Crowdsourced Test Ideas - A Login Screen - by the Software Testing Club


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Test Ideas from the Software Testing Club. This one is on testing a Login Screen.

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Crowdsourced Test Ideas - A Login Screen - by the Software Testing Club

  1. 1. Test Ideas for A Login Screen Crowd Sourced Ideas from Credits: Rosie Sherry - Ainars Galvans - Martin Wright - Vrishali B - Kashif Ali - Rob Lambert - Peter L - Ajay Balamurugadas
  2. 2. The Login Screen The task was to provide test ideas for a login screen that looked something like this Not a lot of information to go on. The results are as follows....
  3. 3. User Interface Tab Order - Is there a logical order to using the tab key? Username field focus - when arriving at the page is the cursor focused on the username field? Use of enter key - does selecting enter activate the Login button? Accessibility - are the form fields correctly identified and labelled? The look - does it look ok? Everything aligned ok? Content - is the content up to scratch? Any typos? Links - are there any other existing links on the page? Are they valid?
  4. 4. Security Password - is it shown in asterisks? Password - can it be copied and pasted? Password - is there a minimum complexity on the password? View Source - is valuable information given away in the HTML source code? SQL Injection - is it vulnerable to SQL input? Pages - can pages behind the wall be accessed without logging in? URL Manipulation - can the URLs be edited to gain access where it should not be allowed? Multiple accounts - can different accounts be logged in at the same time in the same browser? Cookies - can they be edited? disabled?
  5. 5. Functionality Login - is it possible to login successfully? Unsuccessfully? Logout - if user logs out, do they log out as expected? Forgot password - does it exist? does the process work? Is it prone to security failure? URL manipulation? Back and Forward buttons - how does the application cope when using the browser Back and Forward buttons? Remember me - is there a “Remember me” option? Does it as standard? What if password is changed? Compatibility - is there a need to test in other browsers? Data - is there a minimum or maximum length of characters? What are the boundaries? What are the allowed characters? Error handling - how are errors handled and displayed?
  6. 6. Thoughts... Things you may want to ask yourself... Is it ready to test? Do you know anything about how it was built? Who built it? Has it been tested before? Are there any existing problems or concerns? Is there any thing that gets processed in the background? Who is the target user? How responsive is the login screen? What happens once logged in? What is the application used for? What risks are involved?
  7. 7. More Ideas? Do you have anything to be added to this? This is a production by the Software Testing Club We to make nice stuff related to software testing. Share this with the world under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License