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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. BEHAVIORISM By: Rosi
  2. 2. What is BEHAVIORISM?• The prediction and control of human behavior in which introspection and/or independent thinking play no essential part of its teaching methods
  3. 3. KEY PEOPLE FOR BEHAVIORISM..• Ivan Pavlov• B.F. Skinner• Albert Bandura
  4. 4. BEHAVIORISM theories• Everything is measured in terms of science• Human learning is an objective and experimental branch of natural science• There is no internal cognitive processing of information
  5. 5. THERE IS NO DIVIDING LINE BETWEEN MAN AND ANIMALboth learn to behave solely through a system of positive and negative rewards
  6. 6. • Behaviorism is also known as the “Learning Perspective”• Based on acting, thinking, and feeling• ALL BEHAVIORS ARE AQUIRED THROUGH CONDITIONING (interaction with the environment)
  7. 7. How does the teacher show behaviorism?• Through POSITIVE and NEGATIVE reinforcement• A student receives an A= “A”= that student gets a piece of candy -------------------------------------------------------------• A student talks while the teacher is talking= that student will have an extra TALKING= homework assignment
  8. 8. A computer based game!• When a student is taking a test on the computer, the computer will tell that student if they get the question correct or incorrect by simply using OR THIS WILL ENCOURAGE THE STUDENT TO DO BETTER USING POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE RIENFORCEMENT
  9. 9. HOW DOES A STUDENT SHOW BEHAVIORISM?• When a student gains a reward from doing something well in class, that student will continue to do well = MORE GOOD GRADES
  10. 10. • When a student receives an A for going above and beyond by making a power point presentation, that student will most likely make a power point presentation again for this class
  11. 11. MY OPINION on BEHAVIORISMI believe that BEHAVIORISM is extremely important when teaching because a teacher needs to always give their students positive reinforcement. It will make the students feel good about themselves, and they will strive for excellence in the future