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Choosing channels


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A presentation about how small businesses need to choose which social media channels to participate in and some tips on getting social using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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Choosing channels

  1. 1. Choosing ChannelsHow do I decide which social media channels make sense for my business?
  2. 2. So many channels, not enough content!
  3. 3. How do I know what to choose?• Decide on Goals and Objectives• Find the channel that FITS• Figure out WHO is going to do WHAT• Find Your Voice & Stick to It• Put it on a calendar• Rinse, Repeat & Review
  4. 4. Goals vs. Objectives• Goals – Larger visions • More Sales • Bigger Email List• Objectives – The Road map • Monthly Social Campaigns • Online Advertising
  5. 5. Having Goals = Destination• Think about your reason to engage• Measure based on „bottom-line value‟• Not number of likes, +1 or follows, but what matters for long term profitability ie. cost reduction, customer satisfaction, brand perception, increased attendance…
  6. 6. What‟s Old is Old
  7. 7. Viva La Difference• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedIn• Pinterest
  8. 8. Email DB vs Social DB
  9. 9. Facebook• Conversation & Engagement• Longer Life• Visual & Written• Event Promotion• Demographic
  10. 10. Twitter• FAST Response• News!!• Customer Service Expected• Brand Following• Events• Short Life Span
  11. 11. LinkedIn• B2B• Groups• Company Page
  12. 12. Pinterest• Longer Browse Time• People Research to Buy• Wishlists• Visual: Food, Fashion, Jewelry, Insp irational
  13. 13. Achieve Your Goals• Make it relevant• Focus on engagement & community• Nurture Your Superfans!• Plan campaigns that deliver value• Prepare Ahead for problems• Measure & Keep Improving• BE CONSISTENT!
  14. 14. Measure Goals• Engagement• “Likes”• Comments• Votes• Clicks
  15. 15. Campaign Ideas
  16. 16. It‟s OK to Get Personal!
  17. 17. Tools to Run Campaigns
  18. 18. Easy Social Campaigns
  19. 19. Apps to Connect Channels: Pinvolve
  20. 20. Measure Goals• Earned Media (Trust)• Shares• News Feed posts• Invitations Sent• Stories Created• Mentions/Tags
  21. 21. Measure Goals• Leads (Not always direct sales)• Opt-ins for Email List• Conversions*• Information Submissions (Photo uploads, Contact Forms, Survey/Polls)*Yes, it does happen especially with a FB Store or from Pinterest
  22. 22. Tools to Automate• Monitor• Measure• Manage
  23. 23. Choose Your Mix
  24. 24. Small group coaching for DIY• Total Online Presence Program• 8 coaching sessions or 12 month blueprint version • Complete online portal • Video/audio • eBooks • Resources/action plans • Real time updates • Beginner/advanced options
  25. 25. Questions? Your free ebook is ready.Rosie Taylorwww.rosiemedia.comrtaylor@rosiemedia.com954-667-9668
  26. 26. Do you need help implementing or maintaining your Social Media? Let us help you!
  27. 27. Social Media Management ($97 $77/month*)Manage and measure your social networks including:• Set-up account• Create monthly social media campaigns• Manage up to two social profiles• Schedule messages and tweets• Analyze social media traffic• Provide social media campaign schedule* Offer expires April 30, 2013
  28. 28. If you’re interested in getting assistance with your Social Media Marketing, email ME at