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Kaunas workmeeting: the topics we discussed at our first meeting.


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Kaunas workmeeting: the topics we discussed at our first meeting.

  1. 1. Let stones speak: rocking around our European heritage First work meeting: Kauno “Santaros” Gimnazija. Kaunas, Lithuania 13 – 19 October 2013
  2. 2. Welcome to all partners  “A real discovery tour doesn’t depend on looking for new lands but on having a new vision” Marcel Proust
  3. 3. Before starting, we have to know where we’re going! Always keep in mind the project’s objectives, strategy, results and outcomes. Consult the Application Form, section G.2, work programme, the Wikispace, and the minutes of the last meeting.
  4. 4. Activities carried out so far…. Hopefully!!     Comenius group set up in each school English, ITC, geology and geography assessment for pupils & teachers. “Do you know what’s inside your mobile/laptop/camera?” questionnaire    Pupils prepare logos to bring to Lithuania. Pupils and teachers choose (at least) one geosite, a mining village and a historical stone monument in their area to research. Pupils prepare presentation of their school and stone treasures.
  5. 5. Big questions to discuss How will teachers communicate – Google groups/ Facebook/eTwinning?  How will students communicate – Facebook? Blog?  A wikispace or a .eu website domain?  How will assessment take place? Survey monkey? Number of visits on the website? Number of pupils/parents/teachers’ testimonies published on the website?  Workmeetings: where and when? 4 or 5? 
  6. 6. Wikispace planning         Everyone is an organizer; every partner contributes to each section Wikispace overseers: Marcel & Rosie Division of tasks: Geological heritage/ geotourism/ earthcaching: Marcel & Fabrice & Ulfur Stones in cultural heritage/ the newsroom: Eva & Silvya & Rosie A day in the life of… Viola & Frida Didactic tools: Jan Work meetings/ Mining: Viola & Rosie
  7. 7. Earthcaching   Read carefully guidelines for teachers  Choose a site of geological interest in your area and ask earthcache for approval.
  8. 8. TO DO before April 2014         At school: Use and read geological maps Identify and classify rocks Upload description of rock / stone site (on Wikispace or Wikiloc?) Choose cheap, environmentally-friendly transport and accommodation to the site In the field: Do a mineral/ rock hunting field trip Use GPS
  9. 9. Homework for Poland  Choose at least one rock, one mineral
  10. 10. Homework for Poland  Choose at least one rock, one mineral