The Revolution


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The Revolution

  1. 1. THE REVOLUTIONS By Rosey Mitchell
  2. 2. MAGNA CARTAIt was written for EnglandWritten in 1215The King could no longer put innocent people in jail.This relates to Rule of Law because the King couldn’t doanything he wanted anymore i.e. putting innocent people injail.
  3. 3. GLORIOUS REVOLUTIONIt took place on the British IslesWilliam of Orange took place as KingThe Magna Carta changed the power of the kings
  4. 4. ENGLISH BILL OF RIGHTSIt was written in 1689It limited the power of the Kings. It also added the aditionalpower of Parliament.
  5. 5. THE ENLIGHTENMENTWas a period when people realized that they had minds, andthey were all equal. They realized that we are all born withnatural rights.This took place in the 17-1800’sIt is important because it was a revolution for the people.They stopped believing things and doing things just becausethe church said so, they found out for themselves.
  6. 6. CHARLES-LOUIS MONTESQUIEUHe was from France.He is most known for his Separation of Powers, as well ashis discussions of modern government.
  7. 7. JOHN LOCKEHe as from Wrington, Somerset, EnglandHe lived from August 1632 to October 1704Natural rights are Rights that we are born with. Rights thatgovernments can deny.
  8. 8. JEAN JACQUES ROUSSEAUHe is from Geneva, Republic of GenevaHe lived from June 1712 to July 1778The Social Contract was a book that inspired social reformand revolutions in Europe.
  9. 9. THOMAS JEFFERSONHe was from Shadwell, VirginiaHe wrote the Declaration of IndependenceHe changed “Property” to “Pursuit of Happiness” becausesome people weren’t entitled to own land, But they wereentitled to happiness.