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  1. 1. Slide 1NothingSlide 2Welcome to this short presentation of the Alivemax Opportunity. Our mission is to givepeople the power to take control of their own lives.Slide 3Today we are going to cover the following very important points.The truth about where you are right now.The options you have personally to make a change.How do you find the right product or products?We will explain to you the income opportunity available.We will show you exactly how to get started.And lastly, show you what you need to do in order to generate not just a short term income,but more importantly, how to build a stable long term business over time.Slide 4Two important facts you either already know, or should know.First, you are never going to get rich by working for someone else. If you become a Doctor ortop class Lawyer you may generate a great income, but you will always be tied to your jobwhich will require a lot of hours from you.Second, it is true that most people go through life working hard to make a living, instead oftrying to make a life! Here at Alivemax, we want to help you change that so that you can startmaking a life for yourself and your family.Slide 5Providing you realize you want to make a change, you basically have 3 options. One option isto buy a franchise like McDonalds, Subway etc.
  2. 2. Aside from the fact you will need a large investment to get started, you will also need toemploy a lot of people. Managing employees is stressful, not to mention all the hours youwill need to put in yourself.More importantly, you will need at least 5 years to begin seeing a profit.So, if this is the route you would like to go down, raise a small fortune and you could be onyour way.Slide 6Your next option is to set up your own company. For this you just need to find a goodmanufacturer, have them research and develop products. Then rent or purchase a warehouse.Organize and distribute your products, employ a lot of people including sales people. Thenhave shops ready to sell your products.$1 million to get started is a conservative figure.Slide 7You do have a much easier and less expensive option, become an Alivemax. Associate.You can get started for under $60 and run your business for less than $33.00 a month inoverhead!We already have world class products people actually WANT!Along with support and training you have an unlimited income potential.There is no need for you to quit your job and risk everything you have as you can build yourbusiness here with us with just a few hours each week.Everything is in place for you to build over time a business to be proud of.Slide 8So why Alivemax and what are your benefits?Well first, we have quality top trending products that people WANT.You can earn money fast with us and we will show you a “how to” example later on.People purchase our products on a regular monthly basis, which is crucial to your success inbusiness.
  3. 3. Our products are excellent with a strong emotional effect on people which means theyliterally sell themselves.Unlike your present job where your boss chooses who you work with, at Alivemax, YOUhave the power to choose your partners.You can work anywhere you want, so if you have plans or would like to live somewhere else,no problem!Choose when you want to work. This is very important for some people especially singleparents who cannot find normal jobs because of looking after their children.YOU decide how much money you want to earn. Just get together with your leaders andformulate a plan so they can tell you what you need to do in order to achieve that.Alivemax gives you total control of your life and income.Slide 9We need to be honest and recognize that security really is a thing of the past. Over the last 18months we have seen proof of that with huge corporate companies closing down andgovernment bail outs.Personal debt is rising and will become the next major financial crisis. We have seen banksasking for help to survive and endless amounts of bankruptcies worldwide!So taking all that into account, how do we find the right company and the right products togive us a chance of success?Slide 10Well quite simply, we learn from history... and history shows us that people always buy whatthey WANT, and not always what they need. It is important to understand that fact when youstart up in business.Once you understand that, you need to find a group of people who you know will then buyyour products. Find a trend!Slide 11Baby Boomers are still the largest group of consumers worldwide and will be for at least thenext 20 years.Who are baby boomers? They are people that were born between 1946 and 1969. This meansbasically anyone over the age of 40.
