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Survey conducted by Diocesan Executive Council with parishes within the Diocese of Athabasca

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Dec survey summary

  1. 1. Our Focus, God’s Direction Diocese of Athabasca 2012 Survey Results
  2. 2. Who answered:• 251 responses from 14 Parishes• 70.9% over 50 years of age• 67.3% female• 93.2% Caucasian• 83.7% married or widowed• 67.7% Anglican more than Surveyyears Diocese of Athabasca 20
  3. 3. Attendance at Worship Services Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  4. 4. Frequency of Bible Reading Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  5. 5. How Supportive Is Your Faith In Times of Crisis? Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  6. 6. To what extent has the Church made adifference in your experience of your faith? Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  7. 7. How frequently do you serve in ministries of the Church? Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  8. 8. How easy is it to answer"What has Jesus done for you today?"
  9. 9. To what extent are your communityinvolvements guided by your faith? Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  10. 10. Opportunities for Ministry in My Geographic area:• Substance abuse 55.4%• Issues related to aging 47%• Family violence 44.2 % *rated “quite a bit” or “a great deal” Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  11. 11. Activities or ministries we want maintained and/or implemented in our congregation or parish .• 76.5% Christian Education for Children• 71.7% Incorporating New Members into the Life of the Church• 71.3% Youth Ministry Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  12. 12. Priorities for our diocese:68.9% rated incorporating new members intoexisting congregations as quite a bit or a great deal ofa priority64.9% rated diocesan youth events as quite a bitor a great deal of a priority61.4% rated training for Lay Readers, Lectors,and Sunday School teachers as quite a bit or a greatdeal of a priority. Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  13. 13. Budget Emphasis ResultsEstablishing newDiocesan for/relationship with10 Diocesan newspaper eco 1 Clergy Training 6 Evangelismthediocesan Churchincluding 4 within Episcopal11-including the 5 Diocesan office staff and 9 parishes Diocese Establishing Anglican social and 2 theRelationship eventsstruggling parishes training events the bishop,&of Canadnancial support to Communication Support conferences,Ministry - Ministry of website Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  14. 14. 4.1.5 Developing Baptism & Marriage Courses for all parishes to use0 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.35 0.4 Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  15. 15. In the best of all worlds the Diocese ofAthabasca would focus most of its time, talent and treasures on…• Training• Supporting• Growing Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  16. 16. In the best of all worlds the Diocese of Athabasca could best support the ministry of the parishes by: • Communication • Training • Financial Support Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  17. 17. God is clearly calling the Diocese ofAthabasca to: “evangelize” GROW “pray” • Individually “seek” • in our parishes “help” • in our diocese • in our communities “spread” “teach” “reach” Diocese of Athabasca Survey
  18. 18. If the Diocese of Athabasca is to not onlysurvive but thrive then the diocese and the parishes have to concentrate on: MEMBERSHIP & YOUTH • Sharing the Gospel • Working together Diocese of Athabasca Survey