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13 atv us

  1. 1. THERE’S ONLY ONE WAY TO BUILD 2013 SIDE BY SIDES AND ATVS A GREAT MACHINE — OUR WAY. Passion, dedication and absolute commitment — it’s the only way we know how to build Side by Sides, ATVs and snowmobiles. Anything less is what the other guys do. Not Arctic Cat. Every machine built is like something we would build for ourselves. Because we hunt, farm, fish, snowmobile and ride ATVs just like you do. This is what Arctic Cat is all about. Arctic Cat. Share Our Passion. ARCTICCAT.COM ATVs can be hazardous to operate. Improper use can cause severe injury or death. Each rider must wear an approved helmet, or drugs. Avoid excessive speeds and be particularly careful on difficult terrain. All ROV operators must have a valid eye protection, and protective clothing. Each rider must read and understand the operator’s manual before riding. Follow all driver’s license. No operators under age 16. Never carry a passenger in the cargo box or exceed seating capacity. instruction and warnings. Avoid paved surfaces. Never engage in stunt driving. Avoid excessive speeds and be particularly Do not shoot from or lean firearms or bows against the ROV. Arctic Cat recommends that all riders take a training careful on difficult terrain. Never carry a passenger on a single-rider ATV. ATVs are recommended only for users over course. For safety and training information, go to www.rohva.org. 12 years old. Only ride an ATV that is right for your age. Supervise riders younger than 16. Never operate on Along with concerned conservationists everywhere, Arctic Cat urges you to “Tread Lightly” on public and public roads. Never drive or ride under influence of alcohol or drugs. Do not shoot from or lean firearms or bows against private lands. Ride only on designated areas or trails. Preserve your future riding opportunities by showing the ATV. Arctic Cat recommends that all riders take a training course. For safety and training information in the U.S., call respect for the environment, local laws, and the rights of others when riding. Advantage ® Timber™ is a the ATV Safety Institute at (800) 887-2887. In Canada, call the Canada Safety Council at (613) 739-1535 or see your dealer. trademark of Advantage Camouflage, Inc. FOX Float® is a registered trademark of FOX Racing Shox. Maxxis® is ROVs can be hazardous to operate. Improper use can cause severe injury or death. Each rider must wear a seat a trademark of Maxxis International. Remington® is a registered trademark of Remington Arms Company, belt, approved helmet, eye protection, and protective gear. Each rider must use handholds/steering wheel and stay LLC. WARN® is a registered trademark of Warn Industries, Inc. Arctic Cat,® Arctic Circle,™ Arcticwear,® Cat,™ completely inside the vehicle. Each rider must be able to sit with back against seat, feet flat on floor and hands on Duramatic,™ DVX,™ HDX,™ MudPro,™ Prowler,® Share Our Passion,™ SPEEDPoint,™ SpeedRack,® TBX,™ handholds/steering wheel and must read and understand the operator’s manual before riding. Follow all instruction Team Arctic,® TRV,® Wildcat,™ XT,™ XTX™ and XTZ™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Arctic Cat Inc. and warnings. Avoid abrupt maneuvers, hard acceleration when turning, and sidehilling. Avoid paved surfaces. Slow ©2012 Arctic Cat Sales Inc., Thief River Falls, MN 56701. down before entering a turn. Don’t operate on public roads unless designated for off-highway vehicle access — Arctic Cat ATVs and Side by Sides (ROVs) are world-class collisions with cars and trucks can occur. Never engage in stunt driving. Never drive or ride under influence of alcohol products from Arctic Cat Inc. Printed in the U.S.A. Part #5234-050 US/CE ATV120013ATV120013-FullLineBro_52-01 52-1 7/18/12 3:48 PM
