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Upsr model test 3

  1. 1. UPSR MODEL TEST 3 PAPER 1 Fifty minutes Each question in this paper is followed by three or four possible answers. Choose the best answer from the answers marked A, B and C or A, B, C and D. Then on your question paper, circle the answer that you have chosen. SECTION A Questions 1 – 4 Choose the best word to fill in the blanks. 1 My uncle uses a _______ to type his letters. A computer B calculator C keyboard D typewriter 2 We usually put the refrigerator and the oven in the ______. A porch B kitchen C bedroom D dining room 3 A _______________ has beautiful patterns on its feathers. A eagle B crow C swan D peacock 4 The _____________ has red hairy skin. A mango B papaya C rambutan D mangosteen
  2. 2. Questions 5 – 7 Study the pictures carefully and choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph. Karen wants to take part in her school concert. She reads a notice ________ (5) . It invites pupils to audition for the school concert. Karen ________ (6) . She sings in front of the teachers. After the audition, one teacher _________ (7) who have been selected. Karen’s name is called out. She has been chosen to join the concert. 5 A B C on the blackboard in the concert leaflet on the school noticeboard 6 A B C goes for the audition practises for the concert participates in the concert 7 A B C teaches the pupils in the hall talks to the teachers at the concert announces the names of the pupils
  3. 3. Questions 8 – 10 Study the pictures carefully. Then choose the best answer. 8 A B C D The girl is lying on the mat. The boy is eating a sandwich. The children are sitting on the bench. Puan Rosnah is opening the picnic basket. 9 A B C D Azmi is eating some bread. The man is passing the salt to his son. Azmi is putting salt in his food. Azmi and his family are having breakfast. 10 A B C D There is a girl sleeping on the bed. There are a lot of toys in the room. The girls are playing with their toys. The girls are putting away their toys.
  4. 4. SECTION B Questions 11 - 15 Choose the best sentence to fit the situation shown in the pictures. ------ 11 A B C D I go for choir practice every Tuesday. Are you in the school choir? Does the choir practise every day? Is there an audition for choir members? How often do you go for choir practice? Merry Christmas, Tom! 12 A B C D --------Do you have cousins? 13 ------- You are welcome, Paul. Merry Christmas to you too! Yes, it is a holiday today. Sorry, I forgot to bring my gift. A B C D Yes, they are very friendly. Yes, they always come here. Yes, I would like to meet them. Yes, I do. They live in the city. A B C D This is Jane speaking. Yes, she’s here with me. Hello, I’m Jane’s brother. Jane is not in at the moment. A B C Yes, the book is very thick. Yes, I’ve sent it to my best friend. Yes, I did. The story is very exciting. --------14 Hello, may I speak to Jane, please? Have you read the latest Harry Potter book? 15 ------
  5. 5. SECTION C Questions 16 - 21 Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. 16 18 19 Rain water rushes ______ the drain and clears the debris away. A from C along B through D beside _______ your bicycle have a basket? A Do C Are B Does D Have ______ and colour the picture of a parrot. A Draw C Drew B Draws D Drawing 20 My brother and cousin are in the same class, so _____ do their homework together. A It C we B he D they 17 Choose the word that has the same meaning as the word underlined. The train moves slowly up the _________ the hill. A steep C narrow B broad D winding 21 The food served at the restaurant is very delicious. A spicy C sweet B tasty D cheap Questions 22 – 23 Based on the pictures, choose the answer with the correct spelling. 22 I put the tub of ice cream into the _______. A freazer B fleezer C freeger D freezer 23 My mother put some _____ into the salad. A littuce B lettece C lettuce D luttece
  6. 6. Questions 24 – 25 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. 24 A B C D This is Jenny’s sister, she is a well-known concert pianist. This is Jennys sister. She is a well-known concert pianist. This is Jenny’s sister! She is a well-known concert pianist. This is Jenny’s sister. She is a well-known concert pianist. 25 A B C D dr jamal is a friendly and gentle dentist. Dr Jamal is a friendly and gentle dentist. Dr Jamal is a friendly and gentle dentist? Dr Jamal, is a friendly and gentle dentist. SECTION D Questions 26 – 30 Based on the picture, choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows. It is a Sunday afternoon. Rina and Rita ___________ (26) in the bedroom. ____________ (27) cat, Putih is sleeping under the bed. Rina is listening to ____________ (28) favourite song. Rita is reading a new storybook that she ____________ (29) yesterday. The story is about a girl ______________ (30) becomes a butterfly for one day. After she finished reading it, she will lend the book to Rina.