  4. 4. During the 50s, with millions of babies being born, some companies took advantage of thatand starting providing products that they wanted. Baby food!During the 60s as millions of baby boomers became teenagers, we saw an explosion in themusic industry and it became the trend.During the 70s as millions of baby boomers began to start families, we saw a massive growthin Real Estate. Many of the worlds richest people today took advantage of this huge trendduring the 70s.During the 80s, we saw the computer chip take control. Computer games and then home PCsbegan the rage. Baby boomers made computers the big trend during these years.During the 90s we saw two trends. Personal investments became huge as baby boomers hadextra money they wanted to invest. Then we saw the cell phone explosion and just look at thatindustry today!For the last ten years, baby boomers have been bombarded with information on theimportance of keeping fit and nutrition. They have made health and wellness the big trend forthe last ten years.Slide 12Ok, so knowing what we know, what is going to be the next BIG trend?We know baby boomers are getting old! So, what is it that people WANT when they startgetting old?They want to look and feel younger again. Regain their youthful looks!Slide 13Therefore, we know the next HUGE trend is going to be Anti Aging.We are at the forefront of this trend right now and it is going to last for at least 15 to 20 years!By being at the start of this trend, you increase your chances of success by being ahead of thecompetition.You will be giving baby boomers what they WANT. Can you see the potential in that?
  5. 5. Slide 14Introducing Alivemax...Slide 15To explain our world class products I am handing this over to my colleague...Slide 16Spray Facts:Now we are going to speak of some very interesting facts about sprays.“Knowledge, (pause) in regards to the effectiveness of per-o-ral methods are not uncommon,(Per-o-ral meaning through or by way of the mouth). In fact (pause) this knowledge was firstintroduced in the field of medicine. The reason this method is so effective is due to theso-called “First pass effect”.Hmmm what exactly does this mean…? (Pause) It simply means … (Laugh with enlightenedvoice)The ingredients do not have to first “pass thru the organs of the body, in order for thedesired effect of the ingredients to take place”. Okay… that now known: (pause)By means of tablets and capsules the straight away effectiveness naturally sinks … (pause)because they first have to dissolve and pass thru many stages of unfolding, such as yourstomach, liver, kidneys etc. Simultaneously unfolding are all the additives that have beenused in order to make that tablet have that pretty color, or to form that perfectly oval shapewhich a tablet has.This however, IS NOT THE CASE using SPRAYS! The ingredients are almost instantlyabsorbed into… (Pause) approx. 200 m² (square centimeters) of mucus membranes thatevery human body has. Get this… 200 centimeters is about 79 inches, square that and youhave about 6 feet of mucus membranes in your body. Sprays do…Thaaaaaaaaat withoutstraining your organs or causing them to have to work harder to process unnaturalcomponents such as binders, cellose or gums.Now (pause) sprays are no secret to the medical world, you can find info on Nitrospray allover the internet. But let’s just see what Alivemax has made of such vital knowledge, (pause)for you and I! (This last part said in a “secret voice” building up curiosity.)We will show you next, by means of pictorial what your body goes thru when administeringtablets into your body verses per-or-al.Slide 17You can see in the left picture that the body goes thru seven stages while using tablets,whereas Alivemax has cut the stress placed upon on your body nearly in two!
