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The globe theater web quest


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globe theater webquest

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The globe theater web quest

  1. 1. The Globe Theater Web quest Standards: RLA.S.9.3 Listening, Speaking and Media Literacy Students will apply listening, speaking and media literacy skills and strategies to communicate with a variety of audiences and for different purposes Understand, interpret and evaluate various media communications. Properly use private and public information. Plan, create, organize, and present an age appropriate media product that demonstrates an understanding of format, purpose, and audience. Introduction: Although Romeo and Juliet was never performed in the Globe Theater, when speaking of Shakespeare, it is a must to learn about and get a better understanding of what it is all about! Task: In the web quest you are going to go through and learn all of the basic information about the globe theater and even just some random fun facts. While doing this web quest keep in mind all that you already know about the theater. Then at the end, think of all the new information that you have learned about such a historical theater. Process: Step 1. For the first step follow the link below to find out when the Globe Theater was built and who it was built by.
  2. 2. Step 2. For this step follow the links below to find out when the original Theater burnt down and where the new Globe was built. down .htm Evaluation: 20 Points: To get full participation on this assignment you must fully answer both steps fully and with all details of each question included. 15 Points: To get ¾ participation you must answer both steps with most questions answered in full. 10 Points: To get half participation you must fully answer one step or step two with all questions within the step fully answered. 5 Points: To get ¼ participation you must have at least one question within one step answered in full detail. 0 Points: If you do not complete either step or any questions that are included you will receive no credit for this assignment. Conclusion: Congratulations! You now know some fun and historical facts about the Globe Theater! I hope that within this web quest you have gained a lot of knowledge that you will hold on to and that you really enjoyed this assignment.