  2. 2. 501,002 MILES. 25,015 HOURS. AND 1 HUGE THUMB CALLUS. Meet Jeff. He knows a thing or half a million about mileage. He’s been testing Arctic Cat® ATVs for two decades. Riding over rocks, tar moguls and through cement ponds. In miles, he’s circled the earth 20 times. To the moon — twice. On every Arctic Cat ATV model ever built. If you ask Jeff, it’s not even work. ’Cause when you love what you do, a paycheck is just a bonus. And it’s this shared belief that’s found in every Arctic Cat worker who tightens a bolt, welds a piece of metal or places a decal. From St. Cloud to Thief River Falls. Passion — it’s how we build great machines. It’s how Arctic Cat Side by Sides and ATVs are Built Right, Right Here.ATV120013-FullLineBro_02-03 2-3 7/13/12 12:15 PM
  3. 3. MACHINES BUILT TO DO IT ALL. For whatever you do, however you ride — we build machines with you in mind. Whether you’re a hunter, farmer, rancher, fisherman, cabin owner, sand guy, trail 8 12 18 rider or just an avid outdoorsman, your Arctic Cat Side by Side or ATV is ready to ride. Built by folks who do the same things you do. And loaded with technology, innovation and muscle. So rest assured, when you buy an Arctic Cat, you’re buying the best. SPORT SIDE BY SIDES RECREATION / UTILITY COMPETITION ATVS SIDE BY SIDES 22 32 34 40 RECREATION ATVS SPORT ATVS RECREATION 2-UP ATVS UTILITY ATVS 4 5ATV120013-FullLineBro_04-05 4-5 7/13/12 12:15 PM
  4. 4. TRACTION POWER RIDE TECH VERSATILITY TECHNOLOGY When you need to go places, over places and through places – traction is paramount. And Arctic Cat ATVs When we talk about things built right, right here — our H2 and H1 engines have to be at the forefront of In our dirt lab, ride technology is taken quite seriously. It’s how we continue to improve When you’re looking to buy a Side by Side or ATV, versatility is huge. And Arctic Cat delivers. give you plenty of it. Articulation keeps all four wheels in constant contact with the ground. Even over rocks, the conversation. Built in St. Cloud, Minnesota, these two power plants display plenty of bicep. The H2 1000 our machines. Take for instance our suspensions. We’ve pioneered them. Our Side by Side Check out the TRV’s 3-in-1 system. You can easily remove the passenger seat by just pulling two pins. logs and other big stuff you may encounter. Four wheels on the ground means better traction and an overall V-Twin engine has 951cc of displacement. While the H1 in our 700, 550, 500 and 450 machines displays plenty of suspensions with FOX Float® shocks on the HDX,™ our fully independent double A-arm Then add an accessory SpeedRack® or a heavy-duty cargo box. There’s also our SPEEDPoint™ system better ride. Hit the on-the-fly 2WD/4WD switch when you need to get out of nasty places. When you’re in ultrasmooth force as well. These engines are built with a Pentroof Hemispherical Combustion Chamber, which suspensions and legendary Ride-In suspensions have set the bar high for the industry. And this utilizing an easy-access, three-point attachment so you can add implements quickly. even nastier places, push the switch up again and that engages the front differential lock. provides the power advantages of the hemispherical design plus the efficiency advantages of 4 valves per cylinder. year, we’ve added a rear sway bar to all of our Limited and XT™ models. Also, our 2-up technology with heated handlebar and passenger handgrips, protective fairing and windshield, and deluxe digital and analog gauges continue to lead the ride tech pack. 1000 H2 951cc 90˚ V-Twin with EFI ELECTRONIC POWER PROWLER® HDX ARCTIC CAT STEERING AND TILT STEERING The HDX comes with a large 56" x 42" x 13" cargo box that hauls up to 1,000 lbs. It has 30% more volume than the competition. It even handles those awkward loads like a pro. You can also take off the sides and form a flatbed to carry all the larger things you need. And FOX Float shocks allow you to pump the shocks up for big loads, then air them down for a smooth trail ride. SUPER DUTY DIESEL 700 The word “diesel” is synonymous with all things tough. This bruising 686cc, EPS delivers a true variable assist system by measuring not