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A beginner’s guide to


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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A beginner’s guide to

  1. 1. A Beginner’s guide to How to sign your soul away
  2. 2. Getting to know your Dashboard
  3. 3. The top bar Logo and home button Take you back to your dashboard or refresh the page if you are already on your dashboard Help Inbox Settings Self-explanatory Log out Extension that makes tumblr a bit better (you have to download this elsewhere but it’s not really important so don’t worry about it)
  4. 4. The Side Bar Shows you everything you have posted or reblogged Shows your followers Shows what you’ve been doing and who’s been reblogging you Shows you your liked posts Shows who you’re following Self-explanatory
  5. 5. The Post Bar All are pretty self-explanatory Except this one – this one formats your post so that it looks more like a script rather than a solid block of text, which allows you to post about conversations. You can’t actually chat to people. This isn’t Facebook.
  6. 6. Making a post For this post I clicked on the ‘Text’ button I wrote a heading And the main post And added some tags so that others could find it Then I published it But if you decide you don’t want to make a post, you can change your mind
  7. 7. Here is your published post Shares the post on other websites And here’s where the notes, that tell you how many people liked or reblogged it , would be if you actually get any Here’s the settings button for if you want to edit it Here’s the reblog button
  8. 8. Common types of posts and blogs on Tumblr
  9. 9. Blogs on tumblr
  10. 10. Hipster • Usually pretty pictures of dip-dyed hair, a sunset or a cup of Starbucks. Often hijacked by fandoms
  11. 11. • Fandom If you are a fan of a tv series , band or film or anything, you are a part of its fandom. Most members of fandoms tend to become extremely emotionally invested in characters, events and shipping (supporting a romance between characters, canon or non-canon, commonly homosexual pairings), often to the point of being extremely over-the-top. There are also a large amount of crossovers, the main being SuperWhoLock – the crossover between the three most prominent fandoms on tumblr, Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock. Fan art and humorous photoshopped screenshots are an extremely popular medium amongst these communities. Also crosses over with celebrity worship.
  12. 12. PR0N! • Can be fan art (often extremely graphic) from the fandom side of tumblr, classy stuff from the Hipster side of tumblr, or just outright porn. There is no escaping it. All the pictures I could find were either too tame or too explicit so here’s a kitten
  13. 13. Other • Hipster and Fandom are generally regarded as the two most prominent communities on tumblr although there are many people who blog about feminism, politics, LGBTQ right and other social issues surrounding equal rights. • There are also bloggers who tell humorous or strange stories or jokes, or just reblog other posts. • Other bloggers come to tumblr seeking emotional support or an escape from their offline life and use their blog as an outlet to express themselves and their emotions.
  14. 14. Finally • Source any art, videos or anything else you post that you don’t own • Don’t send anonymous hate messages… or any hate messages at all • Try to tag anything you post or reblog that may be distressing or contain a spoiler as some people have triggers or haven’t seen that episode yet
  15. 15. • We’ve barely scratched the surface of the tumblr community but there’s so much that it can’t be covered in a single powerpoint • Go forth and tumble, and see what the website is all about for yourself Or, if you actually want to have a life…