The next steps


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Recommendations for EMS... EDT 650 project

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The next steps

  1. 1. Take Action Professional Establish Goals Implement Focus on Adjust to Change Development • The EMS Leadership Learning Assessment • Change is something• Develop and • The first teacher day Team needs to examine Communities • Develop a well defined we all need to adjust to. understanding of “why should be a time of Key 2.0 Survey set of answers to the Some things will change constructed response • Establish Professional immediately, some teachers are doing what collaboration and Key 3 constructed questions to support Learning Communities change will happen over they are doing from one getting to know new response questions. with a primary focus on grade to the next.” staff members. development of well This will help establish time. It is essential for defined goals for the improvement of everyone involved at • All staff members will instruction. excellence in programs excellence in programs EMS to learn to thrive in• ALL staff will be fully take the across the school and across the school. consistency in a changing trained regarding the Communication Style environment. KEYS reform to survey and discuss • Establish Learning assessment of these promote shared interest results. • Establish grade level Communities to programs. among the staff and departmental promote collaboration. members. • All in-service activities committees that • Developing common • Help support teachers collaborate together types of assessments to in the process of throughout the school• Now that we know what year should promote goal creation with the • Foster an effective be used school-wide change. Provide needs to be done, support of the EMS mentoring program and make sure all positive and specific shared understanding LET’S DO IT! Leadership Team. through the use of faculty are trained in praise and feedback for about teaching and learning. Learning Communities. implementing, scoring, successes.• Promote and monitor and interpreting • Develop and faculty and staff interest • Professional understanding of “why • Promote culturally assessments. in maintaining Development teachers are doing what responsive teaching • • Provide PD opportunity momentum for the through Learning • Determine how for teachers to learn opportunities should they are doing from one reform throughout the Communities how to recognize the school year. focus on learner- grade to the next.” standardized centered design across assessment data is to signs of change and all grade levels. • Monitor Learning be used school-wide in how to measure • Monitor all grade level change. Communities and meaningful ways. and departmental goals to ensure for continuity request feedback to • Assess progress of the among goals between determine Keys 2.0 reform through grades, departments effectiveness. discussion, exit and EMS as a whole slips, and an end of