only SPEEDRACK SYSTEM vehicle speed, but also steering torque at both the handlebars and 2-valve inline twin diesel engine runs Our strong, durable SpeedRacks allow for speedy wheels. The electronic control unit measures steering input forces, on six different types of fuel: DF1, DF2, installation and removal of a wide variety of accessories resistance and speed, instructing the motor to deliver turning forces DF-Arctic, JP5, JP8 and Biodiesel. with no tools. Rack baskets. Cargo boxes. Carryalls. at predetermined levels. And let’s not forget tilt steering, allowing you to adjust the steering wheel higher or lower, however you want. You can find all the essential SpeedRack accessories ON-THE-FLY 2WD/4WD in our 2013 Accessories & Arcticwear® catalog. WITH FRONT DIFFERENTIAL LOCK SWITCH DURAMATIC RIDE-IN AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION STANDARD 4-WHEEL DRIVE 4-WHEEL DRIVE WITH FRONT DIFF LOCK TRANSMISSION Our Ride-In suspension features a lower profile Power is delivered to both the and seat design, allowing for a lower center of rear and front tires via the open Power is distributed Our Duramatic™ automatic transmission is gravity without sacrificing suspension travel. front differential. This allows equally to all four as bulletproof as they come. It’s made of a A rear sway bar and softer spring rate provide the front tires to spin at different tires, providing centrifugal clutch with primary and driven a smoother ride while maintaining stability. speeds, maintaining easy steering. maximum traction to belt clutches. As RPMs rise, the centrifugal Double A-arms prevent deflections during get through all types clutch engages, allowing the primary clutch cornering, so steering remains consistent. of challenging terrain. to be engaged with the belt at all times, reducing belt wear and extending belt life. 6 7ATV120013-FullLineBro_06-07 6-7 7/16/12 5:00 PM
  5. 5. SIDE BY SIDES SPORT RIP YOUR SMILE MUSCLE A NEW ONE. You’ve never seen, dreamed or driven anything like the Wildcat.™ Because things that are one-in-a-million get that way for a reason. Speed. Agility. And more power than a blazing sandstorm. Especially with a 951cc, H2 V-Twin blasting over the dunes. Its performance is downright amazing. And its handling — tight and precise. Ain’t nothing like it. And that grin on your face, well that’s not coming off anytime soon. 8 SHOWN WITH ACCESSORIES 9ATV120013-FullLineBro_08-09 8-9 7/16/12 4:59 PM
  6. 6. SPORT SIDE BY SIDES WILDCAT 1000 LIMITED WILDCAT 1000 1000 LIMITED PACKAGE The Wildcat 1000 Limited is top of the line. It separates itself with front and rear aluminum bumpers and color-matched seats. You also get electronic power steering, tilt steering, Walker Evans adjustable shocks and Duro Kaden tires with sweet-looking 14" aluminum rims. And it’s painted in either White Metallic or Vibrant Red Metallic. 1000 PACKAGE The 1000 package comes with electronic power steering, tilt steering, Walker Evans adjustable shocks and Duro Kaden tires with cool aluminum rims. And check out the paint job. It comes in either Black Metallic, Green Metallic or Orange Metallic paint. 5-LINK REAR SUSPENSION EXOSKELETON FRAME When you’re flying over hills or dunes, your suspension can 1 4 Inspired by the exoskeleton design of sand rails, the make all the difference. And the Wildcat has no rival. The 5-link 2 3 Wildcat’s chassis is built from high-strength low-alloy rear suspension maintains tire geometry to keep the maximum steel, sporting a first-class full-perimeter design. tire patch on the ground for unsurpassed traction. Plus, it has The full-perimeter frame is an industry first on a maintenance-free bushings, Walker Evans shocks with 16-position 5 production vehicle. With a 40/60 weight distribution, compression and spring preload adjusters and industry-leading the front end remains light and nimble when attacking 18 inches of suspension travel. And not to be outdone, the front tough terrain, while the lower center of