WebAssign Faculty First Day of Class


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WebAssign Faculty First Day of Class

  1. 1. Welcome to WebAssign Faculty Instructions © 2009 by Malissa Peery, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  2. 2. How to Access WebAssign How Students will Access WebAssign How to Add AssignmentsHow to View Student Scores and Responses How to Use the GradeBook How to Contact WebAssign
  3. 3. How to Access WebAssign
  4. 4. Use Firefox as your Internet browser While you are free to use the browser of your choice, the UT Mathematics Department strongly recommends using Firefox. Both Blackboard and WebAssign work more efficiently in Firefox. If you do not have the Firefox browser, you can download the most current version at www.mozilla.com
  5. 5. 1 visit online.utk.edu 2 click login 3 enter your NetID and Password to access Blackboard4 After logging in to Blackboard, click the appropriate link for the course you wish to access . . .
  6. 6. How to Add a WebAssign button to your Online@UT (Blackboard) course1. Login to your Blackboard course and click on the Control Panel2. In the Course Options module, select Manage Course Menu3. Near the top of the screen, choose Add a Tool Link4. In the Type drop down menu, choose WebAssign WA button is only added once5. Type WebAssign in the Name box6. Click Submit, then OK7. If you want to move the WebAssign button to a higher position in the menu, you can do so by changing the numbers in front of the items in the Course Menu
  7. 7. How to Link your Bb course to your WebAssign Course1. Click on the Control Panel 2. In the Course Tools module, select WebAssign Continued...
  8. 8. How to Link your Bb course to your WebAssign Course3. Click on Link Course and choose the WebAssign course that corresponds to your Bb course. Click OK.  NOTE: You will only link the course once at the beginning of the academic semester. This process does not get repeated.
  9. 9. How to Sync your Roster to your WebAssign Course1. Click on the Control Panel 2. In the Course Tools module, select WebAssign Continued...
  10. 10. How to Sync your Roster to your WebAssign Course3. Be sure to put a checkmark next to instructor: ✓4. Click on Sync Roster, followed by Submit and OK.  NOTE: This process needs to happen daily throughout the add/drop period. You may want to sync your rosters again after the W deadline to remove students who have dropped your class.  NOTE: It is also a good idea to set the 1st assignment Due Date after the last day students can add classes.
  11. 11. After linking your course and after you sync your roster, you can now clickon the WebAssign button in the Blackboard course menu.
  12. 12. How Students will Access WebAssign
  13. 13. Students will click on the WebAssign link you created in theBlackboard course menu
  14. 14. After clicking on the WebAssign link students may see a notice thatincludes Trial Period information and payment options
  15. 15. How Do Students Pay for WebAssign? Students can register a code number if they have an Access Code card that was packaged with the purchase of a brand new textbook -or- that was purchased separately from the UT Bookstore -or- that was purchased online from their WebAssign homepage After the trial period ends, students will see the payment options and will not be able to continue without entering an Access Code NOTE: If students are repeating a course that used WebAssign, they need to choose the option to transfer their previously used Access Code. NOTE: Students cannot use Access Codes from course to course. For example, if they used WebAssign for Math119, they will need a new Access Code for Math125.
  16. 16. Student access code cards could look like this . . . BJS2513-23799
  17. 17. Online Payment / Code Registration Screen
  18. 18. How to Add Assignments
  19. 19. How to Copy the Assignments already created in the Master Course for Math 119, Math 123, and Math 125Look for the Jump to Class… drop down menuChoose the course named Math 119/123/125, section Master FA09, Fall 2009 Please do not make any changes to the Master Course. You have access to it so you can copy the assignments that have been created if you want to use them. You can make any modifications you want in your own sections after you have copied the assignments from the Master Course.
  20. 20. How to Copy the Assignments already created in the Master Course for Math 119, Math 123, and Math 125At the bottom of the list of assignments choose Propagate. You may have to click More… to see the bottom of the list.
  21. 21. How to Copy the Assignments already created in the Master Course for Math 119, Math 123, and Math 125On the left side of the screen click Select All. On the right side of thescreen, choose the sections you want to send these assignments to. Thenclick Choose Dates at the bottom of the screen.
  22. 22. How to Copy the Assignments already created in the Master Course for Math 119, Math 123, and Math 125If you already know your Due Dates, you can enter them now or at a later time.Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save, then click ClassView to return.
  23. 23. How to Edit Assignments already created in the Master Course for Math 119, Math 123, and Math 125Use your Jump to Class… button to go to the correct Math section. Youshould see all the assignments listed. You will have the edit option listed nextto each assignment in case you want to make changes. At the bottom of thelist you will see Class Schedule which allows you to change due dates.
  24. 24. Class Schedule at a glance . . .You can control when the assignments are available/unavailable to your students byselecting/deselecting the check box in this Available column. This is the only wayto remove an assignment that you dont want to use. WebAssign will not let youtrash assignments.
