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Why and How Testers Should Act Like Marketeers


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Why and How Testers Should Act Like Marketeers

  1. 1. Why And How Testers Should Act Like Marketeers @rosiesherry By Rosie Sherry
  2. 2. Testers be like this!
  3. 3. And then I felt like this again.
  4. 4. 1. marketing ˈmɑːkɪtɪŋ/ Noun 2. the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.
  5. 5. Seth Godin’s Marketing in Four Steps (butchered by Rosie) 1. Have an idea 2. Make something 3. Get excited and share your story. 4. Do the work. It will probably take a long time. 5. Then evolve it, or move on. Not all ideas turn out to be good ideas.
  6. 6. “Marketing is everything.” Regis McKenna
  7. 7. If marketing is everything, then does everything you do tell a story of who we are? (Truth:
  8. 8. Our. Stories. Are. Ours. To. Tell.
  9. 9. No. One. Cares. About. Testing. Like. Us.
  10. 10. And. We’re. Not. Telling. Them. (Effectively).
  11. 11. Our. Responses. Are. Defensive. We. React. To. The. Hype.
  12. 12. Our. Stories. Could. Be. The. Pathway. To. Growth.
  13. 13. How. Should. We. Be. Sharing. Our. Stories?
  14. 14. First! Look. And. Take. Inspiration. From. Your. Team. Surroundings.
  15. 15. Support Your Team Understand Your Team Support Your Business Show Up ● Invite yourself to meetings ● Start internal events ● Find and share helpful things ● Focusing on moving forward ● Get excited ● Collaborate, try pair testing (e.g) ● What excites them? ● Where do they hang out? ● How can you make their life easier? ● What challenges do they have? ● Be curious about them ● Make testing easier to understand ● Innovate ● Create processes of value and with meaning ● Get rid of waste ● Imagine you were the CEO ● Ask questions ● Write ● Be a maker ● Fail ● Evolve ● Talk ● Attend ● Respond ● Be proud ● Give a damn ● Be helpful Be Curious About Your Team
  16. 16. Second! People. Can. Help. Really!
  17. 17. Support The Community Infiltrate The Web Move forward Show Up ● Be a part of it. ● Consume ● Participate ● Be social ● Be human ● Share about what you care ● Find people like your team members, get to know them! Write! Talk! Record! Think long term: Seed good ideas and help people about testing: Quora, Reddit, Hackernews, Stackoverflow. There is too much crap about testing on the web. The only response is to overload it with goodness. Show you care. Make friends. Create your own supportive circle. Live in a world of technology, not one of testing. Innovate. ● Ask questions ● Write ● Be a maker ● Fail ● Evolve ● Talk ● Attend ● Respond ● Be proud ● Give a damn ● Be helpful Explore The World... (The Testing Community, Industry, Tech World)
  18. 18. Third! You. First. Everything. Else. Will. Follow.
  19. 19. Where is your compass pointing? Problems Bias to action Show Up For Yourself Really many of us don’t know where we want to be, but you can start heading in the right direction. Develop habits to help you towards a place you’d like to be. It’s ok to change and evolve your thinking. There are some things that just can’t be changed. Know your battles. Some problems hold us back. We fail to see more than one solution. Do stuff! What can you do now? Note down, or be aware of the things you enjoy. Show you care. Invest in yourself. You are probably not alone. Connect with others. Build a team around you. Create life balance. Do The Work - For Yourself
  20. 20. Fourth! But. I. Have. No. Stories. Bull shit.
  21. 21. Challenges A different view Frustration Inspiration Innovation Experiences Questions Solutions Be a copy cat Stories can start with… No idea is too small, Big ideas are usually stupid. Interests
  22. 22. Fifth! Make. Something. Then. You. Will. Realise. How. Hard. It. Is.
  23. 23. Wonderful piece of work by Elisabeth Hendrickson. But it is 10 years old. Make Something Cheat Sheet
  24. 24. Make Something Models - John Stevenson
  25. 25. Make Something 30 Days of Testing
  26. 26. Why I don’t want to be an automation engineer Make Something A Blog
  27. 27. Make Something Collaborate (TestBash)
  28. 28. Make Something Collaborate (TestSphere)
  29. 29. Whiteboard Testing Make Something WhiteBoard Testing
  30. 30. Make Something Become entrepreneurial in testing
  31. 31. Sixth! Think. With. Growth. That. Would. Be. Clever.
  32. 32. Do. The. Work. Your. Ideas. Are. Not. Enough.
  33. 33. Get. Excited. To. Share. Your. Story
  34. 34. Growing... ● Are things improving? ● Communicate, communicate…. ● Share, share, share ● How do you feel about it all? ● Are you heading in the right direction? ● Continue? Evolve? Kill it. ● Get feedback ● Track stats ● Track mentions ● Keep in touch ● Collect email addresses ● Iterate ● Improve, continuously ● Good design changes how people feel ● Reach out, reach out… ● Search for like minded people ● Make friends… ● Be human...
  35. 35. I. Challenge. You. To. Infiltrate. The. Web. With. Goodness.
  36. 36. How, you ask?! ● Go searching for testing information ● What can you find that you like/dislike? ● What are they talking about? ● What are they not talking about? ● What should they be talking about? ● Identify some areas to contribute to ● Wikipedia ● Quora ● Stackoverflow ● Communities: Testing, Dev, Design, Product Management, etc ● Social Media ● Hackernews
  37. 37. References ● Elisabeth Hendrickson cheat sheet: ● Model Fatigue and How To Break It - John Stevson - on ● 30 Days of Testing - ● TestSphere - ● WhiteBoard Testing - Thank you! Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry @ministryoftesting /