  6. 6. In the left picture you can also see when you place the tablet into your mouth, it has noalternative to bypass the esophagus, stomach, liver, kidneys, and intestines. We are talkingabout a minimum 7 stage process here, with tablets and capsules. Where as Per-or-al Sprayhas 4 point effectiveness. Spray into your mouth, the fantastic ingredients reach the mucusmembranes, go into the bloodstream and are transported directly to the synopsis of the brainand your body.Now (pause) let’s take a closer look at what Alivemax has created for its customers… interms of products which use the per-or-al advantage.Slide 18Anti-Aging Spray/Veratrol Plus.A sensational ingredient called Res-ver-a-trol …has duly received attention from all over theworld within the last few years. Studies report that it slows down the aging process.With just 7 sprays each day under your tongue your body receives a wholesome Burst oftargeted Anti-Aging ingredients. The Anti-Aging Spray has specifically selected ingredientsin a powerful combination such as Resveratrol, Mangosteen, Noni, Aloe Vera, Pomegranate,Goji and much more. We tend to be more oriented to that which we see with our eyes;however we age on the inside of our body’s just as well as on the outside. Alivemax with itsAnti-Aging Spray is assuring that the inside aging of your body receives a yield sign.But what exactly is this Resveratrol?Slide 19Resveratrol is a plant enzyme which reacts as an antioxidant within the body and can helpregulate the body’s genes, now…I’m not speaking of the jeans we wear on our body, in factAlivemax has another product, which you’ll find out about today, for that problem as well.Never the less back to Anti-Aging.Obviously when going back into the history of mankind, even in the scriptures of mostnations “grapes” play an important role in the lives of all. Well Res-ver-a-trol can be found inthe skin of blue grapes and obviously the great effects of this enzyme were already known inbible times, BC as well as AD, as grapes were consumed during every phase of mankind’sexistence. That’s fact!But let me tell you of another interesting fact. We spoke of Trends earlier.In 2008 a large Pharmaceutical Company called GlaxoSmithKline purchased a Researchcompany called Sirtis for 720 Million US Dollars. What’s that got to do with Alivemax?Essentially nothing as far as the 720 Million goes…But …Listen to this. GlaxoSmithKlinepurchased Sirtis, a small research company; you guessed it, in charge of researching theeffects and creating Res-ver-a-trol like effects in future products. NOW THAT’S TAKINGCHARGE OF AN UPCOMING TREND!
  7. 7. With Alivemax you don’t have to pay even a fraction of 720 Million in order to get a piece ofboth worlds. You will have your our own Anti-Aging product for personal use and a moneymaking opportunity utilizing the current Trend.Slide 20A few seconds ago I spoke of genes; this next Alivemax product is in reference to jeans.However the ones we wear on our body. SLIM. The Hunger Pang buster!As in all Sprays from Alivemax just 7 Sprays under the tongue gives you the sought aftereffect.Hunger Pangs are the biggest problem in regards to attempting to shed off some extra kilos orpounds. When you drink a tall cold glass of water followed by 7 sprays and hunger pangsdisappear. Here we are again speaking of a 98% quick absorption rate utilizing the mucusmembranes located within your mouth.Slide 21Now I get a lot of questions in regards to hunger pangs, one being, what exactly is a hungerpang?We have to differentiate in two categories. There is a physical reason and a psychologicalone.On the right side of the picture is a candidate who has a possible Physical Hunger pang. It’sdue to his steady consumption of Carbohydrates. A Carbohydrate is basically a lower classsynonym for sugar. While consuming Carbohydrates the blood sugar of the body skyrocketsand gives us false energy. Your pancreas produces more insulin. However just as quickly asthis energy soared to the moon, it can drop you just as quickly… then causing a physicalhunger pang.On the left side of the picture, our candidate is unamusingly eating. When we deprive ourbodies of specific foods out of dietary or even health reasons, we send out an impulse to ourbrain of “forbiddenness”. The body however requires a certain amount of natural sugars. Theresult is our brain reacts with the signal of a hunger pang, which causes the person to gooverboard when attempting to comply.That’s another thing which is so great about Alivemax SLIM. It takes care of the wholeordeal, the physical as well as the mental. The mucus membranes receive, by means of the 98% First Pass Effect, the ingredients needed to subdue the physical hunger pang. SLIM alsogets even with the nostril membranes which affect our psychological need for food, by takinginto consideration that the nose and the mouth are very much connected to each other. SLIMuses the 2 senses taste and smell to satisfy this need.I have been asked what exactly does SLIM taste like: I find it to be a very appealing tastebetween Coffee, Cappuccino, Maple syrup and a slight nutty taste.