gravity suspension sports a best-in-class 17 inches of travel, with produces a more comfortable and confident ride. geometry that’s optimized for stability and control. ENGINE GENERAL FEATURES: The Wildcat’s 951cc, H2, liquid-cooled V-Twin EFI engine brings all • Engine: 951cc H2 EFI H.O. • 13" of ground clearance the power in the world right to the ground. The engine is built with a • Ultradurable exoskeleton frame • Front and rear LED lighting Pentroof Hemispherical Combustion Chamber, which provides the power • Passenger handhold • 14" aluminum rims advantages of the hemispherical design plus the efficiency advantages • Electronic power steering • 2-1 ceramic-coated pipe with tuned exhaust WILDCAT 1000 LIMITED Color Options WILDCAT 1000 Color Options of 4 valves per cylinder. And massive torque comes via a 2-into-1 tuned ceramic-coated exhaust. Power and efficiency in one potent engine. • • High-flow air intake 18" of rear suspension travel • • Walker Evans adjustable shocks Easy-access hinged doors 10 11ATV120013-FullLineBro_10-11 10-11 7/13/12 12:13 PM
  7. 7. RECREATION/ SIDE BY SIDES LAUNCH BOAT. FIND DEER STAND. UTILITY RIDE TRAIL. REPEAT OFTEN. We belong outside. It’s a simple fact. Doesn’t matter where. We just do. Could be up at the cabin putting in the boat, getting to that deer stand deep in the woods or helping bale hay at an uncle’s farm. Wherever. Thing is, you and a partner have to get there. And no other machine does it with as much versatility and sheer determination as a Prowler. This machine understands your yearning. It’s as natural and powerful as the outdoors itself. 12 13ATV120013-FullLineBro_12-13 12-13 7/13/12 5:34 PM
  8. 8. RECREATION SIDE BY SIDES PROWLER 1000 XTZ PROWLER 700 XTX PROWLER 550 XT XTZ PACKAGE The XTZ™ is the ultimate all-around recreation machine. What makes it truly stand out are the Maxxis® Bighorn 2.0 tires, pro grip steering wheel, gas-charged Ryde FX shocks and the 951cc, H2 V-Twin EFI engine. You also get electronic power steering, aluminum rims, automotive-style paint … the list goes on and on. XTX PACKAGE The XTX™ is your true outdoors package. Going a notch above the XT, it has a 695cc engine with EFI, electronic power steering and tilt steering. It also sports electronic 2WD/4WD with front differential lock, aluminum rims and a durable rear cargo box. SHOWN WITH ACCESSORIES XT PACKAGE The XT is hardly your typical base model. Especially with cool features like a tilting rear cargo box, front and rear 2-inch receivers, fully independent suspension, aluminum rims, 10 inches of ground clearance and a 550 H1 engine — all the essentials you need. GENERAL FEATURES: • Duramatic automatic transmission • 10" of ground clearance and • Fully independent suspension suspension travel • Sleek side restraints • Digital/analog gauge (XTZ) • Park (XTX and XTZ) • Underhood front cargo space PROWLER 1000 XTZ Color Option PROWLER 700 XTX Color Options PROWLER 550 XT Color Option • • Tilting rear cargo box Front and rear 2" receivers • Automotive-style paint • Aluminum rims 14 15ATV120013-FullLineBro_14-15 14-15 7/18/12 2:38 PM
  9. 9. UTILITY SIDE BY SIDE PROWLER 700 HDX HDX PACKAGE The Prowler HDX is one big power lifter. The HDX SHOWN WITH ACCESSORIES features FOX Float rear shocks and a rear cargo box that can easily handle up to 1,000 pounds. Load rocks, gravel, hay bales or a set of tools if you want. There’s even a 3-passenger seat to haul your crew around. The HDX is your all-in-one utility vehicle. POWER STEERING WITH TILT STEERING WHEEL Our electronic power steering provides variable assist — this measures steering input forces versus tire resistance and speed. This provides the exact amount of steering assist. And tilt steering allows you to adjust the wheel either higher or lower. FLATBED Hauling lumber? Or a prized buck? Or maybe you need a workbench in the middle of nowhere. Just remove the sides of the cargo box with the included tools and you have yourself a handy flatbed. GENERAL FEATURES: • 3-passenger seat • Front and rear 2" receivers • Sleek side restraints • Side storage compartments • Transformable tilt rear cargo box • Aluminum rims • Power steering • Available in Tungsten Metallic paint, PROWLER 700 HDX Color Options • • Dashboard shift with park Rear FOX Float coil-over shocks Emerald Green Metallic paint or Camo 16 SHOWN WITH ACCESSORIES 17ATV120013-FullLineBro_16-17 16-17 7/18/12 2:37 PM