  7. 7. 26 A B C D is are was were 27 A B C D 28 A B C her hers yours Its His Our Their 29 A B C D buy buys buying bought 30 A B C D who what when which SECTION E Questions 31 – 35 Read the advertisement below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Double Action VitaC Tablets Tablets contain Vitamin C and Zinc. Vitamin C and Zinc act together and in different ways to support our natural defences.  Adults should take one tablet a day. First, dissolve in a glass of water.  Keep out of reach of children.  Keep bottle closed tightly and store below 30 degrees Celsius * Free from artificial colouring and preservatives 31 What is the name of the product? A VitaC B Orange
  8. 8. C D Double Action Vitamin C + Zinc 32 Which of the following does the tablet contain? A Orange B Preservatives C Orange and Zinc D Vitamin C and Zinc 33 If an adult wants to take a tablet, he or she should A chew the tablet B drink a glass of water first C dissolve it in a glass of water D swallow it with a glass of water 34 The sentence Keep out of reach of children tells us that A the bottle is closed too tightly B children cannot eat the tablet C children do not need this tablet D children cannot open the bottle 35 The word free in the advertisement means A also included B does not contain C without having to pay
  9. 9. Questions 36 – 40 Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow. So You Want To Be A Pop Star Do you dream of becoming a pop star? Do you want to sing in a band in front of millions of people? If you want to make your dream a reality, you must have talent, be willing to work hard and get the basics of being a pop star right. First, you need some sound equipment for the band. Modern amplifiers and loudspeakers are very powerful so you do not need a lot. Since the equipment is expensive, try getting second-hand equipment. You may also have friends or relatives with instruments they want to give away. You must also take care of your musical equipment. Always keep the instrument kept in their cases. You must not leave them somewhere hot. You must always remember not to put food and drinks on your equipment too. If the food are knocked over, the instruments will be spoilt. However, taking good care of your equipment is not enough. You need a group of talented and hardworking band members too. All members must practise regularly together so that you sound like a band. Remember that all the band members must like the same type of music. 36 What is the first thing to do if you want to be a pop star? A Get some sound equipment B Keep the instruments properly C Practice every day with your band members D Learn how to play a musical instrument 37 Why should you get second-hand equipment? A Musical instruments are expensive. B Musical instruments get spoilt easily. C Modern equipment is too powerful. 38 The phrase second-hand in paragraph two tells us that the equipment is A modern B not new C less powerful D very expensive
  10. 10. 39 You must not put food or drinks on your instrument because A it will become hot B they may spoil the equipment C it will not be powerful any more 40 What must band members do to become pop stars? A Practise together often B Improve the band’s sound C Like different types of music D Get powerful and modern amplifiers
  11. 11. PAPER 2 One hour and fifteen minutes There are three questions in this paper. Answer all the questions in the space provided. SECTION A (10 marks) Question 1 Look at the picture below carefully. Write five sentences about it. You may use the words in the boxes to help you. You are advised to spend about 15 minutes on this question. cinema quiet rows start seats watches dark eats everyone drinks 1 _____________________________________________________________ 2 ____________________________________________________________ 3 _____________________________________________________________ 4 _____________________________________________________________ 5 _____________________________________________________________ (10 marks)
  12. 12. SECTION B (15 marks) Question 2 Read the advertisement below. Then complete the table using the information given. You are advised to spend 25 minutes on this question. THE PATRIOTS’ CLUB Want to be a good citizen? The club educates you to respect the law and public property. Learn to be more patriotic and love your country Upcoming activities: - Using public property correctly - ‘Love Our Country’ 50 Years of Independence photo exhibition Meetings: 3.30 p.m. Teacher-in-charge: THE HEALTH CLUB Join the Health Club and learn all about being healthy and feeling good. Learn about healthy habits, good nutrition and suitable exercises. Upcoming activities: - Talk on dental hygiene (learn the right way to brush your teeth) - Step-by-step Yoga for beginners Meetings: 2.30 p.m. Teacher-in-charge: Encik Zulkarnain Bakar NEIGHBOURS WATCH CLUB It pays to be a good neighbour! You will live in a safe, friendly and healthy neighbourhood. This club educates you to be kind, helpful and considerate, so that you can be a good neighbour. Upcoming activities: - Gotong-royong with Neighbours - Meet-and-Greet Your Neighbours Meetings: 3.00 p.m. Teacher-in-charge: Miss Fiona Dass
  13. 13. (A) Fill in the blanks with the correct answers. Club The Patriots’ Club The Health Club Neighbours’ Watch Club ________________ ________________ Purpose of the club 1 ______________ ______________ 2 Love our country and be more patriotic Learn about : 1 Healthy habits 2 Good nutrition 3 ______________ Upcoming Activities 1 ______________ ______________ 2 ‘Love Our Country Week’ 50 Years of Independence photo Exhibition 1 Talk on dental hygiene 1 _______________ _______________ 2 _______________ _______________ 2 _______________ _______________ Time _______________ ________________ _ 3.00 p.m. Teacher-in-charge Puan Hasnita Ali Encik Zulkarnain Bakar _________________ (B) You would like to join one of the clubs above. Based on the information given, which club would you choose? Give reasons for your choice. I would choose to join __________________________________________________ because _________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________ _
  14. 14. _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __
  15. 15. _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __
  16. 16. _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ (5marks) SECTION C (15 marks) Question 3 Look at the pictures below. Write a story about the pictures. You may use the words given to help you. Write your answer in the space provided. You are advised to spend about 35 minutes on this question.
  17. 17. (a) (b) Madam Lim – shopping - wants - buy – clothes – children buys – shorts - blue shirt – for – Jimmy (c) buys – purple skirt – yellow blouse - Jackie _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _
  18. 18. _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _
  19. 19. _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ (15 marks)