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BedPost Confessions Slides, SXSW 2013


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True confessions from the audience of monthly Austin, TX based variety show on the subjects of sex and sexuality.

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BedPost Confessions Slides, SXSW 2013

  1. 1. Performances Monthly ND July 19 August 16September 20
  2. 2. Producers Rosie Q, Sadie Smythe, Mia Martina, and Julie Gillis BedPost Confessions
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  6. 6. BedPost Organizer Spotlight: Mia MartinaBedPost Confessions
  7. 7. BedPost Organizer Spotlight: Rosie Q sayprettybird.blogspot.comBedPost Confessions
  8. 8. BedPost Organizer Spotlight: Julie Gillis "Get political! Its the sexiest thing you can do because sexual rights are human rights." www.juliegillis.comBedPost Confessions
  9. 9. BedPost Organizer Spotlight: Sadie Smythe thatswhatsadiesaid.comSadies book is available for purchaseBedPost Confessions
  10. 10. "I CONFESS… Ive got more than a little thing for nerds."BedPost Confessions
  11. 11. I CONFESS… Im gay.BedPost Confessions
  12. 12. "I CONFESS… I’m 9 months pregnant and my boyfriend is NOT giving me enough sex!"BedPost Confessions
  13. 13. "I CONFESS… I have been havingsex for eleven years and I finally sawmy clit for the first time this week."BedPost Confessions
  14. 14. "I CONFESS… the other night I fantasized abouthaving sex with the Daft Punk robots."BedPost Confessions
  15. 15. "I CONFESS… some of the hottestsex Ive had was on my armycommanders desk."BedPost Confessions
  16. 16. "I CONFESS… I have secretly masturbatedwhile laying facedown on a crowdedbeach." BedPost Confessions
  17. 17. "I CONFESS…My girlfriend is my muse."BedPost Confessions
  18. 18. "I CONFESS… since myfiancé and I opened up ourrelationship, Ive only becomemore certain that I want tospend my life with him."BedPost Confessions
  19. 19. "I CONFESS...Words turn me on. Talk to me when you touch me, baby!"BedPost Confessions
  20. 20. “I CONFESS… Sometimes sex is all I can think about.”BedPost Confessions
  21. 21. "I CONFESS… I dont obeycommands very often. Youwere just really convincing."BedPost Confessions
  22. 22. "I CONFESS... I like it when a man calls me "Cupcake"."BedPost Confessions
  23. 23. "I CONFESS… I still get hard and wet at the thought of our camping trip."BedPost Confessions
  24. 24. "I CONFESS… There is nothing hotter to me than a girl who can confidently rock a bush."BedPost Confessions
  25. 25. "I CONFESS… The smell of cigarettes & coffee on a man’s breath makes me melt."BedPost Confessions
  26. 26. "I CONFESS… I like a man to look like a real man: with hair on his chest, a few extra pounds, a few crows feet around his eyes, lines in his face and real muscles from his hard work."BedPost Confessions
  27. 27. "I CONFESS… I first knew I was gay at 7 years old."BedPost Confessions
  28. 28. "I CONFESS… I like when shescratches. I love when she draws blood." BedPost Confessions
  29. 29. "I CONFESS… I like feminine men and masculine women"BedPost Confessions
  30. 30. "I CONFESS… I’m vanilla when it comes to sex and I’m happy about it!"BedPost Confessions
  31. 31. "I CONFESS… sometimes I cry if I cant make myself orgasm."BedPost Confessions
  32. 32. "I CONFESS… A nice cock is like anice sleep number bed… firm, warm, and comfy against your body."BedPost Confessions
  33. 33. "I CONFESS… I’m assuming if my dad ever found lesbian porn in the hidden folders on our computer, he probably thought it was my brother’s, not his youngest daughter."BedPost Confessions
  34. 34. Whats Your Confession?Write it down and well read it on stageBedPost Confessions