  10. 10. COMPETITION ATVS Mud — part dirt, part water. But when nature mixes them together, you get WHERE MUD RAINS, an incredibly powerful element. A similar combination happens when we piece together a snorkel air intake, Maxxis Zilla tires, aluminum rims and an H Series EFI YOU REIGN. engine. It’s a powerful thing that brings out the competitive nature in all of us. And there’s no better alliance with mud and all its race majesty than a machine that bears the name Arctic Cat MudPro. ™ 18 PROFESSIONAL RIDER ON CLOSED COURSE. 19ATV120013-FullLineBro_18-19 18-19 7/13/12 12:18 PM
  11. 11. COMPETITION ATVS MUDPRO 1000 LIMITED MUDPRO 700 LIMITED MAXXIS ZILLA TIRES In the deep stuff, Maxxis Zilla tires have no rival. Light and durable with tremendous grabbing power, these tires deliver a smooth run through the mud. After all, they were designed for quick acceleration and incredible mud-slinging traction. SNORKEL AIR INTAKE The snorkel air intake provides clean air directly to the engine, while the EFI works in tandem giving you maximum horsepower. Its elevated placement allows you to go in the deep stuff without submerging the intake, keeping the engine from sucking in water. At the same time, it allows clutch venting to prevent slippage and protects primary and secondary clutches. PROFESSIONAL RIDERS ON CLOSED COURSE. SHOWN WITH ACCESSORIES 2WD/4WD WITH FRONT DIFFERENTIAL LOCK The conveniently located electric switch gives you on-the-fly 2WD/4WD and locks in the front differential when you need it most. Utopia. Nirvana. Whatever you call a mud pit, we have the perfect competitive machine — the MudPro. These machines were specifically built to dominate the mud. An elevated snorkel-design intake delivers clean air directly to the engine, while the EFI is specifically GENERAL FEATURES: designed to maximize horsepower. Maxxis Zilla tires • Electronic power steering • Front differential lock with 1-inch tread and on-the-fly 2WD/4WD with front • Snorkel air intake • Rear 2" receiver differential lock give you all the bite you’ll need in the pit. • 14" of ground clearance • 3,000-lb. winch Plus, a fully independent suspension with 14 inches of • 28" Maxxis Zilla tires • Front and rear SpeedRacks ground clearance helps defeat the muddy competition. with 1" tread depth • Aluminum rims • 8" longer wheelbase (1000) • Front and rear MUDPRO 1000 LIMITED Color Option MUDPRO 700 LIMITED Color Options • Park • On-the-fly 2WD/4WD heavy-duty bumpers 20 PROFESSIONAL RIDERS ON CLOSED COURSE. 21ATV120013-FullLineBro_20-21 20-21 7/16/12 4:59 PM
  12. 12. RECREATION ATVS Just look out there. Nature is calling you to come out and play. And to bring some of your big toys with you. In particular, toys with electronic power steering, huge ground clearance and gigantic displacement. Power is a beautiful thing. It gets you over and through stuff nature likes to throw in your way. We build these machines so you can go places only the powerful can go. And to play where only ON TOP OF THE big bores play. ATV FOOD CHAIN. 22 23ATV120013-FullLineBro_22-23 22-23 7/13/12 12:47 PM
