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Mentor Author Poster developed in a Children\'s Literature course...this is one type of activity I would do as a reading teacher.

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Cynthia Rylant Poster

  1. 1. Cynthia RylantRecommended Web Site: Biography Awards Cynthia Rylant was born June 6, 1954 in Hopewell, Virginia. Cynthia Rylant is recognized as a gifted writer who has contributed memorably to several• A Fine White Dust genres of juvenile literature. She is the creator of contemporary novels and(1987) won the Newbery historical fiction for young adults, middle-grade fiction and fantasy, lyricalHonor prose poems, beginning readers, collections of short stories, volumes of poetry and verse, and books of prayers and blessings.Missing May (1993) won•the Newbery MedalWhen I was Young in the•Mountains (1982) andThe Relatives Came(1985) Caldecott Honors Common Threads Author’s Quote •She often bases her works on her “I love being a writer because I•The Relatives own background, especially on her want to leave something here onCame, Appalachia: The childhood in the West Virginia earth to make itVoices of Sleeping Birds mountains. better, prettier, stronger. I want to(1991) and Missing May do something important in myare Horn Book Honor •In her life, and I think that adding beautyBooks novels, characteristically, she to the world with books . . . is really portrays important. Every person is able toA Kindness (1988), Soda• introspective, compassionate young add beauty, whether by growingJerk (1990), and A people who live in rural settings or flowers, or singing, or cookingCouple of Kooks and in small towns and who tend to be luscious meals, or raising sweetOther Stories about set apart from their peers. pets. Every part of life can be art. ILove (1990) have each am so grateful to be a writer. I hopebeen named a "Best •She often uses animals as every child grows up and findsBook of the Year for characters. something to do that will seemYoung Adults" by the important and that will seemAmerican Library •Common themes include precious. Happy livingAssociation kindness, compassion, concern for and, especially, happy playing.” others and how to make the world a better place. Using Cynthia Rylant’s Books in the Classroom cynthia.asp •Pre-Reading: Opinionnaire /Questionnaire could be used with Missing May as a tool to examine values, attitudes and opinions regarding death, spirituality, and acceptance of those who are different from us. •During Reading: Graphic Organizer could be used with Appalachia The Voices of Sleeping Birds to map or web information learned about Appalachia and its people. •Post Reading: Retelling Picture Books could be used with any of the Henry & Mudge, Annie & Snowball, Poppleton or Mr. Putter & Tabby books.