  8. 8. Slide 22DID you know that European Studies have shown that in the industrial countries nearly everysingle human being is missing at least 1 Vitamin within their body? Well… AliveMax wantsto ensure that those Studies are soon proven to be incorrect.This next ALIVEMAX product is called “Multi-Vitamin Spray” and “should be” part of everyhousehold in the world. Since Alivemax is the trend setter in the Spray industry ofsupplements, here too applies the 98 % absorption. 7 sprays under your tongue and you are setfor a Vitamin rich day.This product is especially recommended for children as you and I both know tablets are not awelcomed ritual with our little ones.The spray on the other hand is interesting and fun for children. The Alivemax Sprays arecompact enough to put in a purse, a pants pocket or jacket pocket, simply convenient andhealthy. Children 4 to 15 do a half dosing of 4 sprays.A Whole Food Based with Vitamins ranging from A to Z. You are surely going to enjoytaking your vitamins and achieve more vibrancy in your cells.Speaking of vibrancy… how about this next spray...Slide 23Have you ever sat at a table full of people, at a meeting, a seminar or even in class and youcouldn’t help but “yawn because you simply felt tired and worn out”?Alivemax has the answer to such a problem…VitalityThe name actually says it all. 7 sprays under the tongue and within a few minutes you havereached a level of natural energy. This product is also a hormone balancer and high inAdaptogens that help to balance stress in our bodies. Many consumer fans are being found insport studios, weightlifting, truck drivers, office personnel as well as students.We are going to move right along to the very next sensation of this company.Slide 24The exclusive Skin Care Series of AliveMax.As we know the Trend in the area of Anti-Aging products is exploding.Yet what if I told you Alivemax is going beyond the point of Anti-Aging and hasmanufactured a series of Skin Care products which are not only ph balanced for your skin butalso anti-bacterial and purifying all in one!
  9. 9. Our first product you see is the 24 K Gold Anti-Aging Serum. Using the highest standards ofnature’s best ingredients, Alivemax combines the anti-aging factor with 24 K Gold. Yourskin receives the utmost chance at fighting against any bacterial elements which might bekeeping you from achieving a more youthful appearance.This product is exactly what Baby Boomers are WANTING and looking for.Alivemax doesn’t stop there though!Slide 25Alivemax now offers a sensation which can be said to be the “Eighth Wonder of the World”.A Facelift without expensive Surgery has never been so easily attained as using the HOTNEW Revolution Instant Facelift. Look and feel younger after the first Lift.Slide 26Takes just a few moments to apply onto your face, allow the Lift to dry 30 minutes and thensimply rinse your face with lukewarm water. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and you will see thedifference. This product received its name Revolution as it truly is….. Revolutionary.I have been asked several times, how does the Revolution Instant Face Lift work differently?Slide 27Well here is the best way I can explain it to you. As you see in the picture, your arms and legsare not the only parts of your body which have muscles… we have facial muscles as well.The Derma over your face is completely blocked from any outside influences while theRevolution Instant Face Lift is active, meaning that all nutrients of this outstanding productcan be absorbed without any interference.Your skin is not flooded with “water” as many other products incorporate so to give you theimpression of a Face Lift… the Revolution actually “trains” your facial muscles, a realworkout for your face, without you really even noticing it.The muscles are, as we know under the skin, and when the muscle develops, just as in anytraining of the muscle of the body, your skin elastically expands and your wrinkle says “ByeBye”, as you can notice in these next pictorial examples.Slide 28Aren’t these pictures amazing? Take a good comparison look at the bottom photo and thenslip up to the after picture. This product really needs no introduction; it sells itself and fits intothe Trend for Baby Boomers who are on a quest to look younger.
