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Visalia Positive Attitude Outlook, Inc. Foster Family Agency


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Visalia Positive Attitude Outlook, Inc. Foster Family Agency

  1. 1. Born through a vision to start group homes for youth and children in 1988, Livingston Group Home aimed to provide a safe, positive home for those whom had a history of psychological, social, and academic issues. Three years later, a evolutionary change of focus and services modified this company’s name to what is now known as Positive Attitude Outlook, Inc. (PAO), a foster care agency that cultivates on religious beliefs and political rights. PAO currently holds three agencies to assist there foster children population, two in Fresno, Ca., one in Bakersfield, Ca., Ontario, Ca., and Visalia, Ca. “It was He who gave the owner a vision to establish PAO to be a ministry for helping children!”-PAO Founder
  2. 2. Regana McGee-CEO/Owner Richard E. Ortez, M.A.C. Irma Perez, B.A. Social Worker Kelly Kleinhammer, MSW Social Worker
  3. 3. PAO population-at-risk is aimed towards children and youth. It has expanded to become a program that provides children, from birth to 18 years of age, with a foster care home in hopes that it might give positive aspects to a child life. Children and youth look for acceptance, guidance, support, but above all love. PAO attempts to supply these needs to thousands of children with the help of fostering homes and reunification.
  4. 4. PAO services include: • The opportunity to gain personal satisfaction for giving a child a chance to develop and grow up in a safe and positive environment • Financial Compensation • Social workers on call 24 hours for crisis services • Special monthly training • Children from 0-18 • Medi-cal & Dental health coverage for the children • Quarterly awards for our Foster Children • Special activities for the children • Our goal is family reunification or to provide a safe and nurturing long term home for our foster children
  5. 5. PAO focuses on the social justice of children ages 0-18. The conduct a great amount of research and analysis to care for any child in any state. The four types of care include: • Emergency Foster Care A child left with no family/ immediate removal from his current home are placed in Emergency foster homes. The children are often traumatized by the incident in which they will need intensive help. • Respite Care Respite care is the short-term care of a very dependent or difficult child which enables the parents - birth, foster or adoptive - to take a break. • Therapeutic or Treatment Care Children that come into foster care who are medically fragile, or have been severely emotionally damaged by their previous families. Foster parents may need to provide extensive medical support, or mount an intensive salvage operation to try to turn these children around.
  6. 6. At PAO, they aim to create a safe, cultural competent agency. Foster Parents and Social Workers join in on monthly trainings and seminars on how to become culturally competent with their children/clients. POA attempts to give every child a Foster Parent that meets their cultural needs, religious background, and language preference. After the foster child is given their rights, it is the responsibility of the foster parent to apply those rights while in their home. (Including religious practice and birth control usage)
  7. 7. PAO values the life and future of a child. They state feeling successful when a former foster child gains a career, job, and family of their own. They live by the following statement: “If you believe in helping others and wish to open your homes and hearts to the less fortunate, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve got the motivation and determination, then you are at the place to be.”
  8. 8. PAO’s outlook is to enforce and conduct the human rights of the child. The aim to provide that child with the right tools to succeed in life. They often fall upon the ideas of the Human Rights Watch. To provide foster youth with a variety of options as they make the transition to adulthood. These could include more time at home before moving out on their own, or somewhere to stay for certain periods, such as during college/vacations. California's foster care system serves 65,000 children and youth, far more than any other single state. PAO is one agency of many that help serve this population.
  9. 9. How to become a foster parent through PAO: (1) To get started, you will need a valid ID. (2) You will also need a Social Security card. (3)Complete a CPR and First Aid Class (4)Complete a physical and TB Test (5) Have a safe home environment What PAO looks for in a foster parent… “Well the most important is that they have a willing heart to care for a child. Secondly, we make sure they have a safe & adequate room in your home. Lastly, we make sure they are financially stable. While they do get financial compensation, we frown upon them treating foster caring as a second income.”-M.A.C.
  10. 10. PAO’s mission is to provide reinforcement and nourishment to each at-risk child with the hopes that one day they will become positive, productive adults and role models of encouragement in the lives of other children/youth. Their aim is to provide services to enhance the effectiveness of the foster care system by monthly training, developmental workshops, and seminars. These all contribute to bettering the efficiency of foster care agencies as well as the youth and children of the central valley.
  11. 11. For additional information you can visit the agencies website at OR Call to speak to a representative at 559 636-5880 The best thing a child can hear is not only “I love you”, but “I am here for you too”.