  13. 13. RECREATION ATVS 1000 XT / 700 LIMITED 700 XT / 700 CORE LIMITED PACKAGE This package is top-of-the-line, differentiating itself from the rest with front and rear heavy-duty bumpers and a 3,000-lb. winch. It also comes with aluminum rims, sway bar, electronic power steering, 2WD/4WD with front differential lock and automotive-style paint. Stuff all big-bore machines should have. XT PACKAGE The XT package gives you a few things the Core models don’t, like electronic power steering, aluminum rims, sway bar and automotive-style paint. It also has on-the-fly 2WD/4WD with front differential lock, front and rear SpeedRacks and a 2-inch receiver. On the 700 XT you get Duro 2 Star Kaden tires. And for the 1000 XT you get the beefy Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires (shown to the right). SHOWN WITH ACCESSORIES CORE PACKAGE A no-frills, all-thrills kind of machine. Duramatic automatic transmission. Huge ground clearance. Powder-coated steel rims. Ride-In suspension. 2WD/4WD with front differential lock. Duro 2 Star Kaden tires. Front and rear SpeedRacks. Rear 2" receiver. Now this is value at its finest. GENERAL FEATURES: • Duramatic automatic transmission • Front differential lock • Fully independent suspension • Park • 11" of ground clearance • Front and rear SpeedRacks 1000 XT Color Option 700 LIMITED Color Options 700 XT Color Options 700 CORE Color Options • On-the-fly 2WD/4WD • Rear 2" receiver 24 25ATV120013-FullLineBro_24-25 24-25 7/13/12 12:47 PM
  14. 14. RECREATION ATVS 550 LIMITED / 550 XT 500 XT / 550 CORE LIMITED PACKAGE As good as it gets, folks. The Limiteds separate themselves with front and rear heavy-duty bumpers, digital/analog gauge and a 3,000-lb. winch. They also come with aluminum rims, sway bar, electronic power steering, 2WD/4WD with front differential lock and automotive-style paint. XT PACKAGE The XT is truly something special. Take the 500 XT, for example. It has aluminum rims, front and rear SpeedRacks, Duro 2 Star Kaden tires and automotive-style paint. And even more special is the 550 XT with all the same goodies plus electronic power steering and a sway bar. SHOWN WITH ACCESSORIES SHOWN WITH ACCESSORIES CORE PACKAGE This is all you need when that need is to ride your tail off. Value-packed with Duramatic automatic transmission, race-inspired suspension, 2WD/4WD with front differential lock, rear 2-inch receiver, Duro Red Eagle tires and powder-coated steel rims. GENERAL FEATURES: • Duramatic automatic transmission • Front differential lock • Ride-In front and rear suspensions • Front and rear racks 550 LIMITED 550 XT 500 XT 550 CORE • 11" of ground clearance • Rear 2" receiver Color Options Color Options Color Options Color Option • On-the-fly 2WD/4WD 26 27ATV120013-FullLineBro_26-27 26-27 7/13/12 3:05 PM
  15. 15. RECREATION ATVS 500 CORE STICKER SHOCK. WITH EFI IN REVERSE. CORE PACKAGE Sometimes you walk up to the ATV counter and say, “Give me the SHOWN WITH ACCESSORIES basics.” That’s what you get with the value-minded 500 Core with EFI. It’s got all the cool things you want in an ATV — at a fraction of the cost. Like Duramatic automatic transmission, electronic fuel injection, fully independent suspension, front and rear steel racks, Duro Red Eagle tires and sweet powder-coated rims. So when you’re looking for a great machine, yet looking closely at your bottom line — the 500 makes the most sense. GENERAL FEATURES: • Engine: 443cc 4-stroke engine • On-the-fly 2WD/4WD • Duramatic automatic transmission • Front and rear steel racks • Electronic fuel injection • Rear 2" receiver 500 CORE Color Options • • Fully independent suspension 11" of ground clearance • Powder-coated steel rims 28 29ATV120013-FullLineBro_28-29 28-29 7/12/12 9:04 PM
  16. 16. RECREATION ATVS 450 CORE / 400 CORE 300 450/400 CORE 4X4 PACKAGE Some machines were created to carry good times on their front and rear racks. And that’s what the 450 and 400 do. Plenty of trail-riding fun — with a little bit of 4x4 work ethic thrown in. Check out these amazing features. SHOWN WITH ACCESSORIES GENERAL FEATURES: • Engine: 443cc, liquid-cooled 4-stroke with EFI (450) • Engine: 366cc, 4-stroke, 4-valve (400) • Duramatic automatic transmission • Fully independent suspension • Preload adjustable shocks • 2WD/4WD • Kenda Pathfinder tires • Powder-coated steel rims • Dual taillights/backup lights 300 2X4 PACKAGE This machine is fully loaded with fun. Especially when it sports a Duramatic automatic transmission, front independent suspension and a 270cc, liquid-cooled engine. GENERAL FEATURES: • Engine: 270cc, liquid-cooled 4-stroke • Duramatic automatic transmission with hi, low and reverse • Fully independent front suspension • Powder-coated steel rims • Kenda Pathfinder tires 450 CORE 400 CORE 300 • Digital gauge Color Options Color Options Color Option • Front and rear steel racks 30 31ATV120013-FullLineBro_30-31 30-31 7/18/12 3:19 PM
