10 years ago i was presenting...


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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of LinkedIn, people are uploading presentations about what they were doing 10 years ago. I co-founded and incorporated Socialtext during the same month. This is one of the first presentations I gave about the company back then.

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10 years ago i was presenting...

  1. #10years10 YearsAgo: I waspresenting…
  2. #10yearsTo celebrate the 10thanniversary of LinkedIn,people are posting what theywere doing 10 years ago toSlideShare with the tag:10years
  3. #10years10 years ago I co-founded SocialtextAnd what follows is one of my firstpresentations about the company, tothe Highlands Forum in DCNow I work at SlideShare, and I’m alot better at presentations thanthis…
  4. Highlands Forum 4/3/03SocialtextRoss.Mayfield@Socialtext.comHighlands Forum4/3/3
  5. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Problems• People are not participants in today’ssystems• Today’s systems overload people withcommunication• Lost power of people as intelligentagents and editors• Social capital in organizations
  6. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Getting smart people to participate• Ease of use• Ease of ownership• Make it social• Make it socially rewarding
  7. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Power of social filtering• Weblogs turn people into editors• The social connections between weblogsdistribute information in an emergentnetwork• The best information and expertise risesto the top
  8. Highlands Forum 4/3/03The Blogmap Project• First Social Network Analysis of an onlinecommunity over time
  9. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Power-law of BlogspaceDistribution of links by1/N where N = rankSource: Shirky.com
  10. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Network Ecosystem Model• Defining constraint is time and individualcapacity to manage different kinds ofrelationships• Network to Network Information Flow• Focusing attention and participation energy12 12 12 12 12150 150121000sPoliticalNetworksSocialNetworksCreativeNetworks © 2003 Ross Mayfield“Power-law”Network Ecosystem ModelPublishingCommunicationCollaboration
  11. Highlands Forum 4/3/03A New Kind of Enterprise SoftwareTraditional Approach• Focus on "knowledgecontent" separate frompeople• Add-on activity -- addmetadata; fill out formswith resume expertise• Artificial intelligence --ineffective technology• Top-down, inflexibleontology, workflow andprocessConnection approach• Make it easy for peopleto express ideas andbuild connections• Links create an emergentnetwork• People provideintelligence• Makes people andinformation easier to find• Continuous improvementof collected knowledgeand wisdom
  12. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Result of Traditional Approach has Created a CorporateEmail Crisis• 50 emails/day/person– (IFTF/Pitney Bowes, 2002; Cavanagh, 2002 )• 100 emails/day in email intensive companies– (Microsoft 2001)• Volume growing 30%/year– (Gartner, 2001; Cavanagh, 2002)• 70 % employees are overwhelmed by volume– (Franklin Covey, 2001)• Hours spent on email is approaching 4 hours/day; invadingpersonal time– (Cavanagh, 2002)"Its a management issue," says Cavanagh."If youre getting 50 or more e-mails a day,youre spending four hours a day just doing e-mail.That means its no longer a productivity tool."
  13. Highlands Forum 4/3/03What’s a Weblog?• Chronological view of an individual orgroups efforts, writings, opinions• Example: doc.weblogs.com• Focus on whats new and whats news• Common elements include a sidebarwith persistent links, plus ever-changingcontent
  14. Highlands Forum 4/3/03What’s a Wiki?• A collaborative online workspace, easilycreated and edited by its participants.• Example: Wikipedia free encyclopedia• View by time or browse throughrelations between pages
  15. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Weblogs in Organizations• Benefits– Easy to publish - one-step, no formatting, no coding– Avoid email overload– Social network provides emergent informationdiscovery– Personal voice, rich information -- not just a resumedatabase• Applications– Product marketing/management - voice of thecustomer– Researcher/sales engineer -- voice of the expert– Community of practice -- voice of the learner
  16. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Wikis in Organizations• Benefits– Weblogs are transparent publishing; wikis aretransparent collaboration– Just type and link -- one-step– Same feeling as a whiteboard, for people who arent inthe same place at the same time• Applications– Collective reasoning of teams– Staff-project meetings– Project planning -- "front porch" to project; goals, notrat-holes– Living knowledgebase
  17. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Socialtext Demonstration