  10. 10. Slide 29Here, you see a second phenomenal example. Take a moment to simply compare the results.Slide 30The Instant Facelift and the 24 K Gold are amazing products but Alivemax didn’t stop there.They developed an Exfoliating cleanser and Toner. This cleanser not only prepares the skinfor the benefits of the Revolution Face Lift but also helps to clean the pores thus helping toprevent common acne. How beneficial for teenagers in that tough stage of life as well asAdults who suffer with problem skin. Splash the toner on the face following the face lift.This is where you would apply the 24 K Gold Product, right before the moisturizer.Alivemax also developed a luxurious Moisturizer to replenish the skin with moisture andinfuse it with incredible nutrients.Just imagine the possibilities with such a fantastic assortment of products, which are not onlyTrend setters but also fit into every lifestyle …Now let’s take a look at how you can not only enhance your own health but also make moneyusing this opportunity….Slide 31Ok, let’s talk about the Alivemax opportunity.You have a choice of becoming a customer and paying full retail price or for $25.00becoming an associate of Alivemax and purchasing your own products at wholesale.When you fall in love with our products as you will, you then have the opportunity to makemoney for referring others. Let’s go over the different ways you could earn extra income.Unlike other companies who offer you limited ways to earn money, here with Alivemax, youhave SEVEN different streams of income.By giving you options, it gives you the freedom to choose.If you want to concentrate on selling the products retail, because you are more comfortablewith that, then you can do so.This is designed to be a two team system. If you want to concentrate on building your teamsyou can do so.If you want to help others build their team, you can do so.You have the choice to generate income in whatever way suits you best.
  11. 11. We will cover some income examples soon.Slide 32Lets look at getting started. Once you decide to join Alivemax, you simply decide which ofour product packages suits you best. With different levels meeting everyones needs, wetruly believe that anyone can get started regardless of their current situation.It is very important not to stretch yourself. Do not put yourself under financial stress. Ifmoney is tight right now, come in at the lower level and over time as you build your businessand income, you can always increase your product purchases and increase your earningpotential.Alivemax wants you to have control!Slide 33Many people ask us where they can find customers and potential partners.Well the simple truth of the matter is this:Anyone you meet or talk toAnyone who notices a change in your appearanceAnyone who wants to start or has their own businessAnyone who wants to make a change in their lifeAnyone who wants to invest 30 minutes to view an online presentation in the comfort of theirhomeThese are all potential customers or partnersSlide 34Once you have chosen your package, you then decide which income avenue is going to suityou best. Here you see some examples. The lady on the left wants to do home parties. Sheloves getting together with 5 or 10 friends, showing our products and making money fromretail sales, and finding good partners who will duplicate what she is doing.The guy in the middle wants to concentrate on recruiting and begin generating those largematching bonus checks.The gentleman on the right wants to generate income by introducing our range of qualityproducts to Cosmetic studios and other retail outlets.Which area do you think would best suit you?
  12. 12. Slide 35Ok, so now let us look at an income example and see exactly what you have to do to makethat big money with Alivemax.Slide 36In this example, we are going to say it takes you 30 days to find 4 new partners.We are also going to say that you and your partners all have a product BV of $200 each. Weare not suggesting you must have that, remember, this is only an example so you can get anidea of how fast your income can grow if you choose!With you and your 4 partners all having a $200 BV, your total group volume after 30 days is$1000.Now instead of me going into great detail on our marketing plan and confusing you by doingso, we know that providing you build your business as we instruct you to, you will earnapprox 10% of your group volume each month. Some months it may be a little less and somea little more. But, to make this easy for you and people you know to understand, we will stickwith approx 10% of group volume.Therefore, in the first 30 days you could earn in this example approx $100. Now I will behonest and tell you that if you find 4 others in the first 30 days, you will actually earn morethan $100, but we want to keep this simple for people to understand.Slide 37Now let us move this example on to 90 days. Just 3 months from here.After your first 30 days, you find another 4 people yourself. You help all your people alsofind 4 others. With everyone having a personal BV of $200, and with over 30 people in yourteam, you can generate a monthly income of over $600.Slide 38Lets now take it on another 60 days. Just 5 months from now!In the next 60 days, everyone including you finds 4 other people. Again, lets say everyonehas a personal BV of $200.With over 130 people in your team, you could be earning over $2500 a month in just FIVEmonths from now!