  17. 17. SPORT ATVS XC 450 DVX 300 XC 450 4X4 PACKAGE SUSPENSION (XC 450) The double A-arm, fully independent suspension with 5-position preload adjustment provides smooth performance-oriented control. There’s plenty of ground clearance to scale over boulders or logs, while the rear sway bar adds increased cornering performance. FEATURES: 2WD/4WD (XC 450) • Engine: 443cc, liquid-cooled EFI • Aluminum rims Just flip the 2WD/4WD switch and • Electronic fuel injection • Dual taillights and you’ll be where you need to be in no • Duramatic automatic transmission backup lights time flat. It’s conveniently located • Sporty, race-inspired styling • Rear 2" receiver on the handlebar, so switching is • Double A-arm, fully • Maxxis tires done simply, smoothly and quick independent suspension as quick can be. • Sway bar • On-the-fly 2WD/4WD DVX 300 2X4 PACKAGE FEATURES: • Engine: 270cc, • Aluminum rims liquid-cooled 4-stroke • Adjustable shocks • Duramatic automatic transmission • Wide stance The race-inspired XC 450 and DVX™ 300 are what racing • Removable fenders • Headlight and taillight down the trail, hugging tight corners and blasting dirt • Double A-arm front suspension • Kenda Klaw XCF tires mounds are all about. But wait … there’s more. Take on offroads. Attack sand dunes. These machines ride, handle and corner like nobody’s business. And if that’s not all — both machines look cooler than anything else out on the trail. XC 450 Color Option DVX 300 Color Option 32 33ATV120013-FullLineBro_32-33 32-33 7/16/12 4:53 PM
  18. 18. RECREATION 2-UP ATVS ONE WITH NATURE. There are some places on this beautiful green earth you just have to find with a partner. And no other 2-up machine gets TWO WITH MACHINE. you there as smooth or as comfortable as the Arctic Cat TRV.® With all the comforts of home … lavishly mounted on four aluminum rims, a fully independent suspension and an ultraplush chassis. You may not have the 50-inch HDTV along. But look around. Who needs it when you have things in real definition snuggling all around you. 34 35ATV120013-FullLineBro_34-35 34-35 7/13/12 12:29 PM
  19. 19. RECREATION 2-UP ATVS TRV 1000 LIMITED TRV 700 LIMITED TRV 550 LIMITED TRV LIMITED PACKAGE Our TRV Limited models give you first-class everything. Simply the most luxurious and comfortable 2-up machines out there. These machines feature heated driver handlebar and passenger handgrips, lockable travel case, 2-piece fairing and windshield, winch, electronic power steering, sway bar and a plush passenger seat. So wouldn’t you say it’s time you rode off into the sunset? HEATED HANDGRIPS Heated handgrips will keep your hands nice and warm throughout the ride. Both driver and passenger have independent controls, so you can adjust the warmth to however you want it. LOCKABLE TRAVEL CASE The lockable travel case features a hard plastic exterior, painted to match your ride. Plus, there’s a gas-charged lift support on the lid to make loading and unloading super easy. And it’s lockable for safe, secure storage of your gear. GENERAL FEATURES: • Automotive-style paint • Mirrors • Electronic power steering • Travel case • Duramatic automatic transmission • Heated driver and passenger handgrips • Sway bar • Deluxe digital/analog gauge • Park (700 and 1000) • 3,000-lb.winch TRV 1000 LIMITED TRV 700 LIMITED TRV 550 LIMITED • 11" of ground clearance • Aluminum rims Color Option Color Option Color Option • Fairing and windshield • 2WD/4WD with front differential lock 36 37ATV120013-FullLineBro_36-37 36-37 7/16/12 4:51 PM