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Enterprise 2.0 Evolution

Keynote at Enterprise 2.0 in Boston 2011.

Here are notes from others:

What is next in social software? The answer will always be in this social laboratory that is the web
We need to keep developing not just the tools but also the practice. A big part of the revolution has been already happened. A few yrs ago Ross had to explain what a wiki was. Today social software is an established category and there many use cases
The next level will be a bit more evolutionary based on adaptation

Companies are not communities. Every company is smaller than the entire web and people have to fit into the process. So you can just take public technologies and expect to have the same adoption patterns internally

It’s about focusing the adoption in the flow of work. That’s why knowledge management failed.
Knowledge sharing is just a by product of doing work inside social software. There is a level of imperfectness you have to live with

You still have to do the boring stuff: security, IT admin, audit, etc

It is a social layer sitting on top traditional processes and applications, on enterprise records

Discover people through content and content through people

Not such thing as collaboration without a goal. Focus less on the technology and even to break down the silos if you can think about the business goal for doing that
In the Flow
Mayfield credits Michael Idinopolous for reminding us that knowledge sharing happens best “in the flow” rather than “above the flow” of work. Ideally, knowledge sharing is a by-product of getting things done. Our job is to provide the social tools that facilitate this sharing. Socialtext has seen 95% levels of adoption/participation when they have put social tools directly in the flow.

Goal-Oriented Social Software.
This is where this industry should be headed. Online fundraising shows us how effective social tools can be to spread the message and create good. What would happen if we had goal-oriented uses of social software within the enterprise?

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Enterprise 2.0 Evolution

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