  13. 13. Remember, this is extra money each month. We are not asking anyone to quit their jobs andwork with us full time. This is part time work but in truth after 5 months a full time income.Ask yourself this, would an EXTRA $2500 a month make a difference in your life? If theanswer is yes, then would it make a difference in other peoples lives?Slide 39Ok, lets dream a little here. After all, Walt Disney once said"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them".Let us say we continue this theme for another 60 days. Remember, we are now just 7 monthsaway from this!If everyone found 4 people each, and everyone had a personal BV of $200, not only wouldyour group grow to over 500 people, your group volume would be over $100,000 whichmeans you have the potential to make over $10,000 per month!Amazing! With just 500 people in your group, you have the potential to make a FIVEFIGURE A MONTH INCOME!Slide 40Now however, I want to bring you back down to earth.The truth is this. Not everyone in your group is going to find 4 other people. A sad fact Iknow, but we have to be honest here. Having said that, some people in your group are goingto find more than 4 others. You only need to look at our leaderboard and see people there whohave sponsored 20 people, 50 people, 100 people, and even a few who have sponsored over400 people!Imagine if someone like this was to enter your organization! It could explode your business!We also know that not everyone is going to have a personal BV of $200.However, if you had 500 people in your group and they only had a $100 BV, you still havethe potential to earn over $5000 EXTRA each month!What if it took you 12 months to achieve this and not 7 months?In fact, what if it took you 2 years?Let me ask you this. Does your current job give you the possibility of making an extra $5000a month two years from now?If your boss came to you today and said he wants you to work an extra 5 to 10 hours a weekfor two years. He cant pay you extra in that time, but in two years, he will add an extra$60,000 a year to your salary.
  14. 14. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY?The truth is, nearly all people would agree to that. The thought of an extra $60,000 a yearincome is for most people a great motivation.Well, we are offering you just that here with Alivemax. The only difference is we are notsaying you have to wait two years to get your money. You can generate an extra $60,000 onyour salary within two years, but we will also allow you to make money DURING the nexttwo years! That is a big difference.Slide 41It is important you understand that this is just an example. Of course, you must take actionand doing nothing will result in nothing.The control is in your hands, and this could happen if you make the decision to say "YES".Slide 42We know that some people when they start out in business have concerns or worries aboutwhat to do.Please relax and understand that people really do WANT our products because they really dowork.Anyone over the age of 40 WANTS our products.Make sure you use our products yourself so people can see the change in your appearance oryour health.Show people our range of products and do not try to become a salesperson. People buy frompeople they like; they do not like to be sold.Slide 43Another huge benefit you have with Alivemax is our powerful online marketing system. Withsix ready made websites, many with videos and audios leading to a short powerful 2 minutevideo, you have all the tools you need to begin building your business online as well asoffline. We even have a special Alivemax University to help you earn while you learn!
  15. 15. Slide 44So how do you get started?We suggest you first speak to the person who introduced you to Alivemax.Decide which product package is best for you right now. We do recommend the special $199packages we have, to maximise your earning potential, and we will see why in just a second.Invite people to our conference calls both online and by telephone.Remember, by choosing our $199 package, you only need to find 3 and it is FREE!What do I mean by that? Well lets take a look...Slide 45This example shows exactly what you can earn by choosing one of our special $199 packages.By finding 3 others who purchase this pack you will earn the following:-3 X $30 Fast Start =$903 X $15 Bulk Order Bonus =$453 X $30 (doubling Fast Start 2010 promo) $90That is a $225 return on your money immediately. You could do this in 1 month, 1 week or assome are doing in just one day. As we pay weekly to our partners, we find many people are inprofit with Alivemax in less than two weeks from starting.Imagine if those 3 you found also did the same. You then increase your earning power withDual Team Bonus checks, Matching Bonus checks and more. This is a great way to start yourbusiness, and remember your people will generally do what you do. So, set an example toyour team and go for the $199 pack.Slide 46To make everything legal here, please take a few seconds to read our income disclaimer.Slide 47Nothing ventured, nothing gained is such a true statement.Make sure you do not miss out on the next BIG TREND!
  16. 16. Stop letting your boss decide what house you live in, what car you drive, what vacations youtake.Take control of your life and make that change.The time is now for you and Alivemax!