving across the ground surface. Holes in bottom of carton to … Yoghurt carton at same level as ground … Leaf on top to…