Breakups and Makeup--A Single Girl's Guide


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Breakups and Makeup--A Single Girl's Guide

  1. 1. --because there’s a LOT to LOVE about being single!
  2. 2. Huge thanks go out to all of our sponsors and contributors for helping making Singles Awareness Day 2012 a great success! Special thanks to Neill Skylar and Glenn Pakulak of Bravo TV’s Most Eligible Dallas Enter the This is Why I’m Single Contest for your chance to win this tote bag filled with goodies from our sponsors! Three winners will be selected. Enter now!
  3. 3. --Marilyn Monroe
  4. 4. I’m not one to sit and spin Cause living well is the best revenge. --REMWhether you’re the breaker or breakee, breakups are a drag. And, it’s definitely not like ridinga bike—each breakup is unique and you can never quite remember how you did it the lasttime, or how you ever got over it. But, somehow you did—and that’s cause for celebration!In honor of Singles Awareness Day 2012, we’ve collected what I like to call “littlecelebrations”—an eclectic mix of goodies to remind you why being single rocks! We’ve evenincluded tips to help you host your own Singles Awareness Day party. Of course, we’ve addeda few makeup tips too because living well is great, but we all know that looking good is alsothe best revenge. And, don’t let the acronym fool you, as you’ll see in this quick read, SinglesAwareness Day is far from SAD!This e-book is dedicated to you (or should I say us), the singles: For having the courage to call itquits when the warning signs were there; for having the strength to roll with the punches whenit wasn’t your decision; and, for having the maturity to push forward to a new chapterbecause you know that the best is yet to come. xoxo Rosilyn Wearing a warm pink lipstick shade detracts focus from redness and blemishes in your skin.
  5. 5. Oh, the places you’ll go—when you’re single! Being single is a great time to accomplish goals youmay have put on the backburner when you were boo’ed up. Check out this excerpt from “33 Thingsto Do Before I’m 33” from Sarah Von over at YesandYes.Org and get inspired! Bake bread from scratch. Do a Polar Plunge. Do 100 push-ups. Drive a snowmobile. Learn to play a song on a Go to a symphony. musical instrument. Get a piece of clothing tailored. Get acupuncture. Read Leaves of Grass. Run a 5K. Enter the This is Why I’m Single Contest for your chance to win this tote bag filled with goodies from our sponsors! Three winners will be selected. Enter now!
  6. 6. Ahh, the dating world—it’s a jungle out there—really. And just in case you need a reminder, here are a few hilarious stories collected by our friends at Date Not All It was Modeling 101 Equality has come a long wayCRACKed up to Be When I was fresh into my acting career, a A friend said that his female friend inOn a first date with a girl from well-known agent took me out to dinner with NYC asserted the following: him and his model friends. In the middle ofa dating site in Oakland, CA, dinner, he said “Oh, look - you have suchwe started talking about how pretty small hands. That’s great--it’ll make “It is common practice to provide aeverybody in Oakland seems to my private parts look bigger.” I thanked him ‘happy ending’ for a man that takeshave marijuana stories. She for dinner and told him I had to go. He then you out to a nice dinner in exchangeproceeded to tell me about her said, “well, you’re not that pretty anyway. for paying for the date.”crack-cocaine stories and then You’ll never make it.” Hmm, that’s funny,giddily asks if I’d like to try because I graduated Ivy League and am Note to self: Do not date guys in NYC now in the fashion industry. And last I heard,some. She’s a babysitter by day, unless you are starving and broke, or his agency folded. Karma’s a b**ch.BTW. That is effed up. extremely deficient in protein. That is effed up! Dab Vaseline on each eye and remove with a tissue—works like a charm!
  7. 7. We all know that the only essential ingredient for a good party is good company. But, good food,drinks and entertainment will definitely make it a night to remember. Whether you want to grab afew of your closest pals or do it big with a huge bash, here are some tips for throwing a quick, easyand awesome Singles Awareness Day party! “I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Lets face it, friends make life a lot more fun.”— Charles R. Swindoll No singles event is complete without swag! Be sure to check out the Smackages Swag shop for special Singles Awareness Day 2012 essentials like snarky tees, drinkware, posters, totes and more!
  8. 8. Every good hostess knows you have to have a signature cocktail. Try this Single-Tini, courtesy ofZodiac Vodka. Not only is Zodiac a great-tasting vodka, but each bottle comes with a different designfor each zodiac sign—talk about a great party favor! 2 oz ZODIAC Black Cherry* or Black Cherry Soda 1 oz simple syrup 1/2 oz sour mix 1 oz fresh lemon juice Sugar Rim (optional) Pour in shaker with crushed ice. Strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with a cherry and a lime twist. *This beverage is intended to be consumed by adults ages 21+ per the U.S. drinking age. Please drink responsibly. To make lipstick last longer, apply one coat of color, then apply loose powder. Or, opt for lip stain instead of lipstick.
  9. 9. My friend Mel made these for an event-it was love at first bite! And itwas even better when she revealed that it takes less than 10 minutes toget this crowd-pleaser from prep to table! 1 package smoked salmon 1 container of whipped cream cheese 1 loaf French bread cut into 12 slices butter chives • Turn on oven broiler. • Butter 1 side of each bread slice and place buttered side up on a cookie sheet. • Toast the bread by placing it under broiler for 3-5 minutes. Bread will toast quickly, so watch it carefully. • While the bread’s in the oven, open smoked salmon package and cut into 1-inch pieces. Set aside. • Remove bread from oven and top each slice with cream cheese, and a slice of smoked salmon. • Finish the bites off by sprinkling with chives. Wanna save even more time? Instead of making the bites beforehand, simply toast the bread and set toppings on the counter and let guests build their own bites! Less work for you, more variety and portion control for them! Other topper ideas: Nutella, prosciutto, bruschetta. Grab some mini hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works and give them as party favors as a reminder to wash away the grime of old relationships and start off clean.
  10. 10. The best playlists are the ones that play popular songs, but then suddenly surprise uswith one of our favorite oldies and great newbies. This list, compiled in part by soloartist Neill Skylar, the blonde bombshell from Bravo TV’s Most Eligible Dallas, isguaranteed to make you blurt out “Oh, that’s my jam!”—hence the name. 1. “Holiday” Madonna 8. “Extraordinary Machine” Fiona Apple 2. “Single Ladies” Beyoncé 9. “Hold On” Wilson Phillips 3. “It Gets Better” Neill Skylar 10. “Suck My Kiss” Red Hot Chili Peppers 4. “Better Off” Will Hoge 11. “U + Ur Hand” Pink 5. “Rhiannon” Stevie Nicks 12. “Roses” Outkast 6. “How I Do” Res 13. “Pretty Young Thing” Michael Jackson 7. “Ain’t No Sunshine” Bill Withers 14. “Some Days You Gotta Dance” Dixie Chicks This playlist is enjoyed best when accompanied by a Single-Tini. —It Gets Better, Neill Skylar
  11. 11. Check out these great products to help you celebrate Singles Awareness Day! Search more products and designs here!Enter the This is Why I’m Single Contest for your chance to win this tote bag filled with goodies from our sponsors! Three winners will be selected. Enter now!