  25. 25. Tips on using the Class Schedule (due dates) If you propagate the assignments from the master course, the due dates that were on them will transfer. You can change them individually from the Classview by clicking Schedule (just like you would click Edit if you wanted to change the assignment). If you want to set several due dates at once, scroll to the bottom of the list of assignments in the Classview. Click on More... to see all assignments. At the bottom of the list you’ll see the word Schedule. Click here to bring up a page that allows you to set all the due dates instead of setting them individually. You can use either of these options to extend assignments for the whole class. If you want to extend an assignment for an individual, you do it from the Scoreview after clicking on the students name. If you created your own assignments, you can schedule them when you save them (button that says Schedule near top of Assignment editor page) or wait until later. When you are ready to set due dates later, click on Assignments > My Assignments > find the one you want to schedule and click Schedule.
  26. 26. Clicking on edit from the Class View takes you to the Assignment Editor page Continued...
  27. 27. Make edits as necessary Short or Full View options # of submission attempts Change total point value and/or Check boxes to remove distribute point totals evenly selected questions Continued...
  28. 28. When adding questions, be sure to add them to an appropriateCategory, especially if you are using the WebAssign GradeBook. Continued...
  29. 29. Assignment options:change tolerance levels,display question names to student, etc.  Click Save to finalize editing of assignments
  30. 30. How to Add Questions to AssignmentsQuestion Browser Pick from any textbook listed Select a chapter, then pick a sectionFrom the Assignment Editor, click on the Question Browser to add questions
  31. 31. Click problem number to reorderAdd Question Statistics: based on all WebAssign users Remove Click Update Assignment to return to the Assignment Editor
  32. 32. Viewing an Assignment as a StudentOpening Student View is a good way to test an assignment and tolearn how a student actually views assignments and enters theiranswers.In this manner, you are better equipped to provide student instructionbased on how you worked through the problem yourself.
  33. 33. Viewing an Assignment as as StudentWhen you are finished, click Close Student View at the top of the page.
  34. 34. How to View Student Scores and Responses
  35. 35. ScoreViewYou can take a quick look at how your students are doing with their current and recent assignments using ScoreView and/or see how they are doing on just one assignment by clicking scores in the same row as the assignment name.
  36. 36. To see all students’ scores for assignments1. From My Classes or ClassView, click ScoreView
  37. 37. To see all students’ scores for assignments2. A Scores screen similar to the following will be displayed3. To view a Grades Summary for a particular student click the student name under current students.
  38. 38. Grade SummaryND = Never Downloaded . . . Did not click on assignmentNS = Never Submitted . . . Clicked on assignment, never submitted any answersA red asterisk (*) next to a due date signifies that an extension tostudent submissions has been granted.
  39. 39. To view student responses to a questionYou can see the last response for a specific question in an assignment, or youcan see all responses a student entered for each question if the studentsubmitted more than once.From the ScoreView click the name of the student for whom you want tosee responses. Then click Scores in the row of the assignment. Last All Responses: details for all ofresponse the student’s responses to the question
  40. 40. Student response options Grant Extensions/Submissions Rescore Override NOTE: In the process of granting an extension, if the student has already viewed the answer key, then you will get a warning notice. NOTE: The red key icon next to the score in ScoreView indicates that the student has already looked at the answer key.
  41. 41. How to Use the GradeBook
  42. 42. Using the Jump to Class... drop-down menu, select the course whereyou would like to use the GradeBook.
  43. 43. From the Grades link, select GradeBook
  44. 44. GradeBook at a glance . . . Use this Wizard to establish your GradeBook
  45. 45. To enter Quiz or Test grades by hand, select Grades, then Add Scores toGradeBook
  46. 46. 1. Choose your Upload Method I want to add a single assignment using the assignment editor - or - I want to edit an existing assignment2. Click on Next
  47. 47. 3. If you choose adding a single assignment Choose GradeBook Category Choose Upload Method
  48. 48. 4. Enter grades, using the tab key to move to the next cell. Click Review.5. Click Save 6. Click GradeBook to return
  49. 49. Reporting a Question ErrorIf you find an error in a WebAssign question such as: - wording is wrong - answer is not graded correctly - graphics are not displayed correctly then please report it directly to Malissa Peery, not WebAssign.In your email, please be sure to include: 1. Question Name – or – Question ID 2. Details of the specific problem experienced Ex. LarBApCalc8 5.4.016. (917146) Question Name Question IDAny other problems, suggestions or tips you may have, please contactMalissa Peery; she is also available to answer general questions aboutusing the WebAssign program. EMAIL: mpeery@utk.edu Continued...
  50. 50. How do I find the Question Name or Question ID ?You can find the Question Name or Question ID by selecting View or Edit.View Page You will also be able to see QuestionEdit Page Numbers/IDs from student responses
  51. 51. How to Contact WebAssign
  52. 52. Contact WebAssign via Phone or Email Phone Support (800) 955-8275 Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Email Support support@webassign.net Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 11:00 pm Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Saturday 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Sunday 2:00 pm – 11:00 pmWithin the email hours listed here, WebAssign support strives for a response within 4 hours. Emails sent after the listed hours will receive a response within one business day. All times listed are based on Eastern Standard Time
  53. 53. WebAssign Help Tutorial
  54. 54. WebAssign Documentation
  55. 55. Contact WebAssign Technical Support 1 2 3